Abby Green: The Call of the Desert

E man that loved her and then abandoned her 12 years before Kaden though has hidden depths and his betrayal wasn t nearly as straightforward as Julia assumes A real heart render Expect to be rivetted from page one I loved the first 23 of the book Hero and heroine loved ach other misunderstanding and immature decisionsthey split Loved that they were both The Matriarchs (The Family each other s first lovers Loved the glimpses to hero s feelings for heroine Loved that heroine moved on after he rejects herBut hated that FINALLY there is a heroine who moves on and marries after being dumped by hero rather than being alone for 12 yearsven though it s a lame barren marriage although heroine has to be alone since her divorce while hero not only married what a crazy reason for that marriage not working out but also slept with many many women after his divorce Wouldn t it be Notes for the Everlost enough Ody make the Sheikh virtually unrecognisable Julia knows she shouldn't ignore the warning shadows of their past but Kaden'sarthy sexual magnetism makes the call of the desert utterly overpowering.

Will be reviewed and shelved later when i have find time and When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) energy after this tiring times A nice readFirst lovers meet again after 12 years apart andach with a broken marriage behind them only to be bitten by passion againThey both suffered a broken heart a Good readno major issuesKaden Julia both loved ach other deeplyboth hid their true feelings which irritated medue to their lack of communication which created few misunderstandingsa accident made them confess their feelings and they get their HEA Like her book Secrets of the Oasis I don t really like it when the hero screws over the heroine when they re younger and it takes years for him to bother pursuing her again A good story but not a favorite for me It dragged on and onboring to read which i was surprised cos I love reading Abby s stories but not this one 35 stars Call of the Deser. Consumed by the heat of the desertTwelve years ago Julia lost her heart to Sheikh Kaden in the scorching Buruati desert Sizzling nights in the sand dunes under a blanket of stars made it seem as if.

T by Abby Green one of my mostest favouritest Mills and Boon authors ha the clich plot of the desert sheik but with a great difference What you may ask Well here they are1 Julia Somerton is gorgeous intelligent and not the usual young na ve virgin who is swept away to a far away land by her sheikthough meeting her sheik when she was twenty and working on a archaeological dig in his country and do indeed fall in love and have a passionate affair and due to misunderstandings forced to go Story line was good but I didn t relate to characters H seemed wishy washy Loved this book another of Abby s scorching hot desert romances This is a lovers reunited story which Abby is sooo good at you already know you re in for a treat as soon as the opening scene and the motional moment when Julia realises who the surprise guest at her work do is None other than th. They were the only two people in the world Until bitter betrayal destroyed verything Julia meets Kaden again by chance although the cynicism in his yes and the sharp suit covering his powerful

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