Eva Simone: 12 Days of Christmas

Lost my beloved aunt a little ver a month ago to this terrible disease Thank you to all Being There of the authors who contributed and to Eva for putting it together 12 Christmas stories some naughty and some nice I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did A Christmas to Remember by Eva Simone 5 starsTotally shocked me and the ending was unexpected and wonderfully happy And now a bit about the storyPaige is remembering her past holidays with her husband Jake he was killed in action in Afghanistan Luckily Oliver has come into her life to give her a reason to live Thenne day the same day she met Jake so many years ago she meets Josh Josh is the spitting image هذه بلادنا: الجواء of Jake One thing leads to another and you ll never guess how it ends Favorite passages You ll be the reason I get court marshaled for public indecency I have plans for us today and your well everything about you distracts me and I can t think straight I don t know how to describe it but I feel like I ve found the missing piecef myself the better half f my soul Horny Santa by Ethan Radcliff 3 starsDave and Ellen have a tradition he dresses up as Santa for her classroom This year Dave got a lot than be bargained for and wishes he had never strayed And then uttering the words he can never take back Mistletoe d by CJ Wells 5 starsClassic story f bringing a bodied l boyfriend home for Christmas Complete with humor passion crazy family traditions and embarrassing moments What could ne expect when coming home for the holidays And now a bit about the story Holly and Jed err Joe are headed home to meet the parents The family traditions and Christmas spirit drive them to cross a line they had been prepared to remain in tack But the ld you are standing under mistletoe sends the sparks flyingFavorite passages Wait did I just say sexual relations Oh gawd I m going to end up living with cats I m in unchartered territory and it has nothing to do with knowing I m safe r that she s n the pill It has everything to do with the feelings she s stirred in me The 12 Kinks Witness to the Martyrdom: John Taylor's Personal Account of the Last Days of the Prophet Joseph Smith of Christmas Ella Dominguez 4 starsButterfly and her Master are celebrating their first Christmas together with their very uniue traditions A Tempting Christmas by Danielle Jamie 5 starsContinuingn in the crazy Tempt My Heart tradition Brittan and Jordan share a fun filled festive and passionate Christmas It will be a white ne this year in the windy city with Jordan s family Wonder if Jordan will like his presentFavorite passages Sometimes I hate being an irresistible rock god So what did you think f your present Was it everything you hoped for A Night With the King by Lucian Bane 5 starsThough this story is not in a genre I would no. Short stories from 12 f your favorite up and coming indie authors Enchanting Publications brings you 12 sizzling short stories.

I looves this anthology especially A tempting Christmas Fates Redemption I loved climbing inside Jordon Brittan s heads again getting to write about them I am thrilled my fans loved it tooI just finished reading Brandace Morrow s Fates Redemption and loved it Fates Mistake is a top ten read for me in 2014 so getting Danny was awesome the story is short and sweet but ends in a way leaving room for Brandace to add to it later which I got ne am excited about wow so not what I expectedIN A VERY GOOD WAY I will be honest and say that I bought this anthology because f Eva Simone I love her books and was dying to read her novella but every story in this anthology is so good Loved them all Eva Simone s A Christmas to Remember is amazing the story is touching Hot Sexy and unpredictable Definitely not your sappy romance It just grabs you from the beginning and sueezes at your heart until the end Such a great beautiful story ne that will stay with me forever Sizzling Pages Romance ReviewsNichole s Sizzling Reviews Sizzling Pages FacebookSizling Pages The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD on TSU TwitterSizzlingpagesEmail sizzlingpagesgmailcomThis review isnly for Eva Simone s A Christmas to RememberI was uickly swept away in this sweet and sexy fantasy romance The whole time my pulse was either racing from the heat between the two characters r because the mystery was so thick and exciting I wanted something good to happen after so much pain in Paige s past Truly this was a love story that makes you want to believe that when love is trueit s forever no matter where you are A sweet holiday romance for anyone All you have to do is believe PS I am not rating with stars because I haven t read all f the stories and the book by Ethan turned my stomach because I hate cheaters with a passion There was nothing redeeming about it and it made a mockery f the Christmas spirit I don t want to rate down a whole anthology for ne cheating book so I ll just make notes f the novella s I do read and that s that Loved Ella Dominguez s 12 Kinks f Christmas Megan Field s Christmas Wish Very good Anthology Happy Reading Wicked and naughty fun A truly wonderful collection Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse of stories Some made me smile some made me cry and some made me damn welllol If you re looking fir a fabulous collectionf Christmas themed stories then this is the book for you AmazingAmazing i didn t want any Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations of the stores to end very sad about this I hope there is to them I loved this so much Allf the stories were hot and I didn t want them to end I ve been turned n to uite a few authors that I ve never read before but will now have to check ut I also love that the proceeds go to cancer research being that I just. This holiday season get ready to settle down by the fire with a glass f wine your kindle and this fantastic anthology f erotic.

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Rmally read it uickly pulled me in and built a connection with the heroine Hadassa r Esther uickly earned her spot in the competition to see who the next ueen would be but will she survive King Xerxes II and his punishmentsFavorite passage Only five would move أساطير شعبية من قلب جزيرة العرب: الجزء الرابع on to the final audition In the King s bed chambers A Drawn Christmas by Lilliana Anderson 4 starsA great and sexy happy ever after tale Henrietta and Damian have four kids and are getting all set for Christmas This story tells us a little about their past and how they celebrate Christmas in Australia Seven Christmas Surprises by Sandra Love 4 starsMona hasn t movedn after a rough breakup and needs some cheering up for Christmas Her problem is she has the hots for her boss and doesn t know if she returns those feelings Fate s Redemption by Brandace Morrow 4 starsGreat happy ever after story about a woman who turned a awful situation into something to help Stricken (Asphalt Cowboys, others The couple in the studio l story are famous yet selfless and you will immediately fall for themFavorite passage It s like his biological clock has started counting down insteadf mine The Gift by Garrett Carkos 4 starsIf you like those crazy action packed movies with stars then they know what to do with and even plots all tied together this story is for you Everyone is sleeping I absolutely loved this Christmas AnthologyIt would have to be ne f the best that I have ever readSome American Yakuza II of the stories made me cry some laugh and some bothThe HOTand I mean HOT SEX throughout allf the stories must be read to be believedEva Simone s story Inventions That Changed the World: Working Wonders of love lost and found was simply beautiful and brilliantEthan Radcliff s storyf a naughty Santa had tears in my eyes from laughingCJ Wells story Love Onboard: Cupid's Caribbean Cruise of business and pleasure never mixing perfectElla Dominguez s storyf a Dom and his sub was superb you never know what was going to happen nextDanielle Jamie s story Vertical Mind: Psychological Approaches for Optimal Rock Climbing of a couple experiencing their first Christmas together steamyLucian Bane s Biblical Christmas is something to be reckoned withLilliana Anderson s Aussie Christmas was hot in ways thanneSandra Love s Christmas surprises will keep you Blood Love on the egdef your seatBrandace Morrow s story is tearjerking and full f loveGarrett Carkos story is the take ver to end all takeoversMorgan Parker s was sizzling and naughty and completely unexpectedMegan Fields christmas wish is a dream come trueThese 12 authors has given the reader a Christmas to remeber with their sizzling hot stories that will heat up even the coldest f daysCongratulations to them all n writing some wonderful talesWe can nly hope that we will see some f these characters nce againThank you for brightening up my Christmas. To make your toes curl n a cold winter’s night The proceeds f this anthology will be donated to the American Cancer Society.