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I absolutely adored reading Ivy Lane I was 34 way through reading the novel and I was experiencing that feeling you get when you don t want something to endCathy Bramley is another new author to me and will now be going on my favourites listThis full length novel takes you through one year of the life of Tilly Parker starting with Spring and ending at WinterThe story flowed so well and at the end of each chapter I was eager to continue readingCathy Bramley has created such memorable characters in Ivy Lane and I feel uite bereft that the story has finished I do hope the characters will op up in future stories hint hint I thoroughly enjoyed the setting of the story based around an allotment community and feel encouraged to try my hand at adventurous gardening I hope allotments are here to stay and inspire younger generations to enjoy nurturing land and seeds to lifeThis was such a heartwarming story that left you feeling like you d been wrapped in a big bear hug It was a story of heartache and new beginnings a story of friendship and fun times a story of love and new hopeA well deserved 55 read Lane centres on Tilly Parker who is making a fresh start in a uiet market town in Derbyshire All she wants is some Summer Break (Gods at Eighteen 3) peace and uiet and she thinks the local Ivy Lane allotments willrovide the Gone Cold perfect opportunity as she can focus on the growth of the food on her littleatch of earth rather than on the terrible things that made her flea from her former lifeWhat Tilly hasn t taken into consideration was the daily hustle and bustle of the community at the allotments Instead of getting to work uietly and with her head down her fellow gardeners soon befriend Tilly and rope her in for an array of activities organised by the allotment committee Against all Tilly Parker needs a fresh start fresh air and a fresh attitude if she is ever to leave the The Black Shriving (Chronicles of the Black Gate past behind and move on with her life As she seeks outeace and uiet in a new town taking on.

Dds she enjoys herself and while it wasn t the eace she went out to seek in a different way it also rovides a erfect distraction from her former life But ignoring her ast will Tilly ever be able to truly move on and find happinessInitially released in four individual digital Mama Ds pasta pizza parts the whole novel has now beenublished and I whizzed through it at rapid speed as I fell in love with main character Tilly and her new friends at the Ivy Lane allotments I have never been a big fan of gardening myself but Cathy has sold it to me with her beautiful descriptions of Tilly s rewarding work on her own little space not to mention the fact that you can meet gorgeous men while gardening who knewAnd Tilly wasn t the only one I fell in love with The aforementioned gorgeous men aside I absolutely adored Alf an elderly gentlemen who d been taking care of his The Expected One (Magdalene Line Trilogy, plot by himself after his wife of many yearsassed away and beautician Gemma who was not only a very funny character to read about but also became a genuine and close friend to Tilly Ivy Lane tells a heart warming sweet and uplifting tale of friendship romance and getting your hands dirty Filled to the brim with loveable characters a compelling story and a tearjerker or two Cathy Bramley has one again shown what a fantastic writer she is This is one of my favourite snuggle up cosy read of the year and I am already looking forward to Cathy s next book which is the enticingly titled Appleby Farm 45 starsWell so that gardening and swapping Betty Fedora Issue One plants and stuff didn t evoke any excitement in me But apart from that this story around Tilly and Ivy Lane s nice little community is really lovely After a tragedy Tilly needs a fresh start and finds it in Kingsfield Over the course of one year you can not only witnes. Alot at Ivy Lane allotments seems like the Aubrey Beardsley, The Man And His Work perfect solutionBut the friendly Ivy Lane community has other ideas and gradually draw Tilly in to their cosy comforting world oflanting.

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S her Jazz Ukulele patch of the allotment blossom but also herself and her friendship with her fellow gardeners I have to admit the author totally got me lovestory wise In a good way Most of the time I feared a certain outcome that I couldn t imagine toossibly turn out in a satisfactory way Every appearance of the respective guy was either clumsily written or creepy That dampened my mood a little while reading this book Fortunately my fears didn t come true Instead I m uite satisfied with Ivy Lane is about Tilly Parker who had a horrible time the last 18 months She needs to get a new Off 13 perspective in life so she accepts a job as arimary school teacher in a small town called Kingsfield and takes on a Amata Means Beloved plot in the Ivy Lane allotments near her house Soon Tilly starts to make friends with the other Ivy Lane gardeners and is being drawn and into their lovely worldI adored the Ivy Laneeople and their stories They were all very cute At first I wasn t really sure if all this gardening stuff would be for me but as it turned out it was Maybe that s because it was not that much gardening in the end But still I kind of want to own an allotment myself and grow fruits or whatever The atmosphere of the book was so cozy and nice all the time I loved it What I also loved was that Tilly s story is split into four arts or four seasons like so we accompany her throughout one whole year So we have one year to unravel Tilly s ast and find a new meaning for her future lifeI am uite sad that the book is over now because I don t really want to say goodbye to Ivy Lane allotments Oh and the girl from Appleby Farm appears towards the end of the book so I already got to know her a tiny bit which was nice because Appleby Farm will be one of my next reads Sweet happy ending book. Seedlings organizing bake sales and Juice planning seasonalartiesAs the seasons ass will Tilly learn to stop hiding amongst the sweetpeas and let eople back into her life – and her hear.

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