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With a trick ending Favorite story in this volume was Unbelievable Characters by Howard Nemerov in which the narrator recounts the nbelievable story his drunk ncle tells It is both clever and funny An. RavesThe Ledge by Lawrence Sargent HallThe Purchase by Elizabeth HardwickThe Hunter by Lachlan MacDonaldThe Maid's Shoes by Bernard MalamudI Don't Need You Any More by Arthur MillerUnbelievable Characters by Howard NemerovHero by Phyllis RobertsDefender of the Faith by Philip RothThe Man Who Lost the Sea by Theodore SturgeonA.

The Best American Short Stories 1960 is much enjoyable than the 1950 volume was The stories did not feel as aint or as forced although there were two stories which were centered on nature and another. A selection of 19 of the best short stories published in North America during 1959 IncludesThe Santa Ana by Sanora BabbThe Day of the Bullet by Stanley EllinWords Words Words by George P ElliottThe Man Who Looked Like Jesus by Howard FastAugust by Mavis GallantAn Evening Performance by George GarrettThe Last Running by John

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Other notable story by Peter Taylor One day I hope that I will be asked to edit a volume of Best American Short Stories A little dream of mine Until then several volumes to go before I have read them al. Glance in the Mirror by Harvey SwadosWho Was Jesse's Friend and Protector by Peter TaylorCounterclockwise by Elisabeth Larsh YoungThis edition also includes The Yearbook of the American Short Story from January 1 to December 31 1959 Roll of Honor Distinctive Short Stories in American Magazines and other supplementary materia.