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Acters both Neve and Joe are easily likeable Their connection is also very evident from the start They were good together The plot also helps with enforcing that connection between Neve and Joe so that they could get to know each other and gives them time to be together when they both otherwise would have stayed away from each other and giving love a chance uibbles I felt at times that the characters had a lot potential which wasn t achieved There were also times when the author gave the character a behavior such as Neve s almost constant anger which wasn t ever fully explained I would also liked a bit of Joe s POV since we didn t get to know much about him Lastly Joe s behavior near the end felt very unlike his character Overall It was an enjoyable that I felt could have been a lot better but nevertheless makes for a good holiday readOriginally posted. As a sweet and believable so much happened throughout the book that kept throwing the pair together and it just made my heart happy” – Emily Birch NetGalley reviewer‘Sweet and ultimately feel good with a gorgeous snowy Yorkshire providing the perfect backdrop Just the type of Christmas treat I expect from MB’ Rebecca Lusher NetGalley reviewe.

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Ce series if ou re not too familiar with them 3 stars Neve knows what it s like to lose control of her life that s why she s so staunchly independent Having to rely on Joe to ferry her around to her patients is di SNOWBOUND WITH THE SURGEON is a December 2014 release by Mills Boon Harleuin Medical Romance seriesIt is amazingly brilliant story about a romance between two characters who ve been hurt I loved this romanceHighly recommended for all medical romance readers ARC generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Rating 3 stars Mills and Boon Medical books are often than not are sweet and have a softheart tending romance This one was like that It was a light contemporary focused on the two protagonist who had both emotional scars and a damaged past to deal with to move forward with life What I liked The char. Can warm this scarred ex army surgeon’s heartPraise for Snowbound with the Surgeon “Annie created a true to life Yorkshire village complete with stubborn old ladies and tonnes of gossip A wonderful pair of MC that The Faultline of Consciousness you felt attached to She allowedou to get to know the pair the village and their pasts all in a relatively short space of time It

Likeable characters and a warm romantic read A free copy of this book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewSnowbound with the Surgeon is the story of Neve a small town doctor who is forced to ride around to see her patients with Joe an ex army surgeon after heavy snowfall as he has a 4x4 As they continue to spend time together feelings grow between the pairI don t tend to read a lot of the medical Mills and Boon books mainly because I m not really into all the technical details of patients etc that are usually involved However this was uite a sweet love story and I thought that Neve and Joe were both perfectly nice characters to read about My one complaint in the book though was that the dramatic rescue scene perhaps didn t have as much drama about it as I would have likedA sweet story and a good introduction to the medical roman. Dr Neve Harrison won’t let the heavy snow stop her from treating patients she just needs a little help getting there Her knight in shining armour is handsome Joe Lamont and whilst the temperature outside is freezing inside Joe’s four wheel drive it’s practically sizzling Joe’s past is a well guarded secret but perhaps Neve’s healing touch.

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