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Nd instead you hear the beat and wonder how it would sound in the rapper s voice A simile has a very different effect on the pa This is brave of Wamack to give s verse in book form but I can t feel the beat in the rhymes Some of the verses start out on a good flip but changes into basi. Lament and Notes from the Guts of a Hippo Also he is a weird fiction writer Navy journalist rapper extraordinaire and an

This is a short collection of some of Wamack s poetry and rhymes It reads like a glimpse into his notebook I enjoyed its simplicity and the risky feel of putting out language like that particularly the rhymes written out in prose form As a reader you expect the feeling of a prose poem From the BLACK DHARMA PRESS imprintAmazing and blazing poetry and rap from Grant WamackGrant is the author of A Lightbulb's.

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C Waa Waa What I did like about this little pocket book The Limited Editon status from Dynatox Ministries and these five pieces Moleskine Theory Rare Cry Mermaid Lisa Bonet s InterludeDon t hold back on my review Give it a go maybe you will find an exotic piece in this artistic Junkyard. Rban mystic He's been published in such places as Everyday Weirdness 365 Tomorrows The New Flesh and other fine publication.

Grant Wamack is the author of Notes from the Guts of a Hippo and A Lightbulb's Lament During the daytime the Navy employs him as a mass communication specialist in other words a super journalist