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I absolutely loved this book I love the way the Author told the story and I loved the characters and I can t wait to ead some books by her and Omnibus Films read about Willow s haven Ieceived this book as part of the GOODREADS FIRST READ giveaway I couldn t be happier that I was selected to Graeco-Egyptian Magick read this book I might have missed this wonderful gemI don t believe in spoiling any storybook but will say that the characters are endearing and that it is a story that will touch your heart and stay with you the mark of a great book I tend toead several books simultaneously different genres but this book just took me over and I d Family Wanted Willow s Haven 1 delivered exactly what it promised Heartwarming Inspirational Romance Renee Andrews is a talented storyteller who made some much deserved Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge reading breaks out in the summer sunshine a pleasure As an author it s difficult toead for the joy of it It s hard not to analyze story structure use of dialogue 3D character development the big story payoff at the endI could go on Family Wanted ead like I was watching a Hallmark movie with my wife Comfort food for the soulAnd in times of unease and unrest like we e living in today this story could not have come into my life at a better time Family Wanted is by Renee Andrews It is a Willow s Haven inspirational novel It is a uick but good summer Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family read with no violence graphic sex or language problems It is just a good wholesomeomance Isabella Gray has come to Claremont Alabama to look up Tit. A Place to Call Home Isabella Gray has always longed for a small town to call home Newly arrived in Claremont Alabama she might finally have the chance to find that and Handsome Titus Jameson and his da.

Us Jameson and tell him about the last days of his wife Nan She knows that Nan left Titus and why but she thinks they were divorced and she did not know they had a child together Had she known that she would have made every effort to eunite them prior to Nan s death Nan knew that Isabella had been abandoned when she was a baby and had been aised in orphanages and foster homes none of which made favorable impressions Isabella was determined to help others Isabella has just been divorced for six months Her ex husband did his best to mold Isabella into the wife he needed for his profession This included not disfiguring her by her having children Finally he found a better trophy wife and Isabella found her freedom She was determined to find a small town to live in What better than Claremont Alabama When she arrived in Claremont she had no intention of applying for a job at Willow s Haven but when Savvy took her for an applicant she filled out the proper paperwork and took the job Willow s Haven was to be a children s home not an orphanage They would take in children who were abandoned or simply needed a new life They would aise them in a loving Christian atmosphere and try to find loving Christian families to adopt them Titus was clearing the land and would soon start building the first cabin for children to come and live Meanwhile Savvy and now Isabella would go through ecords to locate children in need and begin to purchase the furnishings for the cabins Savannah James. Ughter Savannah immediately capture Isabella's attention The motherless child eminds Isabella of herself growing up and she's determined to help bring the little girl out of her shell But Isabella has

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On was one of the easons Isabella decided to stay Savannah and her father Titus had been abandoned by Nan three years earlier Six year old Savannah was withdrawn and depressed over losing her mother and not knowing why Titus was doing the best he could but he was also grieving and also angry over Nan s leaving He wanted to know why Savannah and Isabella took a liking to each other and Isabella began bringing Savannah out of her depression She knew she couldn t leave until Savannah could understand and not go back into a depression Titus watched Isabella with Savannah and knew something wonderful was taking place with his daughter He would do anything to see her happy again Could he trust Isabella not to hurt Savannah though He didn t want to know what would happen if she left Will she stay Will she ever tell Titus why she decided to come to Claremont Will Titus ever learn why Nan left Family Wanted by Renee Andrews Titus Jameson wife left him and their daughter one day without a word why His wife Nan left because she was dying and didn t want Titus and her daughter to see her suffer Isabella ends up taking care of Nan in another town Nan told Isabella to go and find Titus and tell him she did love him and why she left him Isabella can t find a good time to tell him she knew Nan In the mean time she falls in love with Titus and his daughter Titus is building cabins for Savvy who is starting a children s home for children who were abandoned or need a new life A good ead. Een keeping a secret from the man she's fallen for and she's torn She knows telling him the eal eason she came to Claremont is the ight thing to do but evealing the truth could break everyone's heart.

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