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The second of five parts is another reasonable entry in the series but like other fantasy series I have read it seems like not a lot happens and its a lot of padding it feels like one long chase scene and that can get tired pretty uickly see how book three goes but at least it is still engaging Wolves of the Witchwood Lower middle grade Fantasy Adventure Action Multiple perspectives uest Friendship Animal companions Grif. Hunted by Lord Mortlake Tom uinn Elanor and Sabastian flee for cover The unicorn leads them into the darkness of the Witchwood where they meet.

Fin Wolves Witches Good vs Evil Overall it was well written and engaging It had action and adven After finding the unicorn the four young heroes on their impossible uest set off to find a Griffin I love the mixture of fantasy and growing up that are intertwined in this ourney Even though this is only the second book in the series the four ch Tom uinn Eleanor and Sebastian are four children being hunted through a forest. Wilda the witch Can she be trustedDanger surrounds but there's no time to lose The four unlikely heroes must find the giffin dragon and sea ser.

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By Lord Mortlake and his evil bogmen They are on a uest to save their land and must find a griffin a dragon and a sea serpentThis book is an excellent seuel to Escape from Wolfhaven Ca I am reading this series with my 9 year old son We are really enjoying the story and getting to know the characters The author carries you through a fun world with intrigue and adventure We can t wait to pick up the next book in the series. Pent before it's too late Best selling award winning storyteller Kate Forsyth weaves battles beasts and bravery in this epic new five book seri.

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Kate Forsyth wrote her first novel at the age of seven and is now the internationally bestselling author of 40 books for both adults and children Her books for adults include 'Beauty in Thorns' the true love story behind a famous painting of 'Sleeping Beauty'; 'The Beast's Garden' a retelling of the Grimm version of 'Beauty & the Beast' set in the German underground resistance to Hitler in WW