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Romance subgenre forI did have a problem with the style though and that s because while the author clearly has an image of each scene in her mind it doesn t always translate well to the pageAn example at the beginning hero and heroine meet and exchange a few words The whole thing is only a minute or so with them together Then we jump to the next chapter and we re hearing about how much the hero likes her and how people are imagining them as a couple and we re told how well he understands her personalityWhen did this happen Did we skip a few scenes and catch up with them later I think the author knew what she wanted to convey but I m not sure it worked for meAnother example there are scenes where the heroine is in the room one moment and then the next moment the men are talking about her Here I am wondering how they could be that rude but it turns out she d actually left the room and even though the author knew it she forgot to tell usThe men exchange a couple of sentences of conversation and then the heroine suddenly reappears carrying a tray of tea and cakes WHEN did she have time to prepare that Time is an odd thing in this bookI have no particular objections to plot or characterisation I think this book slots nicely into a very popular enre and that the author has promise even if it isn t uite realised yetI also feel the need to warn people that this is historical romance not a fairy tale Some readers seemed to be confused by the title the blurb and the opening scene and expected a fantasy romanceNothing really objectionable here Review copy provided by NetGalle. Ld and his reckless brother to manage before he ambles his future away Odd that Nathaniel can think of little but kissing bright eyed Anne who seems to be fighting off admirers from all sides Is it the country air or is Nathaniel ready to discover that love has a magic all its ow.

Her rowth is in fact very credible and promising They are all very different one to another and therefore very interesting for various reasons I ve also highly enjoyed the fairytale component was uite the charming twistEileen Richards style is amazing it s clean and measured as well as entertaining romantically very balanced and so ood for daydreaming The romance definitely doesn t seem a debut novel Can t wait for I received an Advanced Reader Copy ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review FOR MORE REVIEWS CHECK IL PROFUMO DELLE PERGAMENE This is the first book in the series A Lady s Wish This is also my first book by Eileen Richards but won t be my last Our heroine Anne Townsend is poor and feels rather plan in looks With sisters to support she finds that she is feeling desperate and willing to do anythingwhich leads us to the Fairy Steps Anne makes a wish which finds her surrounded by several suitor Our hero Nathaniel Matthews has troubles of his own being the head of his family and with a trouble sum brother Nathaniel starts to see Anne in a different light too Although they both had reason that I felt were silly for not being together I did overall like the book Don t worry if you think this story is all magic and such as it is not Hope that you enjoy this book too Also posted HEREThis is fairly ood Regency romance fare and I m sure many fans of the subgenre will really enjoy it It has likeable characters though the mean beautiful sister has been DONE TO DEATH but at least she wasn t blonde a nice feel and all the things a person oes to the Regency. Ng Yet when she finds herself suddenly surrounded with suitors romance is now a possibility for the spinster everyone always ignored except with the one man who will never want herNathaniel Matthews has no time for courting As the eldest he has his family’s lost fortune to rebui.

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Lovely storyGood plot with just a smattering of fairy magic Nice easy read with interesting characters A new author for me but am anxious to read the rest of this series A adorable catching funny thrilling and sooo sweet novel There is just one plot choice I don t embrace here and I would state it immediatly because this is a romance to be praised I would have reduced or simplified the antagonistic part of the story to be clear I d have cut down the traumas it felt a bit like a loop in the end Apart from this the rest is amazing I loved the characters all of them they are not excessive in any way they perfectly wear their roles there aren t false notes it s easy to fall into the story and be kept there wanting to know what happens next I adored the relationship between the protagonists the tension is skilfully built up and is not tiring at all the author manages to satisfy the reader expectations adopting a perfect timing for every turn and development Nathaniel the hero is so sweet protective and passionate he is thrillingly attractive but not overly dramatic or sullen The heroine Anne has the kind of personality I like to see in a female protagonist strong but also insecure very rational and practical on a eneral basis but with a bit of a dreamer in her as well responsible strongly witted and ironical A reat work was made also in creating the side characters they are as interesting and fully portrayed as the protagonists I sympathised with pretty much all of them I obviously can t wait for Tony and Juliet s story and hopefully for Sophie s happy ending as well. Sometimes a last resort is pure magicAnne Townsend doesn’t ask for much Plain and poor she’d settle for the funds to put food on the table Making a wish on the fabled Fairy Steps is hardly a solid solution but to see her two sisters taken care of Anne’s willing to try anythi.

For Eileen Richards reading has always been her drug of choice Nothing fixes a bad day better than a good book She’s loved the romance genre since she was a kid sneaking romance novels from her grandmother’s stash She knew one day she’d have to write her own Fast forward thirty years two kids two grandchildren so far and she achieved her dreamEileen’s books are about love laughter and