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Book at a thrift store for 1 and couldn t put it downThis is the story of Ruby Norton AKA Ruby Valentine Ruby grew up in Wales in the 60 s a shy girl who found movie directors and got started in the world of Hollywood It starts with her death And a daughter that no one new she had Kelly lives in Wales with her father Sean a photographer from Ruby s past At Ruby s death Sean tells Kelly who her m I read this book a long time ago but considering I still remember a lot of it I believe it is a good book worth reading Not the usual fantasy romance novels I enjoy reading but of a fiction novel that seems very non fictional i really thought ruby was deadthen oh my gosh Sexy with scandals Couldn t eep the book down once started. Rs that Ruby's real life was laced with drama tragedy and intrigue than any screenwriter could imagine.

E news that comes next Her dad confesses to her that Ruby was her mother Though shocked by this news Kelly sees this as an opportunity to get some answers and a taste of the alluring Hollywood sceneThroughout this journey the things she learns about her mother her new family and most of all herself is completely unexpectedTHE TRUTH ABOUT RUBY VALENTINE reads like a really good movie It was realistic and you got the sense of the true meaning of finding oneself I especially enjoyed the way Alison Bond masterfully incorporated flashbacks of Ruby s life in between Kelly s story It was well written and you will find yourself escaping with the characters A book full of drama love triangles and all that good stuff 35 I found this. Ls something even shocking she's Ruby's daughter So Kelly sets off for Tinseltown but she soon discove.

I thought this was a fab read and would definitely recommend to others I didn t predict the ending at all and thought it Trashy chick lit Wasn t that memorable but wasn t completely terrible good easy read on vacation In this day in age celebrities reign supreme Look anywhere and you are sure to run across detailed information on their whereabouts what they like what they wear and what they love to do So it s not a surprise when twenty five year old Kelly Coltrane like many young women fantasizes about living the same glamorous life broadcasted in her glossy gossip magazinesBut tragedy strikes Screen legend Ruby Valentine commits suicide and the whole world mourns her untimely death Kelly is definitely not prepared for th. When Hollywood legend Ruby Valentine shocks the world with her mysterious suicide Kelly's father revea.

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