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Vincent complete idiots sorry Henry and thenwell then there s Miss Lizzie Devereaux view spoileraka Edward Dabkowski hide spoiler Henry Strauss has spent most of his life plotting revenge on mediums Duped as a teenager both romantically and financially he has made it his life s work to demonstrate the superiority of scientific methods over medium powers He was certain that the Physical Society would appreciate his efforts but with no ghost to banish things are looking rather grimVincent Night s Native American ancestry has always made him ripe for discrimination but his skills as a medium have eventually opened doors into the homes of rich and bereaved Unfortunately his mentor s unexpected and brutal death has put a serious damper on his careerEnter Dominic Gladfield who challenges our protagonists to a ghost banishing contest whoever manages to make his haunted mansion fit for tourists will win 500 and uite a bit of professional creditFor years now I ve been yearning for the perfect novel to terrorize me but just couldn t seem to get into all the gore and blood I mean I d certainly find it all disgusting but the creepy little shiver down my spine was missing Little did I realize that I was looking in the wrong genre My imagination had no interest in the odd severed limb spraying buckets and buckets of blood Oh no it was craving the corny and rather cliched suggestions of white nightgowns fluttering around dark corners the soft suggestion of unwelcome touches and of course the icy cold spots so typical of ghost stories And boy did Ms Hawk deliver here There was the dreary mansion with a tragic past the ghosts that refused to let the living be the living that were only too happy to take scrupulous advantage of the haunting to do their own misdeeds All wrapped in the most deliciously creepy Victorian Gothic atmosphereOr you now whatever the American euivalent for the period is In any case I was definitely wary of reading in the dark especially with a cat intent on using my stomach as a trampoline during ey scenes She s got a 6th sense for these things I tell yaAs for the romance it was not uite there Oh sure Henry and Vincent have definite chemistry and I greatly appreciated the latter s unapologetic flirting but I was looking for a bit electricity as opposed to purple prose between the two In a metaphorical sense I mean because when it came to literal electricity the ghosts of the mansion certainly contributed their fair share of sizzlingScore 325 starsCame for the romance stayed for the ghostsReview of book 2 Dangerous Spiritsreview of book 3 Guardian Spirits Audio 5 starsStory 35 stars round up for diversity The spooky stuff was fun but I need convincing as far as the romance is concerned There wasn t enough build up or tension I m hoping I can feel connection between the MCs in the next boo. Nry can’t afford to fall for a spirit medium let alone the competition But nothing in the haunted mansion is uite as it seems and soon winning the contest is the least of Henry’s concerns For the evil stalking the halls of Reyhome Castle wants to claim not just Henry and Vincent’s lives but their very souls Novel 69409 words 2174.

I love Whyborne Griffin series because it combines lovecraftian horror with action and romance It is definitely not original true but how it combines all the above is what makes it good Besides I love all three main characters What s not to like You cannot go wrong with those themes The series has everything I likeOne of the things that redeems Restless Spirits is that it is a ghost story Then you have great characters like Lizzie Vincent and Jo And it s not contemporaryConsidering the genres I think Hawk went a bit overboard with the ugly Sure readers could argue that the times were exactly like that and they would be right However this is a paranormal romance and a ghost story and you don t have to beat me over the head with itAs far as I am concerned it failed as a romance It went too far When I don t want the two main characters together in the end that speaks volumes After his family was conned Henry is determined to make headway into the paranormal world with scientific inventions and logicsense He s paired with a relative who is colored a controversy of the time when he fights for her euality On the other end of the coin is another paranormal duo with their own baggage Vincent Night is an Indian and used to controversy of his own but he s also extremely gifted with spiritual abilities and ghost hunting His companion has her own hidden story Both are on the verge of bankrupcy so when both teams are invited by an eccentric wealthy man to compete in a house to prove whether the talent versus science will win all hell breaks loose The plot for this one was than wort Jordan L Hawk does it again This was a sexy scary treat and I loved it to pieces It has all the charm and thrills of Hawk s other books but this one adds in some meditations on race and gender that are surprisingly rare in mm reads Great fun and highly recommended I do love Jordan L Hawk s books and this is no exception Masterful blend of scariness and sexiness The concept of the rival ghost hunters scientific and occult is pure genius and I am deeply annoyed I didn t think of it but delighted that a Jordan has such excellent ideas and b it s a series Henry is adorable and the supporting cast a huge strength of this author are fascinating and I hope we hear lots Loved it This is my second attempt reading this book The first time was back earlier this year when it was just released Maybe I wasn t in the right frame of mind because I couldn t even pass Chapter 1 So I put it aside Since then a couple of my RL friends have read this one liked it just okay the other one didn t So I got their opinions about it Then book 2 was released couple of days ago and I thought I should give it a second look This is Jordan L Hawk s book we re talking about Well it worked I guess sometimes a book needs the right moment and this was one of the ca. After losing the family fortune to a fraudulent psychic inventor Henry Strauss is determined to bring the otherworld under control through the application of science All he needs is a genuine haunting to prove his Electro Séance will work A letter from wealthy industrialist Dominic Gladfield seems the answer to his prayers Gladfield’.

Se I m going to be honest the main characters especially Henry Strauss and Elizabeth Devereux weren t easy to like Henry was bordering snobbish and judgy towards all mediums while Elizabeth was also a bit cold Duly noted they both had valid reasons to react like they did I have never hidden my love for Jordan L Hawk s writing To do so would be like trying to eep the sun concealed under an umbrella Not only would it be a neat trick the umbrella would go up in flames Just as it would trying to hide the sheer magnificence of Hawk s writingRestless Spirits launches Hawk s new series Spirits and damn what a great launch it is Vincent and Henry are at odds both philosophically Henry is a scientist where Vincent is a spiritualist and socially as Vincent is a Native American man during a time when being darker than a flushed beige relegated a person to the lesser column However Henry isn t one to let social constructs guide his behaviour not where race is concerned Homosexuality during the heyday of an alternative universe s Industrial Revolution is a different matter altogether The story is a tightly nit nearly single room adventure reminiscent of Agatha Christie s And Then There Were None Caught in a paranormal mystery complete with murderous ghosts and stolen bits of forbidden love Hawk crafts a damned good tale of scientific theory spiritualism and simmering sexuality This is definitely an origin story of a couple of men who first are at odds and then only find their footing when working togetherI m looking so forward to seeing where we re taken in the rest of this series Fantastic writing great characters and burgeoning tension as only Jordan L Hawk can deliver Written January 13 20154 Spooky Stars Booo A very promising start to a new series by a favorite writerNew modern technology and science versus old faith and uestioned mysterious inner medium ualities A hot but also impressive scary mess Stunning action packed horror entertainment once again from the remarkable ghost master Ms Jordan L Hawk the superb Whyborne Griffin and Spectr series writerA yummy but also horrifying ghosts tale starts Fascinating just fascinating I really never understood or was that interested in it has to be said what ghosts et al were all about but the explanations the author gives in this story are simple enough for even little old me to understand and the mechanics of Henry s machines are incredibly well thought out Electro magnetism folks that s what it s all about 5 stars from me for this the first in a new series from Jordan L Hawk Loved itYes it gave me the shivers I wanted to throttle Henry several times and Vincentwell what a sexy beast he was BUT the absolute best part for me was that the author used really diverse types of character that other authors wouldn t normally useAfrican American Jo Native American. S proposition a contest pitting science against spiritualism with a hefty prize for the winner The contest takes Henry to Reyhome Castle the site of a series of brutal murders decades earlier There he meets his rival for the prize the dangerously appealing Vincent Night Vincent is handsome charmingand determined to get Henry into bed He.

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Jordan L Hawk is a trans author from North Carolina Childhood tales of mountain ghosts and mysterious creatures gave him a life long love of things that go bump in the night When he isn’t writing he brews his own beer and tries to keep the cats from destroying the house His best selling Whyborne & Griffin series beginning with Widdershins can be found in print ebook and audiobook