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Oyalty to is brothers and Sexy Reversed Fairy Tales hiseart when it comes to the one girl Oh. My. Gods. (Oh. My. Gods., he loved and even after all the time that passed could never forget Put the two of them together and it was awesome It was combustible and by books end easily oneell of a ride that I will admit to spending a good portion biting my nails anxious over Phoebe’s Fair Valentine (Oh. My. Gods., how it would all play out Loved this and can t wait to read of this series and this author Wowthis is the 8th book Iave read in this seriesthey are so much like candyjust want to eat them up in one sittingI found this book to be a little tamer than some of the previous onesstill a good read but not as sexy or violent as others in the Vegas Titans SeriesA young girl meets the ONE during The Ground beneath her Feet her summer at camp and is torn away fromim violently by Killer Pancake / The Cereal Murders her own vicious brother HE is left almost dead and thinks she betrayedim Fast forward ten years later and they meet again under muddy circumstances and the uestion becomes whether what they ad was just a silly summer fling or something that could be rekindled and I liked the storyline of this one well enough although there was virtually no sex until almost 70% into the bookmostly longing gazes some kissing and flirtation This book was all about the action and club rivals as they try to work together to take down a much larger and insidious group who deal with uman trafficking and child abuseA lawyer princess and an alpha male biker leader work together to prove that opposites do attract and society differences don t always mean a thingHEA ending was a bit too fast and neatly wrapped up as well as the acceptance of an unlikely ally 4 smart girl meets beautiful man stars Loved this book Harper and Dominic meet while working at a camp in the Adirondacks Ten years later they meet again very unexpectedly Harper is in a club with a man that wants to marry William Gibson her whilee is trying to force Nancy Drake her to swallow a pill the Depraved Club is raided Dominic is president of the Sons of Lucifer MC and is determined to shut the club dowm and take out the man who runs the club The man Harper is with is shot and she is grouped with the other women that are used as sex slaves by the club Harper is an attorney and after Doninic s business is destroyed by Colt the manager of the DC she decides to useer skills and take on Colt and the company that is responsible for the DC This is a fantastic story full of excitement illicit activities and Bandbox hot sexI received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair review Loved it This was like a second chance opposites attract MC book Entertaining suspenseful action packed andot Harper and Dominic meet for the first time as teens while working at a camp Their forbidden love comes to an end due to circumstances beyond their control Years pass Dominic is president of the Sons of Lucifer MC and Harper is an attorney Getting caught at the wrong place at the wrong time tempers flare sparks fly and they end up working together despite feelings of denial and betrayal Loved the characters and their interaction along with intense chemistry Would recommend Another great book by this authorIt is very Everglades (Doc Ford Mystery, hard to find something wrong with Celia Lorens books As always another gr. Er the tablesave turned As fate would Kicking It (Alex Craft, have it the prissy rich girlas come back into my life and she’s in some real trouble I’m the president of the Sons of Lucifer Motorcycle Club and she’s been sleeping with the enemy I Homeport hope she doesn’t think those beautiful blue eyes those perky tits and the way she says my name with be enough to saveer But I’ll make er try This contemporary romance novel contains adult themes violence and sexual content Sixth book in the Vegas Titans biker romance series Standalone No cliffhange.

Remember those old television site com shows like Batman or Family Ties with Michael J Fox or Adam West ow those tender feel good shows always The Donovan Legacy (Donovans had some kind of problem or crises and by the end were resolved The series left you feeling good lightearted nothing was ever really intense disturbing For me that s Breaking Down (The Garage, how this book was add to the list its not realistic or believable The ending there was a strong case of self defenses or justifiableomicide and a ighly acclaimed attorney decides to run What the ell You ave a president of an MC biker club e s suppose to be badass but makes the same choice granted Passionate Kisses Boxed Set he wasurt Again what the Destiny and Power hell Pussies is what comes to mind on second thought that s not accurate either pussies takes a pounding and still steps up for seconds and thirds Dominic cowardly bails onis club leaving them to fend for themselves so My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, he can saveis own ass and The Café Book haveis Lord John And The Brotherhood Of The Blade (Lord John Grey, happily ever after Anytime your in a gang or MC its for life to leave its considered desertion or traitorous the only way out is in a body bag The few who do get out go intoiding or in special circumstances retires unless you ve been kicked out and even that can be azardous to your ealthIn Sons of Lucifer MC the immediate threats are fixed but the life and death issues aren t eliminated Sadly I m disappointed Models Dont Eat Chocolate Cookies held so much potential Maybe you ll enjoy the story better than me Betraying Beauty is anotherit in the Vegas Titans Series Harper Sinclair and Dominic Thorne fell in love 10 years ago At the end of summer they each ad to go back to the responsibility of their other lives Harper though she was going to get a little time with Dominic when er psycho brother showed up early Ten years later Harper and Dominic meet again under not so good circumstances Dominic is the President of the Sons of Lucifer MC and Harper is a junior partner at a law firm Dominic is still angry with Harper because Shalias Diary (Shalias Diary, he thought she leftim for dead the last time Scruples Two he sawer He doesn t remember that she actually saved What Janie Found (Janie Johnson, him before she leftThe second chance meeting is at a very bad time for both of themowever it does save Harper from Carl Hiaasen Collection having a white pill shoved downer throat by Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command her date who wantser to marry Explosive Acts him Issues arise and Harper is forced to leave with Dominic Harper and Dominic are forced to work together to get out of a mess they got themselves inI really enjoyed read this story and I can t wait to see what s next in the seriesE copy was provided in exchange for anonest review Great bookI was asked to read this book for a Shadowbridge (Shadowbridge, honest review and I enjoyed it so much that I can t wait to read of this series The idea of falling in love when your a teenager and toave that taken away but return later in your life Academia de Rowan (A Tapeçaria has always been my weakness for reading a story I love the way that Harperas something from when she meant Dominic and as kept it close to er Two Reels And A Crank heart for all these years because toer the love she felt for Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, him was it The swab waser way of keeping El guerrero (La guardia de los Highlanders 1) her love forim alive and it The Camping Cookbook helpeder with any serious situation that came up in Absalom, Absalom! her life because it reminderer of im thank you for giving me the chance to read this book Harper and Dominic fall in love whe. Harper SinclairI’m about to be ripped away from the love of my life a boy my family would never approve of our paths destined to never cross again He’s literally risked is life by even talking to me let alone all the other stuff I’ve let Black Stone him do to me bute doesn’t understand that Now that summer’s over I On Liberty have to go back to the closeted stuffy world I came from back to being aneiress and all the responsibility and expectations that come along with it I No Way Down have to seeim one time before we part ways forever just one last.

N they are young and before they can take it to the next stage Harpers psychotic brother intrudes and takes the life out of Dominic so to save Pulled Thread Embroidery him Harper does all she can she walks away so thater brother will not kill English Humour for Beginners him Ten years later Harper and Dominicave not forgotten one another but Dominic Absolutely on Music has a lot of dislike for Harper Thinking that she leftim for dead and did not care for The Ransom of Mercy Carter him likee cared for Gone for Good her When they both finally acceptow they still feel for one another the electricity between them is explosive Dominic definitely deserved to be Lallieva (Alice Allevi, happy withis love of is life A good startI m ookedDominic and Harper fell in love at a young age She s from a rich family and British Society Since 1945 he s the pres of MC now He s trying to take down a trafficking ring Since Harper is a lawyer she tries toelp take them down With blood on no the their ands they ave to leave the country Ilook forward to from them Title Betraying Beauty Sons of Lucifer MCAuthor Celia LorenSeries or Standalone Vegas Titans SeriesRating 5 Stars Review Betraying Beauty is a Sons of Lucifer MC Vegas Titans Series New Adult Contemporary Romance told from dual point of views of both the Reiki And The Seven Chakras hero anderoine Dominic and Harper respectively and is a second chance at love book at its finest written in the world of motorcycle clubsThis is my first time reading this author and with Turning the Tide of Battle how saturated the marketas become with books written about Clubs especially since Sons of Anarchy came and took the world by storm I m always wary before I start a new one by an author I ve never read before but I m glad in this instance that I took the chance because it was one I Curse the River of Time hell of a book From the start I knew it was going to be a second chance romance but the fact that it wasappening in the world of MC s was a bit of new ride so to speak for me I enjoyed Harper and Dominic s interaction right off the jump From the time they were kids to what we end up seeing later with them as adults I was connected to them It was written that well and I became invested easily Jump ahead a bunch of years to the present and the moment when they come across each other again Harper finding Once I Was a Princess herself in the wrong place at a really wrong time and the reason for Dominic being there a bloody one butonorable at the same time Ridding the world of the sicko s I gotta say I can definitely get down with that Harper was a wicked Court the Night (Blood Bonds, heroine She was soft when the moment called for it especially when it came to Dominic but on the flip side was a strong willed smart and tough as nails woman thatad no issue putting Dominic in Greed, Seeds and Slavery his place There were moments reading this where I was cheering my lungs out forer so proud that she Demons, Deliverance, Discernment had this tremendous backbone and she used it and also cheering when she finally admitted what was years in the making And don t even get me started on Dominic He reads a lot like the other alpha broodisheroes in books these days but Some Prefer Nettles by Junichiro Tanizaki Summary Study Guide he wasn t as rough around the edges ase would Well Meet Again have you believe He was a lot rougher onimself than e was with others that e cared about and it was that element l loved most about If I Never See You Again (Jo Birmingham him He didn t fit into a box There were a ton of layers toim but Firebird his most impressive one beingis Kiss one last goodbye But our last kiss turns out to be the biggest mistake I’ve ever madeI didn’t know my sociopath older brother would be early to pick me up He saw our kiss and now A Night on the Tiles he’s literally about to kill Dominic the same waye used to kill my pets when we were younger Dominic ThorneTo The House That Jesus Built her I was just a summer fling a safe way to slum it with a dangerous guy and escape all the repercussions There’s no other excuse why else would she leave me unconscious on the beach afterer brother drowned me Well now 10 years lat.

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Celia Loren is an author of gritty Contemporary Romance She’s always been an avid reader and growing up she devoured books by the truckload Now she spends her time working toward finishing her MFA and penning the romance stories she always wanted to read Excited to be a member of the Hearts Collective Publishing team she brings her incredible imagination unparalleled work ethic and sassy per