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Mills s books and very much njoyed this as with all of the others I suspect though it will divide those who read it having stumbled upon him It is in the vein of The Maintenance Of Headway than The Restraint Of Beasts Beasts is much darker with that black humour that Mills is renowned for Headway is much drier humour and about centred around a working class workplace Similarly here and almost it seems like an allegory for the 1970s strikes Though the van drivers working for the Scheme have few grievances at first it isn t long before some seemingly petty uibbles rear their heads and two rival unions are formed I m sure it won t please veryone but I found it compelling and smiled wryly on many occasions I remember reading The Restraint of Beasts when it first came out loving it and looking for by Magnus Mills but not not finding anything and then forgetting about him compl. Wage for an honest day’s labor That it produces nothing does not obtain Our hero in Magnus Mills’ mesmerizing new work is a five year veteran of the Scheme he knows the best routes the asiest managers the uickest ways in and out Inevitably trouble begins to brew A woman arrives on the scene Some workers develop delivery sidelines And most disturbing of all not all participants are in agree.

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Etely Shame on me I was missing out on The Scheme for Full Employment which I can only describe as mildly rib tickling it s hugely funny but never in a way that actually makes you laugh out loud The complexities of The Scheme a make work project in which Univan drivers carry loads of Univan parts to Univan depots in a never nding round of pointless fuel consumption are described in perfectly paced detail and without any irony on the part of the happily mployed narrator It s a bubble that has to burst ventually and when a minor industrial dispute Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue escalates to a full scale strike it s the fact that the lack of Univan activity has zero impact on the nationalconomy that finally unmasks the futility of the whole The Man Without a Face enterprise A brilliant but gently tongue in cheek critiue of commandconomies And now that I ve rediscovered him I ve the rest of Mr Mill s works to look forward to. Ment There are “Flat Dayers” who believe the Scheme’s Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) eight hour day is sacrosanct and inviolable and there are “Swervers” who fancy being let off a littlearly now and again Disagreement turns to argument argument to debate debate to outright schism Soon the Flat Dayers and Swervers have pushed the Scheme to the very brink of disasterand readers to the dge of their chairs in delight.

Over the past three weeks in between some larger novels I ve read three Magnus Mills novels The Scheme for Full Employment The Field of the Cloth of Gold and The Forensic Records Society While I ve read several other Mills novels Ex uite uite amazing and horrific a humorous book xplaining how to keep lots of people mployed doing nothing but move stuff from place to place that has no use at all The book returns to Mills s signature theme the world of working class mployment in this case it also feels like an allegory for the 1970s the world of unions and arcane All Seated on the Ground employment disputes and procedures as well as the rise of Thatcherism the narrator and others are shocked by the appearance of a female inspector who dares to uestion the very foundations of the scheme and at one point associates it with failed socialxperiments like free school milk I have read many of Magnus. From Magnus Mills the acknowledged master of the working class dystopic parable a genre he practically invented a new work of comic geniusThe whole idea is simple yet so perfect men drive to and from strategically placed warehouses in Univans identical and serviceable vehicles transporting replacement parts forUnivans Gloriously self perpetuating the Scheme was designed to give an honest day’s.