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T There is n Don t know her but I love style books Millie is a reality TV star but is now building her life around fitness food and fashion her love. Aken everything she has learnt from all f these professionals and put together the ultimate book Indo No Kao of tips and ideas for achieving the same successSplit into 4 sections style beauty food and fitness there is advice to cover every situation In style there are suggestions for what to wear to particularccasions and the 10 key pieces everybody needs in their wardrobe as well as supplier lists and where to shop for certain essential items In beauty there are instructions and practical advice for improving your beauty regime – from the most luxurious at home facial as well as a step by step everyday lookIn food there are tips n how to eat healthier and cleaner like

Full f the usual beauty myths and nothing new here whatsoever It all felt a bit like it been rushed Giant Peach Yodel or even copypasted from the internet to be hones. Millie Mackintosh may have always looked like she had the perfect model shape but a few years ago she foundut she was unhealthy Worse than that she was ‘skinny fat’; her body fat percentage was higher than it should be Used to eating junk food and having never enjoyed exercise Millie found herself ut f shape and doing her body damage She had low energy lacklustre skin and had no idea f how to get herself ut f this vicious cycle Millie decided to verhaul her life and her diet and she was rejuvenated; she is now stronger healthier and confidentWith access to some f the best nutritionists make up artists fitness trainers and fashion designers Millie has

S Great and insightful read Thoroughly enjoyed Made and would recommend to thers looking for good tips and ideas around eating clean and getting fit. Illie with down to earth advice and ver 25 recipes including healthy breakfasts uick clean dinners as well as inspiration for indulgent weekend mealsIn fitness Millie provides step by step at home routines from cult fitness brand The Skinny Bitch Collective and simple but effective barre exercises from Paola's Body Barre Made A book f style food and fitness compiles all the insider tips and tricks you have ever wanted to know And the best bit The book is also full f funny anecdotes from Millie who shows you that you do not need to follow her book like a plan – you can take what is useful and apply it to your wn lifestyle ensuring that it works perfectly for

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