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Building life long readers I loved itPat and Kerry and Kate and Jen and Carol You would love it I really njoyed this book Kathleen Collins gave great details and Art examples on how to help young readersnjoy books while building self confidence SO important God Is in the Crowd even when they can t read the words of a story uite yet I think she is absolutely right in her opinion that children need to be given MANY opportunities to listen to reading as well as reading on their own in this case that would mean using the pictures to guide their reading Anyone who teaches PreK Kinder or first grade should definitely read this book My only negative comment hence the four stars instead of five is that some chapters were basically a repeat ideaconcept of a former chapter She would spend many paragraphs repeating things or her pers. U see and value all of the powerful work young children do as readers With I Am Reading you'll see that fostering what little ones do before they can read the words is importantarly instructionKathy and Matt show how to nurture nudge and instruct young readers to make meaning in any text whether or not they are reading the words They share observation guides for children reading any kind of book specific descriptions of language and independence development sample reading conferences and whole class minilessons suggestions for creating reading opportunities in preschool an.

I Am Reading is a must read for anyone working with young Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard emergent readers It was very interesting for me as a teacherit s a work book though not for pleasure A must read forvery teacher and parent of young children Just fantastic I wish I would have had this book when I taught preschool and kindergarten Plan to use many of the ideas with my preschool age grandsons Just The Matriarchs (The Family excellent Well written andasy to access Love the combination of written Notes for the Everlost explanations and matching video clips Provides many methods and strategies to try in ECE A must read for prek 1 teachers and can be very helpful for those teaching language learners I think this should be a must read for anyducator working with children preschool to grade 1 There were so many great ways to work with children of all abilities and tips for. It's vital that we support young children's reading in ways that nurture healthy reading identities that foster an attraction to books and a love of reading and that teach them how make meaning in any text they choose whether or not they can read the words Kathy Collins and Matt GloverWhat do we see when young children interact with books before they can read the wordsKathy Collins and Matt Glover see real reading characterized by purposeful meaning making and opportunities for reading growth and language developmentOne of our biggest hopes write Kathy and Matt is to help yo.

Onal opinion that she had already talked about instead of just jumping into the next chapter All in all it was a fantastic read and one that I believe all ECE literacy teachers should read and use in their classrooms Great ideas to keep in mind for beginning readers I loved the videos that accompany this book Definitely meant for younger students I didn t feel like this was a strategy book as much as just great things to keep in mind A prek teacher will find a wealth of information on how to get prek students When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) engaged with text This book is a great resource for reading specialistsducators librarians and parents Loaded with ideas to invite and inspire kids to find the joy in reading Geared toward young children However It has many great tips and helpful dialogue and validation to nurture students of. D reading workshops in K 1 action plans to get you going 25 online video clips of children making meaning and teachers supporting themI Am Reading pairs two important voices in No Biggy! early literacy to remind us that we're teaching children not reading levels In the rush towardver higher reading levels in the arly years write Kathy and Matt we may fail to value the strategy use and high level thinking children do before they are reading conventionally Join Kathy and Matt and look anew at your young readers so you can provide the kind of support that gets them off to a great star.

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