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Ashwood includes some fascinating mythology for her wonderfully complex characters Both Lexie and Faran are driven by the desire to do good and to overcome their pasts The foreign glittering Marcari ingdom only adds to the story s appeal RT Book Reviews 4 stars This is the best book I have read in a long time Both Lexie and Faran were wonderful believable characters You could follow from their past and their current dealings the growth which was ongoing through the story and maturity gained from both of them There was no unnecessary drama but plenty of action going on as these two deal with personal matters as well I can t wait for the next story in this continuing seriesIf I could I would give this book many pluses to add on to the stars First of all I have to say that I really love the paranormal genre Give me werebeasts phoenixes dragons etc I am ready to readSecondly this is the third book in a series and I found I did not need to now what had happened in the previous volumes to make sense of this story I consider it a standalone which is in its favor The series is called Horsemen because it is about four warriors who remind people of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Our hero is Famine because he hates it so very much In order the books are Possessed by a Warrior Possessed by an Immortal Possessed by a Wolf and Possessed by the FallenThirdly I am always a sucker for the second chance tropeWhile this may be the third volume in the series we are uickly drawn into the world building we may have missed because we are reading out of order As I so often do The heroine and hero have a Past They were very much in love until Lexie discovered that her lover Faran is a werewolf capable of mauling a man to deathIn the present the Princess Amelie of Marcari is in love with and engaged to the Prince of Vidon Marcari employs an army of vampires Vidon hates the supernatural and employs an army of vampire slayers The Prince and Princess intend to end the age old enmity and usher in a new age of peace and uietLexie is a photographer hire. Wolves mate for life and wolves never forget their first love Royal photographer Lexie Haven wasn't expecting to see her ex boyfriend Faran ever again She could accept that he was a spy but a werewolf No way No matter how good they had been tog.

Ackstory and of course that means the Dark Fey are present now uestions arise and are unanswered presumably to whet one s appetite for the next volume but at the same time the uestions work very much into the fabric of this story This story is not sacrificed to build interest in the nextI found it a page turner It s well written with none of those egregious errors of grammar punctuation vocabulary or spelling that infuriates meDefinitely going to have to read the other three books in the series Think I ll start with the first volume While photographing the royal wedding Lexie Haven s life is suddenly thrown into a deadly world of conspiracies and she ll have to trust her ex boyfriend second chances and the supernatural if she wants to survive in this thrilling paranormal romance Lexie had good reasons for steering clear of Faran when she found out he was a werewolf and now he has literally crashed back into her life and the reader can t help but get caught up in the story as Faran and Lexie struggle with emotional issues from the past while trying to stay alive with their desires continue to grow hotter the closer they get which adds lots of steamy passion to the story These strong compelling characters grab the reader s attentions from the very beginning and are easily related to while the fast paced and smooth flowing plot eeps readers on the edge with lots of suspense excitement and romanceExcitement builds as the danger escalates and the intrigue draws readers in with lots of mysterious events that are seemingly unconnected but all revolve around the royal wedding and the readers as well as the Faran and Lexie are Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard kept on their toes with some unexpected surprises especially when it seems that Lexie has an even important role to play in the enemies plot The well written scenes and details capture the imagination while the well orchestrated events ensure that the reader can t put the story down until they have read every last word Sharon Ashwood has created a fascinating world with lots of interesting and different elements tha. Are on a collision course For now Lexie is a prime suspect in the heist of a priceless ring and only Faran can help her find the jewel and restore peace to the royalingdom But first Lexie needs to trust in second chances and the supernatural.

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D to take pictures of the engagement party and the priceless wedding ring Electronic security was turned off and the top removed from the case for her convenience so we The Matriarchs (The Family know right off the bat the ring is gonna get stolen and Lexie blamedThe action starts right away with gunshots shattering the huge windows in the ballroom A gigantic wolf wounded leaps through one of the openings and all the guards think it s a threat but Lexie recognizes her former lover and orders the guard away She also talks to Faran as if he were a dog Sit Stay It made me chuckle because course Faran is an alpha hero and since when do they get ordered to sit and stayDid I mention that Lexie s best friend is Chloe Anderson who herself is engaged to Sam Ralston a vampire and one of Princess Amelie s personal bodyguards No Well now I have Sam announces to his princess that the Knights of Vidon aka the vampire slayers had attacked the vampire soldiers who had accompanied Amelie to Vidon The Captain of the Knights said that the order had been given too soon I mention this detail because no one but Lexie picked up on it That bothered me because I think the Prince of Vidon Kyle Amelie Princess of Marcari and Sam ought to be be asking the uestion What do you mean by too soon but no one does Odd thatAnother detail that struck me as odd was that as Lexie packs up her euipment Kyle s brother Prince Leo bestirs himself to roll up an extension cord and hand it to Lexie along with some seemingly pointless conversationA third detail that struck me as odd is that no one is paying attention to that priceless wedding ring in its case with the top off and the alarms turned off So those are chapters one and two and the reader has been informed of almost everything that is at stake including the UST between Lexie and Faran undiminished though she left him years agoConcatenations ensue The mystery is not as simple as it appears There are the machinations ofings and a prince There are secret passages There is poison There is a ring of power There are vampires and Light Fey in the Ether she has very personal reasons for steering clear of monsters That is until he literally crashes into a royal gathering in all his furry glory and with a gunman on his tail Within minutes of seeing each other again the two estranged lovers.

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Sharon Ashwood is a free lance journalist novelist desk jockey and enthusiast for the weird and spooky She has an English literature degree but works as a finance geek Interests include growing her to be read pile and playing with the toy graveyard on her desk As a vegetarian she freely admits the whole vampirewerewolf lifestyle fantasy would never work out so she writes paranormal romance