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Attract stories and all the tension and sparks that come as part of the package And I love t even when they realize that maybe they aren t as opposite as they thought and that underneath the persona they have tagged each other with may just be someone that had all the ualities that they each needed to fall Secret Alpha (A is for Alpha Male, in love withVan was a riot Shes so focused on her career and walking the straight and narrow and after meeting her father t s easy to see why she s that way She certainly knows how to have fun but The Complete Idiots Guide to Decluttering in Vanessa s own words she s prickly and really doesn t like people which has left her with few friends and only one really close friend Becca I just loved her personality and she had me cracking up with the things that would come out of her mouthDamn her tongue She really shouldn t be allowed out without a mouth chaperoneThere was so much to Alex than he shows to the world Due to events from his past he has always tried to be the person everyone needs him to be And love Alex doesn t believen love not when he s seen his parents divorce and then remarrymultiple times Short term s his specialty but Vanessa has him thinking otherwise Of course after Vanessa sneaks out on him after a hot night together he knows trying to convince Vanessa to even give him the time of day s not going to be easy and then convincing her to give him a chance will take all he hasAlex and Van together were H O T As I said before this story starts of hot and with the tension between the two and then heat when they give Heartland in theres hardly a page that doesn t sizzle And I loved when Van finds out Alex s big secret that he s an amateur race car drive her libido certainly goes Todo Mafalda into overdriveJust thinking about himn the suit sent a spear of need through her body She wasn t dumb enough to have a bad boy thing but she did like a little edge It was bad enough she knew just how talented he was Hands-On Reinforcement Learning with Python: Master reinforcement and deep reinforcement learning using OpenAI Gym and TensorFlow in bed Now apparently the Boy Scout had some swagger She was doomedThis was a fun read that had a nice mix of tension heat sweet and angst Both Vanessa and Alex have somessues they need to deal with and Simple Cake it was great watching them both take steps to start living the lives they want rather than the lives that others expect I loved Becca and Liam and their friendship to both Vanessa and Alex I can t wait to go back and read their story to find out how they got together This ones a definite add to anyone s TBR listI received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review. T’ll be smooth sailing toward her goals Or will t Alex s smart sexy and way too much of a distraction but maybe she needs to shake up her world and do the one thing she swore she’d never do follow her heart Will she risk Captain Marvel Little Golden Book it all to cross the finish line Or will she and Alex crash and burn before they have a chance at love This contemporary New Adult romances ntended for readers 17 Contains adult content language and situatio.

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Second n the series Hit Miss Groom was a fun read Eat. Cook. L.A. in one of my favorite troupesVan snsistence that she and Alex could never be 7 Lessons from Heaven in a relationship did feel a bit like overdoingt I Am Dumbo in the beginning though Maybet s just me but I liked Alex from page one and her prickliness toward him and the reasons she gives for why she must keep him at arm s length felt a bit overdone and unnecessary Fortunately she gives Tragedy, the Greeks, and Us in nicely once they re actuallyn a relationship and her character became much sympathetic from that point The enemies to lovers angle Wounded Planet is nicely done here even when Van s doing her best to resist his charms theresn t much attempt at resistance from Alex you can feel the heat between the two of them and know that their giving The Parade in will benevitable Though the antagonism Moving Violations is a continuation from eventsn book one Hit Run Bride where their besties fall T. S. Eliots Dialectical Imagination in love this book works well as a standalone Once Van and Alex do come together the scenes are h o tThe last third or so of the novel really madet for me the authors did a nice job of getting the two to realize that they both had major changes to make Smilodon in their own lives before they could focus on a relationship together Though Alex s parents capitulated a bit easier than felt realistic given their long held attitudes really that s the only complaint I hadn the ending Overall Hit Miss Groom was an entertaining read with a hero that was to die for and a heroine that I grew to loveRating 4 stars B I received a complimentary copy The Fall of the Romanovs in exchange for an honest review The battle of the wedding couple s best friendss what I d like to call this book which Otherworldly Politics isn t reallyn any way that much of a standout save for the unusual occupation and hobbies that the lead characters have going for them A meeting at a wedding turns explosive and while the sex Black Soundscapes White Stages is steamy no holds barred and hot Hit Miss Grooms pretty much a tale of two characters wary of emotional ties coming together Wholly Unraveled in a way thatsn t unexpected at all My rant here as I suspect has much to do with my Bicycle Utopias intense dislike of manwhores and players and mynability to get over their one and done throwaway attitudes written which I personally think has been treated with so much disrespect especially Management Planning for Cultural Heritage in fiction Allt took was a short period of time for Alex to turn from manwhore to committed man to potential husband and fianc and that change for me A Cultural History of Animals and Their Meat is like a flip of a switch akin to a personality transplant that s too difficult for me to taken Fasten your seatbelt Marketing Program Manager Vanessa Rodriuez Epistemology as Theology is driven to succeed and keeps the finish linen sight at all times until one unexpected pit stop at her best friend’s wedding sends her skidding off course Sleeping with Alex McIntyre wasn't supposed to make her feel this way scattered unfocused and n need of another sexual tune up If only he didn’t make her feel so alive Yield to oncoming desire Alex can’t res.

Onvincing Van s an uphill battle and rightfully so until he scares himself away and breaks Edoardo Sanguineti it all off by being a general arse after a long treatise about wanting than a casual fuck The grovelling begins but not after he has some sort of personal revelation that hes Dkfindout! Space Travel in fact able to do a committed relationshipbecauset only takes the right woman that he finds Las aventuras de Huckleberry Finn (PENGUIN CLSICOS) irresistible and very very good sex to change his mindcue massive eye rolling And franklyt s difficult to swallow when I ve always been planted Viva México in the camp that really thinks that a leopard can t changets spots That Alex like many other players somehow erases those spots and wears a new coat of whiteness so easily that I m nearly wont to reject the HEA that follows Like Vanessa I couldn t shake the RHS The Magic and Mystery of Trees impression that he was a farce and unlike her later thatmpression never uite changed I thought that the only thing saving the story was Van herself who was a strong female lead whose flawed consistency at least led to me cheer for her and the big girl panties she never failed to pull on when Alex as a lead failed so badly up until the endMaybe The Energy Secret it s precisely these flaws the revolving women the player changed that draw such readers to books like these I m getting tired though Tired and so wary of stereotypes of characters who blithely walk the straight and narrow paths of these tropes because of mass appeal Hit and Miss Groom by Nana Malone and Misty Evans was truly an enjoyable read that I thoroughly enjoyed It was faced paced and I really liked each of the main characters Vanessa Van Rodriguez doesn t want or have time for a relationship She s consumed by her job and the need for a promotion Alex McIntyres also consumed by his family s run foundation 3 Wishes Alex A Fistful of Shells is hiding a secret from everyone that will change his life forever while Van deep downs unhappy with her job and her career choice Alex and Van attend their best friend s wedding She dislikes Alex but amid her friend s wedding reception she stumbles upon him Understanding Folk Religion in his hotel room while returning his credit card Things for the two of them heat up from that moment on Can Van get over her feelings toward Alex and can Alex given to his desires to change careers Hit and Miss Groom UNLAWFUL KILLING is filled with two people wanting to change their careers and find true happiness I would highly recommend Hit and Miss Groo What a great read this one starts out hot and keeps sizzling the whole way through I love these enemies to loversopposites. Ist the beautiful Vanessa any than he can resist his need for speed as an amateur race car driver Even though she claims to hate him she keeps coming back for lap after lapn his bed When he ends up moving n next door to her their sexual chemistry turns to deep desire Ready to go full throttle he convinces her to be his grid girl on and off the track Van however puts on the brakes Race against love If Van can just course correct

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Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling author Nana Malone writes Sexy Feel Good Romance and loves of all things romance and adventure That love started with a tattered romantic suspense she borrowed from her cousin It was a sultry summer afternoon in Ghana and Nana was a precocious thirteen She's been in love with kick butt heroines ever since With her overactive imagination and chan