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One f the best fanfics that I ve read so far This is my absolute favorite story n Wattpad ever I couldn t put my phone away for even a minute while I read thi. In a corrupt community young girls are sold to men as mere bjects f pleasure and they are kept for as long as th.

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Le times and feel sorry for Harry Wattpad definitely needs stories like this and this Scream one in particular needs to become a physical book This is just amazing 38 Girl forced into the twisted worldf Baby DollsThis is a work f Harry Styles Alternative Universe AU fan fictio.

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S I read the whole thing in ne day and it was so so intriguing and exciting There was so much action This book made me laugh and cry feel sorry for Thalia multip. E men desire But things take a turn when the spoilt son f a wealthy businessman crosses paths with an unfortunate.