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I thought it would be about rieving and an exploration of Rosa s feelings Half the book was almost a biography of her father s career who I d not really heard of and all the name dropping was useless for me as I don t have a telly lol some touching moments towards end pushed it from 1 star to 2 I saw Rosa Hoskins being interviewed on BBC Breakfast the other day and decided I had to buy this bookThis is a memoir of her father the actor Bob Hoskins He had an interesting life where he fell in to acting almost by accident and came from a working class background He had a brilliant sense of humour was down to earth but also paradoxically liked to be alone and knew his worth I really enjoyed this book Some bits of it made me laugh A funny honest memoir about rowing up and holding on to what you’ve lost When Bob Hoskins died of Parkinson’s in 2014 his daughter posted a blog called Lessons from Dad which received an extraordinary response In this emotional tribute Rosa Hoskins remembers the times they shared whet.

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St of us but to Rosa he was just Her beloved Dad A very ood read An interesting read but the writing style wasn t for me An interesting story terribly told A clearly loving memoir which Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place gives something of an insight not only into Bob Hoskins but also the real problems that can be related torief at the loss of a loved one However the prose is pedestrian filled with meaningless cliches and weasel metaphors which begin to rate should one attach importance to such things While the truth shines through it is littered with adjectives which add nothing and a high degree of repetition although were all that removed it would be half the size I wouldn t buy it but if you have an interest in Bob Hoskins borrow from a friend or library. A and Who Framed Roger Rabbit But as he told his daughter in the end love is the only thing that matters Filled with the humor honesty enormous love and respect that characterized Rosa and her dad’s relationship this is a moving memoir about rowing up rieving and embracing what you had.

Specially the anecdote about It s all oing wonderfully well the way he learned to hallucinate for his role in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the pranks he used to Always You get up to It was also incredibly heart wrenching and a bit close to home at the end when she wrote about how she struggled in dealing with his deathA very honest book which is an enjoyable read no matter what you think of Bob Hoskins A Giant seen through his littleirls eyesPoignant deeply sad and hilarious in eual measure Rosa Hoskins account of her life with her father is an unmissable read and hard to put down Her vulnerability at the loss of the man she obviously adored was very evident and so brave of her to reveal Bob Hoskins was a larger than life character to mo. Her at home or on the set of Hook and Wild at Heart (Sons of Chance, goes on a journey to learn about himathering stories from the people he worked with over the years including Robert De Niro and Helen Mirren An unlikely Hollywood star Bob Hoskins will be remembered for classic films such as Long Good Friday Mona Lis.