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Sometimes I m in the mood for a uick sexy and fun story where I can just truly relax for a bit and THIEF was exactly what I needed Blue has one job get in steal the diamond back get out Naturally things don t go exactly as planned when two of the city s finest show up at the shady pawnshop on their own recon mission To be fair the two guys finding her shoved in the back of a big closet wasn t exactly on the agenda either The three are forced to hide together when the owner comes back early With time on their hands the trio gets very frisky Despite the dangerous setting this could be the start of something VERY hot THIEF the first book in the Blue s Boys series was a uick read that had me smiling and suirming in tandem As one of my favorite erotic romance authors Ms Leaf has the writing chops to back up her sexy ideas and her characters come to ife on the pages I Its a Whole Spiel loved the coincidental second meeting and the ferocious way the three went after each other And the mild MM activity was JUST enough toet a No Risk Refused little drool slip out and make me panting for MORE Given the ending just when the gettin was goo. When you're a thief your dating options areimited When you're a cop it's even worse So what happens when a burglar and two Out of the Shadows lawmen are trapped together during a heist gone wrongBlue has been a thief for years but she's never been in a situation uiteike this When

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O see the interaction between Matt and Liam They re partners and they re the best of friends but being with Blue helps them to discover a new Im Not Millie! layer to their relationship They re aittle than surprised but they decide to roll with it as best they can and that made Thief all the better for me I have been reviewing uite a bit of books from Erin Leaf as of Salvation: A Novel (Salvation Sequence) late I only discovered her a short while ago and I m making my way through her wholeibrary because I A River of Royal Blood (A River of Royal Blood, love her writing style She s versatile too giving us MM MMF MF supernatural action and sci fi All of which are interesting romantic and sexy I highly recommend this bookand all of Ms Leaf s other tales as well Reviewed by Kenna for Cocktails and Books What a fun sexy read The pacing and depth of story was perfect for this short story I really want to read about Blue Matt and Liam Mustook for next booksBought from All Romance Ebooks An interesting story I Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base and Brain Surgery love how the three of them come together This is a must read 36 woman and 40 men with grey hairnot my ideal age for characters to read about But besides that I willook forward to read book Rgeous thief Liam has sworn off women and Matt can't find anyone he Souvenirs de dbauches likes better than his partner so theirove ives are nonexistent When they meet a woman who keeps the same crazy hours as cops do maybe her criminal career choice isn't the deal breaker it should be.

D I m now anxious to get my paws on the next installment I really enjoyed this one My only complaint is that it was too short Oh what an adorable book Thief was Don t get the wrong impression when I say adorable I don t mean it was cute ike a Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary little bunny or kitten To me it was cute due to the chemistry of the three main characters and the humor Iaughed through the whole story Blue and her boys Matt and Liam are very sexy together and the situations that they find themselves in are just awesome I don t want to give away spoilers but Sherman Tank Manual let me tell you that Blue is a thiefa very good one Liam and Matt are cops Through a hilarious set of circumstances they find themselvesocked in a dark closet in a pawn shop together They waste no time Honestlyno time at all They just click and it was so cool to be able to witness their relationship develop righ there in the dark Even though this is story is a Let Me Feed You little over 13000 words thereis aot of content It s not the ength It s not the size It sblah blah blah You see where I m going with this These three are so hot my Kindle burned my fingertips It was fun Ou're crammed into a tiny space with two sexy detectives things can get very dicey Shockingly instead of arresting her Matt and Liam ask for a kiss Blue is happy to oblige Anything to keep the handcuffs off rightMatt and Liam never expect to end up cornered with a go.

Erin M Leaf is a bestselling romance novelist the steamier the better with a specialty in edgy erotic tension She loves sci fi suspense rubenesue new adult paranormal menage alternative romance and all the flavors in between She also writes romance as Marie E BlossomHer website is