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What s next for Vivian and her friendsThis book This was a good as the first one in the series Vivid Normally when you read a series the second book lacks the zest that the first one had but not this book In Vicious not only were the characters from the first book back but you got introduced to new onesAt the end of the first book Viv runs away thinking that that is the only way to protect the ones that she loves She goes to this small town where she works as a waitress nbeknownst that she was drawn to the town by a guy that has magnetic powers and can draw Sweet Valentine uniue people to him not only can he drawniue people but he can also draw regular people also One day out of the blue Easton shows The Rancher and the City Girl up in town and once again he isnited with VivAs the story goes on you find out that Easton and Viv has this connection that draws them together Her friends are captured and she decides to turn herself in to save them While she is at the center she meets other people like her but they all have different abilities She meets a boy name Wyck a boy that could destroy what she and Easton has In the end although she is attracted to him she just doesn t feel that pull that she feels with Easton Her and Wyck come p with a plan to escape and rescue her friends In the end she finds out who her allies are and who she can t trustI enjoyed the twist and turns in this story and I look forward to seeing how Viv and her friends end things in the final book in this series My Rating 3 out of 5 stars Disclaimers I received an e galley of this novel as part of the tour I was not obligated to write a good review nor did I receive any compensation for writing this reviewMy Overall ThoughtsImpressions I read the first book in the series a few months ago as part of another blog tour for the series I thought that the first book was interesting but had. Rying to move on with her lonely life Vivian must face her past when the very people she’s trying to protect walk through the door of the diner where she works but their bittersweet reunion is short lived when her nemesis the man with black eyes kidnaps Abby and Cooper Forced to work for the man she’s tri.

This has a little bit of spoilers so beware if you haven t read the first or this book don t read this review OMG Is all I can say This book is amazing It has a awesome beginning and a shocking ending I ve only read the two books of Andrea Murray s and those two vivid and vicious makes me want to read EVERY book she has written and is going to write So far out of the vivid series this is my favorite I love how strong Vivian has become and how she joins the Liaisons just to protect her friends I love how you find out about her family and the connection that she has with the enemy Hoyt When Vivian met Wyck love the name I was kinda of hoping for a spark to happen between them but at the same time I was screaming dont do anything wrong Don t cheat Don t do itThis book will have you hooked the moment you pick it p It will have you at the edge of your seat It is Some Like It Hotter unpredictable exciting sad happy and plain out shocking from beginning to end I ve forgot how fun it is to read Vivian s thoughts It s rare that I find such a character who makes me smile and chuckle I enjoyed reading about her once again a lot This book was different from the first one In Vivid the story was about relationships between Vivian and Easton school life and Vivian s power emerging In Vicious there s of action complications and tightness buildingp It s intense We get to know of Vivian s past her powers and about the organization which hunts her There were some answers given but new More Than a Convenient Bride (Texas Cattlemans Club: After the Storm uestions come with them There were also few new and interesting characters introduced I soon found myself eagerly turning pages to see what s ahead for Vivian Also I had a feeling that Vivian comes to a dead end a lot while reading There constantly lingersestion what she could do to break the deadlock is it possible to do that at all And I loved it I m eager to know. She can’t escape her past or her future After Vivian Cartwright’s aunt is killed by the same mysterious man who caused her mother’s death she flees to protect those she loves Searching for the father she’s never seen she spends months on the road working her way from one rundown motel to another and

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A slow start I was however curious to see what happened in the series So when I was offered the chance to read the book I decided to go ahead and read itThe seuel was drastically better than the first one It wasn t slow at all The book was fast paced and kept me interested the entire time I thought that the characters were better developed in the seuel There were still several grammar errors that I found Marrying Well uite distracting and some issues with tense really bugged meHowever on the whole I liked the novel I thought the novel presented an intriguing plot I loved the conlflict and the world that Murray created I think fans of sci fifantasy will enjoy this oneThe only thing that bugged me about the characters was Vivian s tendency to play the victim wo is me card I get that she d been through a lot but I kept waiting for her to snap out of itThis definitely isn t a slow bridge novel either If you are looking for an interesting fantasy novel check this one out So why 3 stars I thought this was much better than the first one and almost gave it 4 stars However the errors I found knocked it down to a three as well as some other parts of the novel that I just didn t think worked Can I read the series out of order You could The story can read as a stand alone Naturally however you d be missing the full effect of the story If you do read the first one just be warned it s slow in the beginning WarningsSide notes None The Wrapp A great development to the series It made me very curious to see what happens in the third one Note After having read the third in the series I d have to say this was my favorite in the series by far LoveDanica Page reviewVivian who is on the runVivian s friends find herand this is when the excitement beginVivian learns about her giftsSuspenseful paranormal ya novel keeps you guessingAnd turning the pag. Ed so hard to escape Vivian learns she is only one of several gifted teenagers belonging to a corrupt group called the Liaisons She joins with Wyck a sinfully handsome twin and computer genius Together she and her nlikely ally discover the truth about the organization and its strange connection to her family.

Andrea Murray’s love of English didn’t begin until high school In fact in elementary school she hated reading and never read a book unless she was forced to read She found her joy as a ninth grader when she began reading classic short stories like “The Most Dangerous Game” and “The Cask of Amontillado” After that she knew she wanted to study English and teach kids like her who weren’t entire