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E pair who had issues too numerous to list Sure the obvious is to root for the HEA ending but the ourney to get to that point is eually important for me I will also mention that there is a mystery suspense subplot going on that isn t resolved or answered in this book which is why I m sure there will be a follow up So far it s way too vague for me to appreciate but as the puzzle pieces fall into place it will make sense So yes I will be looking for that follow up as it is intriguing so farI received this book as an freebie so for me this book worked though there isn t a lot of depth to it Yet unlike serial series the author did provide a meaningful story which is why I am interested in any follow up installments Recommended for anyone who enjoys a bit of competitive alphas seduction story with a kick ass female who also happens to be an alpha I was gifted a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewMicah hates fate Nothing in her life ever goes the way it should and finding her EverMate in the middle of cheating in her own home is the last straw What other choice does she have but to run and leave everything she s worked for behindMicah is not your normal shifter She is a dual shifter both wolf and tiger Only the second of her kind to ever by recorded in their history Lucky hernot When she is forced to come back to her old pack to deal with her ex mate the last thing she expected was to find her true evermate Or to be correct her two mates One for each of the animals inside her She is determined to never be hurt again and that means denying the attraction that she feels to both of these men Shane and Jessiah couldn t be happier at finding their mate at last The one that they have been searching for She was everything they ever wanted and then some They know that she has been hurt in the past but have no idea Galina just what her life has entailed up to that point Convinced that they can make her seeust how perfect she is for them they invoke the seven day Parley Which means that for seven days she is theirs Enough time to convince her to be theirs They hopeI was fascinated with the story line It was original and had some very nice twists and turns Micah is an alpha in her own right I liked the aspect of her being dual natured and the connection the three seemed to have Shane was a bit of a man whore before he met Micah and that ended up biting him in the ass than once Jessiah had of a sweeter natureA definite must read I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest reviewI loved this story It was compelling different and kept me interested So why did I only give it four stars Well to be honest though I loved it I had some issues with the flow of the words There were a couple of times throughout the story that I felt something was mentioned that didn t really mesh with what was happening or being talked about I found that a bit confusingThose are my only issues for lack of a better word is that some things I personally felt didn t need to be spoken or hinted at That s allI don t think it took away from the story as a whole and will definitely be recommending this to friends Worst thing an author can do is write a book end it on a cliff then abandon the serie. At on her Now a year and a half later after finding her Mate with another in their bed a wolf shifter that looks ust like her ex Mate claims to be her Ever Mate Could Fate really be that cruel.


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I did like it but my main issue is with some unanswered uestions It seems that their story might not be finished but I dont know if the author will be doing or not I was expecting some conflict with whowhat she is I mean she s an impressive woman with her 2 beasts I think Micah s character got left in the dust a little It was touched on a bit but that was all What about their work They all work for the same agency I think this might have sort of started out as Wow I d give it star s if I could An epic start to a new series I cannot wait to see what author Laila Raimes does with this particular series This is my fourth book by this particular author and she is already in a class of her own I highly recommend this author to anyone I started with her other series first but both series are ust as promising Packed from cover to cover with action and extremely hot and steamy romance scenes this author definitely engages all of your emotions and leaves you wanting the next book s Reviewed for 2 girls who love books blogThis is my first book by Laila Raimes but by no means my lastThis is also my first mfm book and I really enjoyed itMicah is an outcast even in the shifter world She has a long painful past that makes her believe that no one can be kept around for long After many years of loneliness she finds herself happy for almost 20 years until the day she comes home and finds her Ever Mate in their bed with a leggy blond I don t see itShe runs off leaving behind her home and pack She is gone for a year until she is called back In a cruel twist of fate upon returning home she meets a man who looks Mud and Stars just like her cheating ex who claims he and his non blood brother are her real ever mates Shane and Jess are such freaking hot alphasOn top of the steam is an amazing shifter universe I love the world that Raimes has created here There is no giant cliff hanger but there are things left unfinished so I will be keeping my eys peeled for another book from this world 5 stars I was gifted a copy for an honest reviewWow where do I start I have read a few paranormal books but this one is HOT I loved the story and the characters I loved the ride of fate andourney of fate between the leading characters However I did enjoy the story I did however get a little lost at times and had to re read a few lines as I was a little confused to who was speaking and saying what So maybe this could have been highlight a little better or broken up Other than that its brilliant I really did feel for the leading lady On her own pains her lifestyle and her bad hand of love The opening was heart breaking and pulled me in The descriptions of characters and the leading men are very imaginative and gets into your head Holly dam Fans face Melting HahaWell if you love alpha hot male s True love and a gripping story you will love this This is the first book I ve read from Laila Raimes and it wont be my last Hope their is a book 2 Xx Good and frustratingParts of this are very good and I appreciated that the author made an attempt to develop some sort of relationship between the three However it desperately needs editing There is awkward to ust plain weird word usage and sentence structure A lot of things left hangi. Why does Fate hate me That has been Micah's uestion since she was eight years old Why Let's see She's been called a freak since she was little One reason is because of the color of her hair ano.

Ng that made this part of a book like a few chapters but should not have been packaged as a separate book It is interesting but incomplete Mate Staken Identity was very different for me to read it was not your typical shape shifter story I loved that there is three main characters who get to share a special bond this book has all the hot steamy sex but so well written I was touched by the way the author allowed the tenderness of the bond to become a part of it without taking away the steamy hotness of the crazy If that makes any sense This story is ust beginning and I think the way the characters have been introduced and where they were taken in this book was amazing I adore Micah I think she is strong and because of her strength and what shes been thru she is the perfect mate for Jessiah and Shane And Jess and Shane are not only wildly sexy and God like but hold that true tenderness and ability to give Micah what is missing inside I think there is a whole other adventure waiting for t Fate hasn t been kind to Micah so you d think she d catch a break once in a while At least that s what Micah thinks after she witnessed her fated Ever Mate cheating in her own bed with a skanky blonde But no fate has once again thrown a monkey wrench into things when a shifter who looks remarkedly like her ex claims she s HIS fated Ever Mate But wait that s not all There s another who s also making that claim Nope Been there done that Once was enough to know that true Ever Mates don t existFate must be laughing it s ass off when the two shifters invoke the seven day Parley an ancient tradition used when one party claims someone to be an Ever Mate and the other party denies or wants no part of it They then have seven days to prove Fate is right to allow Micah a chance to save face if it turns out the claimants are correct Let the games begin This is a contemporary take on the paranormal fated mate premise when a bond decided by fate between a couple ends in one of them cheating Is it possible for that bond to be dissolved and if so can a new bond successfully occur or not Loved the premise and the author did a good ob dealing with the broken bond scenario as a whole The build up for the possible new bond had some weak spots for me and I wasn t too thrilled with the speed from start to finish for the three main characters to solidify their relationship but I can t say I was disappointed either Especially when that resulted in the HAWT adult content content portions of this book Superficially this is a read that fans of menage shifter romance will appreciate Just realize that it is not a complete independent start to finish story It has a cliffhanger to be continued ending What this book didn t have is depth or complex world building elements An opportunity was missed in fleshing out the emotional angst angle to engage readers in the characters and circumstances surrounding the plot of the story I was on the fence whether to root for Micah or the two heroes Shane Jessiah Micah who had history and therefore I could totally relate to her Or Jessiah who had been waiting his whole life for his one true Ever Mate who he would share with Shane yet there was history there also Or Shane horn dog of th. Ther reason is because she is a dual nature shifter which is practically unheard of But the real reason Micah believes Fate hates her is because she is the only shifter to have an Ever Mate che.

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