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Ooks like It s not prettyIf you like knowing soccer horror stories how famous people died business tiuette in other countries and a bunch of odd jobs that do not sound like a good time though Bek would like to be a Hot Walker then this is the book for you PS I would not pay over 5000 to have Charlie Chaplin painted on my cat s butt How bout you Have you Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, ever wanted to know how to make a supersize marshmallow Ever wondered about secret societies like the Illuminati Cathars or Knights Templar Do you want to learn about some of history s most famous scam artists Are you simply interested in the wild wooly grotesue underbelly of the world Take Me To Your Leader offers all this weirdness plus much much Learn about washed up child stars how to whip up a gigantic sausagegg abomination heart attack guaranteed and organized cr This is a really interesting and informative random facts book I wouldn t say it s all that funny but it s very nlightening The only parts I didn t read were the ones about sports because I m not a sports fan but all the other stuff was very insightful This is definitely a fun read for just about anyone and hey you never know when you ll need to know a random fact from this book in the future However I did find a lot of typos and there are moments where you might reread a sentence over and over and still not fully understand if it s a straight fact or a sarcastic comment from the author and I m usually uite good at detecting sarcasm through text. Ive on itIt has odd creatures doing very strange things – dressing pets up as movie stars and trying to walk backwards up mountains playing bizarre sports such as toe wrestling and

This was a really cool book with random facts about anything from superheroes to sausages I think some of the topics are a little too dgy for teens and this will appeal to adults who njoy nonfiction like Found Full of trivia and weird facts this is a good book for anyone who likes general knowledge Best for adults and teens as there is some nudity There are a couple of typos and rrors but over all an interesting and fun book If you love reading general information books like The Guinness Book of World Records or Top 10 of Everything you ll love this book This is a fun book of trivia but its topics are completely random and make little sense how it s organized Lots of typos and Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue errors too Xmas gift 2007A colorful compendium of interesting facts tales some of which were a bit UL ish A UK publication that seemed geared to young adult readers but was stillntertaining nough Fun book of facts in the form of infographics Includes interesting bits like this oneIn 1988 a wayward ice skate slashed the carotid artery of ice hockey goaltender Clint Malarchuk Two teammates vomited on the ice seven spectators fainted and two had heart attacks He was saved by the team s x Army medic who pinched the artery with his fingers until paramedics arrived I like this kind of book It was full of trivia My favorite kind of knowledgethe trivial the better Looking for something different to do in August Try La Tomatina in Spain Ever wonder what a web spun by a spider on caffeine A Richard and Judy Christmas Book Selection packed with unputdownable trivia Earth A visitor's guide is full of Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) everything youver needed to know about our planet and the people who

Being the sarcasm ueen that I am I can t speak on the price because this was given to me as a Christmas present but I highly recommend this for Gone (Gone, entertainment purposes My favorite part by far features painted cats I m a total cat lady andccentric and I never knew something like tha Review Take Me To Your LeaderWednesday September 10th 2008Take Me To Your Leaderby Ian Harrison Hardcover 360 pages Publisher DK ADULT October 1 2007 ISBN 13 978 0756632021In the vein of random useless facts books Take Me To Your Leader is different as not only is it published for adults but it also takes the premise of a handbook for aliens visiting Earth No one cares about the frame story though More important are the 360 pages of facts and pictures ranging from cool to disgusting to raunchy to what the f Most teens will be drawn to it like flies to kitchens on hot daysThe reason I picked this up is because it is a nominee for the ALA s uick Picks for Reluctant Young Readers and Di wanted my opinion on its appropriateness for teens There are certainly pages that are too graphic for many young adults but I think that for troubled youth grittier areas or mature students it should be fine I would strongly Threads Of The Shroud encourage the librarian toxamine the book before purchase and see if it is right for their demographic but I do not think that it is so graphic as to All Seated on the Ground exclude it from the list4 4PMore reviews rowijovoid starnet I am loving this book I can see me picking it up for trivial bits of info. Lottingxtraordinary hoaxes and scams Plus discover urban myths famous phobias popular phallacies and Untitled. extraordinaryndurance ventsFind out all about it in this out of this world gui.

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