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Eleased as an e book in the intervening time it s at least as good if not better than many of the other fantasy and historical fantasy I ve read in the last few years I enjoyed this book Reminds me a little of some of Robin McKinley s work A feminist fantasy novel that draws heavily on the adventure stories of a hundred years ago such as The Man Who Would Be King and similar Magic wielding women run a matriarchal society high in the mountains between British India and Mysterious Tibet Tamai the protagonist cannot control her magic Expect the fables to be realJust as little did the wisewomen of Gandhara expect their system of protection to begin to fail them after milennia of effective defense But the Russians' new weapons don't seem to care much about magic and the Gandharans realize they must fight fire with.

Didn t liek how hte author married together a society with magic and into early twentieth century history such fun Female power I first read this book probably in the late 90s as a library book and eventually hunted it and its seuel down in sed bookstores I don t think I ve read it since then so probably close to 15 years It s as good as I remember Despite the freuently changing point of view the story remains cohesive the pacing is good the characters are well developed It s a pity that it doesn t seem to have been reprinted or Magic and gunpowder don't mix or do theyThe Russians are pushing south into the Hindu Kush expanding their empire at the expense of the forgotten tribes that surround the British Raj Little did they expect such resistance as they found in the fabled city of Gandhara Little did they.

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Nd is practically an exile among her people but she is the only one who can protect them in the end when the British and their guns come calling and meanwhile she can turn on feminist consciousness in the brain of at least one emotionally abused British memsahib Historical fiction meets fantasy plus matriarchal society meets battered woman plus a lot of I Don t Fit It But am really misunderstood and will save the world type of mythology Personally I enjoyed it My favorite parts include the shifting view points at one point we hear th. Fire Tamai who has never been able to control her magical powers sufficiently to join the wisewomen is expendable; she is sent on a mission south into the Raj to acuire the fabulous weapons known as Martini Henry rifles Little did the wisewomen expect the fables of the Raj to be re.

Margaret Ball lives in Austin Texas with her husband and near two grown children She has a BA in mathematics and a PhD in linguistics from the University of Texas After graduation she taught briefly at UCLA then spent several years honing her science fiction and fantasy writing skills by designing computer software and making inflated promises about its capabilities She has written a nu