Tarek Fatah: Chasing a Mirage An Islamic State or a State of Islam

Iranian constitution the Velayat e faih supreme leader must be an ethnic Arab from the Hashemite clan of the uraysh tribe a descendant of the Prophet s daughter Fatima and her husband Ali These men are known as the Syeds Only an Arab Syed of Iran can rule as it s supreme leader p67 How the Persians ever acuiesce to this only Allah knowsHe uips that the Imans and Ayatollahs who are driving for Shariah that is nations governed by Islamic rinciples are attempting to navigate hell bent into the future using a rear view mirror focused on a mythical ast blaming every bump and crash on Israel and the West instead of themselvesThe middle section of the book is a brilliant deconstruction of early Islamic history and by itself worth 5 and the Good Morning, Buddha price of the book This is a far cry from the usual hagiographic treatment given to the Four Rightly Guided Caliphs One learns a great deal about the rivalry that followed the death of Mohammed how Ali was first shut out of the leadership and how descendants of the Prophet were hunted down and murdered for fear that they or their descendants would acuireolitical Personal Delivery powerThe heart of Fatah s argument is alea for separation of Mosue and State The modern Islamists he charges are attempting to recapture something that never existed In 1450 years of Islamic history there has never been a just Islamic state to revert back to Even in the golden age of Muslim ruled Spain the concept did not work In spite of a generous outflowing of culture and learning was overshadowed by La Viña de Naboth ,Tomo I political intrigue and assassinationIn most of the book theremises arguments and conclusions are well done and one must certainly respect both his love and knowledge of history However when it comes to Mohammed or Marx well love is blindWhat keeps Fatah from being considered a complete apostate is that he still holds fast to the catchecism of Mohammed s infallibility and the Gettysburgs Battlefield Photographer-William H Tipton perfection of his example He is unable to separate the Messenger from the Message or concede as is done in other faiths that evenrophets were imperfect vesselsAs for Marx in Chapter 5 Palestine Future Islamic State he relates how as a student he instantly bonded with the first Palestinian student that he met simply because the man was a Marxist He thrills at the audacity of Leilah Khalid the infamous female hijacker of TWA flight 840 He argues that Hamas religious approach is counter Husband In Training productive because under Islamic tradition Jews have the better claim Abbas simply because herofesses to be a Marxist other than by education in the USSR the claim is highly doubtful is Israel s best opportunity for Live Wire (Elite Ops, peace and Hamas only grew because of Israeli support corruption in the Arafat s PA having nothing to do with it a neglect of the old Turkish saying a fish stinks from the head downThe last five chapters examine the dynamics of moderates and extremist. StoryAdvance Praise for Chasing a MirageTarek Fatah has written arovocative and challenging book which is a must read for anyone who cares about these issues Janice Gross SteinChasing a Mirage is an extremely valuable contributing to the fight by Words of Radiance, Part 1 (The Stormlight Archive progressive Muslims against Islamist fascism This book should be reuired reading for the Left in the West who have mistakenly started believing that Islamists represent some sort of anti imperialism Faroo TariFatah arguesassionatley for universalism instead of exclusivism integration instead of ghettoism and makes a Lauras Summer Ballet (Laura, powerful appeal for the silent majority of Muslims to speak out before it is too late This work of courage and daring needs to be read widely Pervez HoodbhoyThis fascinating work by brave and bri8lliant tarek Fatah is simultaneously thoughtrovoking instructive and enlightening for lay.

CHARACTERS Chasing a Mirage An Islamic State or a State of Islam

This is a an amazing book with deep insights about what is ailing Islam world over Tarak Fatah has very logically based on historical facts bring about several issues which explain how an amazing religion has been exploited misinterpreted for olitical and ersonal gains over the centuries and what has led to its resent state of flux The narrative adopt by the author through out the book is of the Post Islamists Chasing a Mirage in a nutshell is a harsh criticism on Islamist narrative mainly in the context of Political Islam The book is no less than a shock for a generation that has been brought up by dogmas and myths sponsored by Islamists and which has no roots in Islam as the author claimedThe History of Islam as shown in the book is in contrast with what has been taught to students in schools colleges and universities History of Islam as the author argues is nothing but a history of unending ower struggle where men have killed each other to claim the mantle of Prophet Muhammad To Film on the Left put it bluntly it could be depicted as the Game of Thrones in which Lannisters Targarians Starks etc are replace by Fatimids Abbasids Umayyads all vied for the Caliphate and had slaughtered each other in doing soProposing a way forward for the contemporary Muslims Tari Fatah is of the view that we Muslims should adopt ourselves to the Modern values of democracy liberty freedom andeace Rather than Public Policy Making pondering and struggling for an Islamic State which according to the author is a mirage and have been used by clerics forolitical The Artists Way Morning Pages Journal point scoring andersonnel gains we should work on the State of Islam that The Mob primarily concerned with the spiritual development of a Muslim Getting Closer To What Went WrongThe first third of the book looks at modern Shariah based nations Pakistan Saudi Arabia and Iran The recurring theme is that Islamic States have all resulted in situations that contradict the teachings of the ProphetPakistan began with democratic aspirations but uickly reverted to uneual laws disadvantaging minority Sikhs Hindus even Ahmadiya Muslims and others including ChristiansOf Saudi Arabia the regime is scathingly castigated for their wanton destruction of historic sites such as the house of Khadija or the tomb of Fatima As such there are less than 20 remaining sites that date back to the time of the Mohammed making the Wahabists who are doctrinally opposed to turning individuals into saints and veneration oflaces associated with them unsuitable custodians of the cradle of Islam They have only had this role since their 1920 s conuest of the Arabian Gentlemen Prefer Curves (Perfect Fit, peninsula The 1979 siege of the Grand Mosue in Mecca by 300 Muslims from various countries which resulted in over 1000 deaths is blamed on Israel and America the event itself Fatah discovers does not appear in a single textbook in the Muslim world as it it never happenedUnder the. In Chasing a Mirage Tarek Fatah Writes Islamists argue that theeriod following the Who Killed Blanche DuBois? passing away of Muhammad was Islam's golden era and that we Muslims need to re create that caliphate to emulate thatolitical system in today's world I wish to demonstrate that when Muslims buried the Prophet they also buried with him many of the universal values of Islam that he had Utopia preached The history of Islam can be described essentially as the history of an unendingower struggle where men have killed each other to claim the mantle of Muhammad This strife is a ainful story that started within hours of the Prophet closing his eyes forever and needs to be told I firmly believe the message of the uran is strong enough to withstand the facts of history It is my conviction that Muslims are mature and secure in their identities to face the truth This is that.

Muslim factions in the West focusing mostly on Canada He s highly critical of Western oliticians for endorsing to what he considers the radical element of his community with a tendency to identify Islam with beards and turbans To contrast he offered a number of alternative voices The treatment here was anecdotal interesting but not uite at the same level as the middle thirdThe book ends with an afterward by Hussaim Haani which I found a bit at out of The Wedding Day place with Fatah s ideas and a very humourous EULA End User License Agreement often found in softwareackage installs for Islam warning the end user not to accept any unauthorized upgrades and is worth Firefight (The Reckoners, passing around in one s emailHighly interesting somewhat controversial and the middle section especially worth having around for reference One of the mostrevalent beliefs among muslims of today s world is that in order to live a completely Islamic life they need to live under an Islamic State ruled by a Caliph and governed by Sharia Law It is the same belief that divided the Muslims of India and led to creation of Pakistan an Islamic stateDrawing evidences from the uran and also from the writings of eminent Islamic scholars of various eriods Fatah argues that Islam was not sent by God for muslims to create an Islamic State but to achieve a state of Islam which Fatah says is a spiritual state achieved by human beings through Islam as a moral compass to lead their livesThis book is Mr Tarek Fatah s attempt to wake up the Muslim community and help them to look at 1400 years of their own history in an objective manner bereft of any reconcieved notionsWhat one realizes while reading this book is that Islam as a religious system was developed and completed only after Prophet Muhammad s demise Fatah emphasises on the fact that the early Arabs like the Umayyads used Islam as a tool to conuer territories and spread their rule Since then Islam has been used as a olitical tool to spread Arab imperialism throughout the worldFatah urges his community especially the Non Arab muslims to not to embrace the Islamism ie Islam ebedded with Arab Imperialism and turn back to original version of Islam as taught by Prophet MuhammadInteresting read for those like me who have a fascination for studying Islamic history More books like these can help Islam to get cleansed from its extremist elements and become adaptable with 21st century values Tarek Fatah is a racticing Muslim born in Pakistan but one who is not welcome and is not allowed to enter Pakistan as of now He is one of the rare sane voices in Islam who advocates a moderate form of Islam which Stumble Into Love promoteseace and understanding amongst Gun Meister Online people of different faiths as was espoused by the Prophet Muhammad The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State is an impassionedlea from this author to his fellow Muslims not to get trapped in Men and scholars Muslims and non Musliman invaluable and rare addition to the corpus of Islamic literature in the ost 911 world a bold step towards Islamic Reformation and Enlightenment Taj HashmiTarek Fatah's is a voice that needs to be heard Canada needs a healthy reasoned debate about the issues he is raising and indeed so does the world Bob RaeThis fascinating work by brae and brilliant Tarek Fatah is simultaneously thought rovoking instructive and enlightening for laymen and scholars Muslim and non Muslim an invaluable and rare addition to the corpus of Islamic literature in the ost 911 world a bold step towards Islamic Reformation and Enlightenment Taj HashmiTarek Fatah's is a voice that needs to be heard Canada needs a healthy reasoned debate about the issues he is raising and indeed so does the world Bob Rae Member of Parliament Cana.

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