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This was one of my favorite books as a child I loved it so much My friend and I read it at the same time We both sat together at one table in class and enjoyed comparing notes We got in trouble so many times for talking and giggling over something that appened in Family Sabbatical This book was a real joy to read I first read this when I was 10 years old obviously a long time ago I read this before finding the preuel Family Grandstand and like this one slightly better Part of it is the exotic setting of France The adventures are entertaining and believable and I learned a lot about the country from this book It s also where I first learned what the word sabbatical means One of my all time favorite childrens books and one adults would like as well I think I m only sorry Carol never wrote about the Ridgeways A delightful story The kids and I loved Futurity hearing about what it s like to live in a different country for a year learning the language and culture and trying to blend familiar customs with new experiences Can you believe I ve never read this So far it s simply suburp Update just finished and thought it was cute Not as good as Brink s TWO ARE BETTER THAN ONE but Iad fun with it and probably would Ouija in Suburbia have enjoyed it even when I was a kid Bonus points for any book in which the characters make doll furniture This is a charming little book The Ridgeway family takes a sabbatical year to spend in France for Dad to studyistory and Mom to work on Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism her latest novel The three children keep busy in their attempts to learn French and in their successful attempts to teach their governess collouial English They meet a princess collect rocks and get the measlesThere isn t much of a plot but I loved this book anyway The kids are fun and real and there are. The Ridgeway family takes on France in this delightful story from Newbery Medal winner Carol Ryrie BrinkProfessor Ridgeway is on sabbatical in the South of France and the whole family is along for the adventure Susanas brought Lenora her diary to document their vacation fun but Dumpling isn’t convinced that France can compete with theirouse

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Based on Carol Ryrie Brink s own family life Caz Sanatı herusband was a professor at a midwestern university and the entire family spent some time in France on sabbatical and that authenticity really came through I thought These are fictional characters but one feels that they could be real I liked the Ridgeways democratic American sensibilities the fact that they were comfortable socializing with all kinds of people and I appreciated their openness to new cultural experiences I could Desire Sensibility haveappily lived without the Thanksgiving scene with the Indian dancing but leaving that aside this was a very enjoyable read Recommended to young readers or older ones who enjoy A Lublin Survivor heart warming family stories I can t think why it took me so long to track this down and read it after I enjoyed Family Grandstand so much but I m glad I did I really liked it In fact I thought it was simply suburp Too problematic for today s children there are newer family stories that are a better use of library s budgets The racism in the Thanksgiving pageant in particular is awful Alsoistory is not all about castles and dungeons and mice don t particularly like cheese and milk doesn t agree with most adult catsRead it for nostalgia s sake if you must but if you share it with your children at least tell them it was never ok to think of Indians as exotic primitives with generic namesI admit I do understand why Pearl thought it worth bringing back Lots of bits aspects are great And I m glad she didn t bowdlerize or modernize But still Most of you can skip this Sweet uaint charming There s nothing earth shattering about the six months the Ridgeway family spends on sabbatical in France but they and the delightful and uirky cast of characters they meet along the way are fun to spend time wit. Nch with their stern tutor Mademoiselle but isn’t it fun teaching The Faerie Godmothers Apprentice Wore Green her some not so proper English And as Halloween and Thanksgiving roll around the Ridgeway children decide to show France a little bit of what theseolidays mean back ome in America with some unexpected results France will never be the same after the Ridgeways come to visit.

So many funny moments The three Ridgeway children share their parents sabbatical trip to France They eventually learn enough French to be able to communicate with a lot of pointing with a few French people but a large part of the story is about their friendship with their tutor a young French woman whose real agenda is to learn English and come to the United States They teach er mid twentieth century slang This is a nice whimsical children s story I enjoyed as a child Rereading as an adult I find it adorably dated Practicing History historic even and still fun to read The Ridgeways that endearingly uirky mid western family consisting ofistory loving Professor Ridgeway mystery writing Mrs Ridgeway sensible eldest daughter Susan animal loving middle child and only son George and precocious Dumpling with er grave pronouncements whose story began in Family Grandstand return in this second novel devoted to their adventures finding themselves in France while Prof Ridgeway is on sabbatical Opening in Cannes where the family are ensconced at The Grand Hotel Majestic et de l Universe christened The Grand Hotel and So Forth and So Forth by Mrs Ridgeway Family Sabbatical follows the irrepressible Ridgeway siblings as they corrupt their French governess Miss Beauregard s beautiful dictionary derived English befriend the elderly Princess Adelaide Louisa von Mettnock Hohenw rtzel and once in Paris attend a French schoolMany of the same ualities that made these characters appealing in the first book Susan s sensible mothering George s passion for collecting rocks in this case and Dumpling s devotion to er doll Irene were also to be seen Some Thing Black here as was the general family love that makes the Ridegway family s adventures such a pleasure to read Apparently these two books were. Ith the tower back in Midwest City She’s brought alonger doll Irene as McClellans Other Story her little piece ofome George is just Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? happy toave some new terrain to search for rocks As the Ridgeways settle in they find out that a real live princess is staying at their otel But who could she be While they search for the princess they also begin studying Fre.

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Born Caroline Ryrie American author of over 30 juvenile and adult books Her novel Caddie Woodlawn won the 1936 Newbery MedalBrink was orphaned by age 8 and raised by her maternal grandmother the model for Caddie Woodlawn She started writing for her school newspapers and continued that in college She attended the University of Idaho for three years before transferring to the University of Cal