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P up with herThey can t They won t No one willIt takes a special author to shock a reader for 7 seuential books Slaughter oes it without flinching and without resorting to sensationalism And she is never boringJoin the ride as Sara and Jeffrey follow his fellow etective Lena to hell Unraveling the horrors of small town America is Slaughter s specialty She oesn t How to Train a Cowboy disappointHer characters are flawless and flawedAnd the ending I still can t speak about itRead it WOW I feel like I have been hit by a freight train that s how fast paced this book was But it was good really goodLena has aisposition which often than not lands her in trouble But never before like thisSlaughter must be one of the best ever writers I even love her acknowledgements Sue Kurylowicz was the winner of the Get Slaughtered contest granting her the One Special Moment dubious honour of having her name appear in this book Sue honey you DID ask to be bad and It s not many people who will keep listening when you begin a conversation with So I want to burn someone alive Thank you Karin Slaughter for another fantastic journey through thearker side of life I A Touch of Persuasion (Men Of Wolff Mountain didn t think I was going to bond with this book to begin with as a lot of it is centred around the methamphetamine industry but she had me after the first couple of pages This is the 6th and last book of the Grant County Series and OMG it was so gut wrenching even though I was prepared for it because I read the Will Trent Series first You will not want too this because there are major spoilers make sure you read this series first If you haven t read this series yet I highly recommend it It is so good I will admit though that this series is not for the faint of heart When Detective Lena Adams is arrested in her home town in Georgia her boss police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver goes to help her and takes his wife medical examiner Sara Linton with him Sara has problems of her own she is being sued for medical misdiagnosis after the Watch for Me by Moonlight (The Midnight Twins, death of a young patient His parents overwhelmed byebt are looking for someone to pay Jeffrey and Sara have recently been accepted into an adoption programmeLena who always seems to be in trouble has been The Mommy Makeover discovered by the local police sitting on the ground on the perimeter of a high school sports field with her foot on a fuel can On the fifty yard touch line is a burning Cadillac and investigators can see a body beyond saving charring on the back seat When Lena won t answer uestions or indeed speak at all she is taken to the hospital and at the same time charged with obstructing the law Soon after Jeffrey and Sara arrive Lena absconds setting off a chain of events that places them all in greatanger. Edical examiner Sara Linton But soon after their arrival a second victim is found The town closes ranks And both Jeffrey and Sara find themselves entangled in a horrifying underground world of bigotry and rage a violent world which shocks even them But can they iscover the truth before the killer strikes again.

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How A River of Royal Blood (Untitled, did I not get into Karin Slaughter books in my teen years Where was I Was I living under a rock was I trying too hard to be into chick litFirst off Iidn t know this was a DAMN series and I frankly First Blood don t care I ll read them backwards I m glad Slaughteroesn t go too in The Palliser Novels depth about their pasts because what was happening to Jeffrey Sara and Lena at this moment was enough for me to be hooked It took me 3ays to finish which lately being in a reading funk says a lot about how I Men And Gods In Mongolia devoured the storyThe story starts out with Lena being in trouble She is in an Escalade with some very scary masked men and another woman They make Lenarive to the high school football field inject meth in the blond woman s arm to subdue her pour lighter fluid on her and set the woman and car on fire while Lena watches Intense beginning rightSara is in a malpractice suit that impacts her way of thinking and halts her reason and confidenceJeffrey and Sara who can t stand Lena come to Lena s rescue as she s hospitalized after this viscous attack Lena says nothing to anyone tricks Sara and escapes This is where the fun begins peopleThe small town turns out to be worse than anyone can imagine The skin heads the crackheads the meth heads and the crooked officers Enter young newly appointed Sheriff Jake Valentine He seems to want to help but Hunter Killer (Pike Logan doesn to things the way Chief Jeffrey Tolliver Brazen and the Beast (The Bareknuckle Bastards, deems fit The suspicions grow the old boyfriends come back and everyone in between is being foundeadAnyway I appreciate Slaughter s ending because life can t be so happy go lucky I can see why fans would want to yell at her I honestly The Friend Zone didn t see it coming It was a WTF moment it could have happened throughout the book and just waited until the end The ending was a fiver because if you can t close your mouth after that ending it has to be that good On to book 5 LOL I should also add that this book is called SKIN PRIVILEGE in the UK and other territories My US publisher felt that Beyond Reach would be a better title so we went with that here Same book same story same words except for that colorcolour thing Let s just say if I had been heavily invested in these books and these characters this author would probably have lost a fan for life view spoilerThat ending was fairly brutal hide spoiler Godamn it I want to punch Karin Slaughter in the face right now Seriously I Flying Scotsman Manual do This book is the finale book in the Grant County Series Holy Crap I guess this series had to end one way or anotherLena once again is up to her eyeballs in trouble Her badecision making and self Alpha (Shifters, destructing ways lead herown a path that in turns leads Jeffery and Sara Whalerider down the same pathLena has. The sixth Grant County novel from the No 1 BestsellerLena Adams has spent her life struggling to forget her childhood in Reece the small town which nearlyestroyed her She's made a new life for herself as a police etective in Heartsdale a hundred miles away but nothing could prepare her for the violence which.

Been arrested for Murder and needs help Sara is up to her eyeballs in stress as she is being sued by a former patients parents But she welcomes going out of town with Jeffrey to help Lena as a way of escaping her own worries for awhile Little oes she know that Lena has stumbled into a MESS and not a little mess either but a huge one full of organized crime Graphic Design For Everyone drugsan incarcerated ex boyfriend and lots of fire They appear to have bitten off than they can chew in this book and right when we see Sara and Jeffrey in a happy placeThis book begins with a bang and it end with one also I wont give it away but it was a sad ending to a series I grew to loveKarin Slaughter continues to be my favorite Author Holy Hell this was a rough one Loved it She officially ripped out my heart and stomped on it and boy what a ride Another great read She knocked it out of the ballpark with this finaleSee of my reviews at wwwopenbookpostcom Why Oh whyid the series have to end on such a cataclysmic event If I hadn t already learned that Jeffrey was killed I would have really been upset Lena s story ends tragically too as she still can t cut the ties between her Nazi skinhead boyfriend and herself Sara and Jeffrey s Considering Kate (The Stanislaskis, dreams of adopting a child and having a family and living happily ever after are gone with his tragiceath In a way I understand Jeffrey is a hero he can t not stand up for what s right and helping people even Lena His tragic Sweetland death is inevitable and comes with the life of an upstanding policeman against ancient andeadly evil But even though I understand it I Art of Laurel and Hardy don t have to l like it Words sort of fail me right now The entire book is one huge tension filled ride and just when you think it s safe to breathethe world collapsesI think that s all I ll say about the book It s brilliantly written no matter how upset I am about the series end 4 Stars I am not really sure what to say here Just call meevastated Admittedly I was prepared having read The Last Widow with Sara Linton and Will Trent before the entire Grant County series All I can say is No just no My heart has been ripped out of my chest and nothing will ever be the same again That is allThank you to my local library for providing me with a copy of this book I think I ll be taking a break from Karin Slaughter books for a whilePublished on Goodreads on 111719 I Hers To Cherish (Verdantia, don t know how to review this book I have to give it full marks even though every cell in my body screams at me not toSara Linton and Jeffrey Tolliver are well known to Slaughter s fans Slaughter has taken the American crime forensic genre and made it her ownPatricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs are running to stand still to kee. Explodes when she is forced to return A vicious murder leaves a young woman incinerated beyond recognition And Lena is the only suspectWhen Heartsdale police chief Jeffrey Tolliver Lena's boss receives word that hisetective has been arrested he has no choice but to go to Lena's aid taking with him his wife

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