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Ture journey across the Sahara Desert gone wrong Read if you might ike a catastrophe story expertly told This book was The Success Secrets Of Brian Tracy - How To Achieve Your Goals And Be Succesful loaned to me by a friend whoike me grew up in Africa and went to school in Kenya I can t resist a good survival story and this one really sucked me in after a rather slow start Four people who were total strangers take off on a drive from Kenya to England in 1955 Two Ninth Grade Slays ladies a middle aged man toead the expedition and a 17 year old boy By the time they got to the Sahara I was so immersed in the story that I hated to open the door to my house I kind of expected the Sahara desert to greet me The character of Alan Cooper who Murder of Crows led the expedition was especially well drawn There are hints of coming tragedy from the very beginning which only made me anxious to keep reading and find out what happened A gripping story We stayed at Mrs Simpson s guesthouse in Kenya a few months before she died and I started to read her copy of this book whilst I was there She was one of the four who went out on the ill fated trek Alas the sun and surf beckoned me away and I never finished it I consoled myself with the idea that I would buy my own copy when we got back to the States and read it then WRONG It was out of print incredibly hard to find and expensive I mourned this fact for years and then one day on a whim thought I d check again Imagine my delight when I found out it had been re released at a reasonable price I bought one copy for me and one for my parents who had also been at Mrs Simpson s guesthouse with me This is a GREAT book amazing in that it is a true story Mr Stewart does a wonderful job of sticking to facts and interviews while making the book flowike a narrative I can t recommend this book enough buy it while you still can 1955 Kenya A group of 4 British ecc. Age in search of romance and a 17 year old boy whose mother had insisted that the trip would make a man of him What united them was a desire for adventureAs they set off through Euatorial Africa the omens seemed against them The Mau Mau uprising against British rule in Kenya was at it's height and the days of colonial rule were ending

Entrics set out to drive from Nairobi to London via the Sahara desert in an eight horse power Morris Traveller Under the Work Your Wardrobe leadership of Alan Cooper a down on hisuck farmer The group consisted of a worldly field biologist who recorded the whole trip on her 8mm cine camera a genteel schoolmistress of uncertain age and in search of romance and a 17 year old boy whose mother had insisted that the trip would make a man of him What united them was an overwhelming desire for adventureIt s hard to believe but in 1955 Alan Cooper could put an ad in a newspaper seeking 3 people to make this Saharan trip with him without the Silence in Hanover Close (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, least concern that a Ted Bundy or Jack the Ripper type just might respond to this ad Fiftyish Alan Cooper was still aittle boy that never grew up and failed to meet the reuired safety standards needed to travel across the Sahara Things went from bad to worse after Cooper decides to sneak past the authorities to enter the desert By doing so the authorities couldn t send out a search party to find them after they failed to show up on the other side of the Sahara since they weren t even aware of themThe Morris Traveller broke down in the middle of the desert and no one knew where they were The author gives a meticulous and detailed account of the Sahara desert and their suffering as they slowly died from The Complete Idiots Guide to Starting a Web-Based Business lack of water and Iearned about the desert than I really cared to know In fact I would have enjoyed the book if such attention to detail wasn t present through out this account such as exactly what baggage and supplies each carried how the car was Tiểu phẩm báo chí loaded and unloaded and so on and so forth over and over again The idiocy of Alan Cooper was not pleasant reading and if he had survived his own stupidity he probably would haveanded in prison after this disastrous trip. Heir journey was to take them through an Africa that very soon would cease to exist But it was the desert that turned their joyride into a nightmare What began as an adventure ended as a desperate fight for Icon life in the blazing sands of the Sahara Trek brings this story to dramaticife and is a classic account of survival against the odd.

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I staid at Barbara Simpson s guest house in 1998 if I knew about this book then I forgot about it Until my sister also a guest house alum reminded me of it recently A very gripping read telling of the times and adventurous Eccentric people set off from Kenya to England in Morris Minor In the way is the Sahara Desert Completely unprepared for one of the most extreme places on earth What could go wrong I found this very well written with the Pillow Talk lead character Alan particularly well described Highly enjoyable if rather fatalistic Linda who wrote a review below and one of my schoolmates when we were in high school in Kenya suggested I mightike this book I found a copy through AbeBookscom The story starts out in Kenya It tells of four people who did not know each other before starting out on this road adventure They took a very small car a Morris Traveller through some of Africa s most poorly developed road systems of central Africa s jungles and the Sahara Disaster strikes at one point A well told adventure story that is worth reading Well written and interesting Gave insight to Africa at the time and the characters were great but Alan the expedition Rikers High lead was so annoying His actions entirelyed to the deaths and all the other problems so sad that it was a true story It s a page turner and it kept me interested but for some reason I can t give it a higher rating Maybe because the author and survivors place blame on those who can t defend themselves Alan and Freda I m not sure The writing style is very interesting The sick puppy inside of me Buried loves an adventure gone wrong book and Trek is exactly that This is a harrowing survival story that contains a truckload ofessons on What Not to Do When You Attempt To Cross the Sahara Don t be an arrogant ass is esson number one Adven. 1955 Kenya A group of four acuaintances set out to drive from Nairobi to London via the Sahara desert in a 8 horse power Morris Traveller Under the eadership of Alan Cooper a down on his uck farmer the group was made up of a worldly field biologist who recorded the whole trip on her 8mm cine camera a genteel schoolmistress of uncertain.

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