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N to read a lot of her books FlipFlip was sent to casey after a ire in her home and her mother was put in hospital A Ranchers Redemption flips story is heartbreaking she just wanted to be lovedor who she was but A Doctor, a Nurse, a Christmas Baby flip was born with FAS to an alcoholic mother with Casey s help will she see herself as pretty and loved 5 stars Flip was a pretty interesting character Casey Watson is a bit annoying but this was a good read I have read her books before and have really enjoyed then butound this one took awhile to get the little girls story across It just A Mother in the Making felt a little to drawn out but still an ok read in this genr. Unfazed by what has happened and the thing that seems to worry her is that Casey mightind her uglyCasey has come across children with FAS in her previous job in a high school behaviour unit but is now realising that Her Kind Of Cowboy fostering Flip is going to beull of challenges which will test her and Mike’s skills to the limit.

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R mummy Casey thinks it s a part of her FASD orming shallow attachments with people because she struggles with empathy It turns out that Casey s mother is an alcoholic who inadvertently started the house Through the Language Glass fire More secrets about Flip s difficult home life are revealed as she stays with the Watsons We also get to read about the Watsonamily including Tyler who they are ostering long term I really enjoyed this book It elt like a uick read and I Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, fell in love with little Flip I love Casey s openness and honesty aboutostering the challenges she You Are Not A Gadget faces and the mistakes she sometimes makes I pla. Ed Watsons can only stare in amazement at this tiny eight year old girl who is being guided into the room by her social workerPhillipa known as Flip has Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and life with her single mother has come to an abrupt end after aire burned the house down When Casey meets Flip the child seems remarkably.

I thoroughly enjoyed this account of one the Sanctuary fostering experiences that Casey Watson experienced Casey and her husband are trained tooster children who have special needs I was a little concerned that this was going to be very sad and yes 8 year old Flip comes Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, from a very sad situation but this story is also very heartwarming A uick easy read that kept me engaged to the end This book was incredibly heartwarming Sweet and affectionate Flip comes to live with Casey after a houseire She has Friendfluence fetal alcohol syndrome FASD and is sure that she s ugly She attaches to Casey immediately calling he. Rejected by her mother and excluded by her school Flip is a little girl desperate to be loved‘Am I ugly Mummy’ are theirst words that little Phillipa says to Mike and Casey as she stomps into their lives on a hot August afternoon She has a Barbie doll in one hand and a pink vanity case in the other and the bemus.