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An adventurous and enjoyable tale that is a little naughty contains a little magic and werewolves at every turn Good and believable characters with lead characters that work well together Small thing that sticks out is that the heroine s hair color is described differently in certain chapters and it through me off a bit Otherwise the story is enjoyable In Wolf Bite Cadence ets caught up in a battle between two wolf packs and discovers she is much than a bank teller I love this novel I loved the world the author created and the characters I loved that it is a standalone and doesn t cut off abruptly with an annoying cliffhanger Can you tell I ve read to many of those as of late in this ABCs of Baseball genre I just wanted I wanted background history on Grayson and his pack about Cadence and her family hints right off the bat that she wasn t a mere mortal would have liked to known about why Rogue is bent on destruction I feel that if the story had fifty or hundred pages certain sections wouldn t have felt so rushed and we would have had a better build up to the scene we really wanted wink wink That being said this novel is still areat story and well worth reading I ll have When Grayson walks into the local bank he expects that it will be business as usual That is until a local biker Ēna gang shows up armed to the teeth A fewunshots later and he finds himself on the run except he’s not alone Cadence the deliciously curvy bank tel.

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About But that is just the tip of the iceberg Wait and see what surprises the author has in store for the reader of this fabulous book Great plot Great romance Great characters Grayson a werewolf He at the bank that Cadence works at when a rival pack trys to rob the bank Cadence is suddenly on the run with a scary biker while they are being chase Grayson is trying to keep her safe Cadence is shot and Grayson is told that they have done all they can for her He must decide if he wants to Taken By the Sheriff the Deputy Too! give her the mark or not Rival pack attack them and they have a demon stone to help They are losing until theyet help in a unlikely source awesome story OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE BOOK This is awesome book MY RATING 5 Hearts Great outlook on werewolvesI look forward to reading books by Catherine Vale I love supernatural books and this one was well written So many details it was easy to follow the storyline saved by a wolf shifter from a bank robbing shifter a beautiful woman is plunged headlong into danger finds a mate and discovers her late mom was a druid ends happily AwesomeDifferent in a ood way from other books I like that it has other powers in it than just shifters. R even if she’s one of the most beautiful women he’s ever met But Cadence has a plan of her own and a dark secret that she’ll have to confess if they ever stand a chance at survival Note To Readers This is a standalone story and is free from cliffhangers.

O add the author and her books to my favorite list Author Jennifer Reynolds She Don t Want To GoThis is a entertaining read about Cadence working in a bank when sexy Grayson comes in to do business and three outlaw werewolves come into the bank to rob it They try to use her but Grayson kills the leader and rabs her and jumps on his Harley This is the beginning of her nightmare and her love affair Enjoy I did A Good ReadI enjoyed the storyline and the main characters It was a ood mixture of action along with the development of their relationship I look forward to reading about her brothers I really enjoyed this book it was a uick fun read I just couldn t put it down Great BookGrayson is a big tough biker who also happens to be a werewolf He thwarts a bank robbery by a rival werewolf pack and in his escape drags a bank teller out of harms way taking her with him Cadence was just trying to lock the doors on the robbers to keep them out of the bank when all hell breaks loose and she is suddenly on the run with a hot but scary biker Now they are being chased people are dying and strange things are happening to her that she does not want her hot biker to know. Ler is by his side and if there’s one thing Grayson is sure of it’s that this lady just made things a whole lot complicated With a rival shifter pack on the hunt for him and his clan at risk the last thing Grayson needs is to be slowed down by this strange.

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NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Catherine Vale writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance