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Full ReviewI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewMary is in hiding from her cousin who wants to marry her and steal her large dowry It will still be a year before Mary can turn old enough to control her future and after a slim escape from the cousin a new plan besides just town hopping is needed Her wily randmother convinces her to hide out at a remote town living in a house pretending to be the owner s wife When Christopher Kit Featherton Forever His Bride (The Wedding Party, gets word that his wife is occupying a remote estate of his he decides to pay a little visit I thought this started off incredibly slow it takes a while for our couple toet together and unfortunately the slow pace persisted throughout the rest of the book This is very much a true regency Mary and Kit are a product of their times Mary likes to Girl Trouble go on walks and wander around bemoaning having to hide away from her cousin and missing another season in London to find a husband before she reaches the abominable age of twenty five Kit is a perfectentleman who dances with every lady asked of him at balls and uses a uizzing The Trouble with Valentines glass in a non ironical way Years ago they had met each other and developed a fondness but as theirrandmothers connive to set them up the bulk of their story is Kit trying to jlo Journal get Mary to want to marry him for real without doing anything so she doesn t feel pressured and Mary thinking there could be no way Kit would want to marry her and silently begging him to kiss her Our couple is not falling in love but working to be married it felt forced in a long meandering way and lacked anticipation and excitement This is sixth in the series and past couples make long extended appearances I haven t read any of the previous books but others who have would probably enjoy revisiting them and theirrowing families Two side romances are also included in the story Mary s aunt Eunice and the town rector and a woman they meet in Edinburgh named Morna and Simon The aunt s romance starts rather abruptly and ends the same way but they managed to have One Night...Twin consequences (The Monticello Baby Miracles going on in their couple pages of relationship than Mary and Kit did with a whole book dedicated to them I don t know if Morna and Simon were featured in previous books but their story which lasted for a couple chapters felt like it came out of nowhere seriously who were these people and felt very out of place in the book Their story seemed interesting star crossed lovers lies deceit hidden marriage and years of heartbreak but ended up mostlylossed over they needed their own novella As I mentioned this is true regency down to the character s speech and mannerisms This was overall a pretty clean story with the first sex scene between Mary and Kit being their wedding night and her not knowing how they fit together Everything in the story is very easy and One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic gentle and I found myself missing some adventure The writing is technically sound and if you want a slower moving wanders off target occasionally clean and regency time period story this would fit the bill For me however this felt like drinking watered down scotch it s didn t cut it Ella uinn entertains once again with very lovable characters Outside the two main characters Lady Mary and Kit I particularly enjoyed the Dowagers Viscountess Featherton and Duchess of Bridgewater Both wererandmothers to the hero and heroine of the story They were elder women with sharp minds who had perfected their match making skills They sharpened them further in setting up Lady Mary and Kit to fall in love The story setting was uite humorous and so since both Lady Mary and Kit didn t know they were set upLady Mary was being hounded by her cousin who wanted to compromise her to force her hand She had barely escaped his earlier efforts to trap her Therefore under the tutelage of her The Routledge Handbook of Spanish in the Global City grandmother the Duchess of Bridgewater she was removed along with her aunt Lady Eunice to a remote place somewhere Gawain Tolliver wouldn t find her If she could just stay out of his way until sheained five and twenty she would be able to keep her inheritance and her independence Lady Mary could not comprehend why Uncle Hector had insisted she marry his son Gawain She only knew she didn t want to have anything to do with himI really liked the scene where Mary talks with her The Holy Grail grandmother and aunt about the wild scheme that has been concocted for her protection From this point forward the reader feels the humor in the whole set up I also felt the determination and slightly insane soundingrandmother convincing Mary to impersonate the wife of the owner of Rose Hill Mary British Jihadism goes along with the charade however reluctantly as it would protect her from Gawain Was she ready for Bedlam as herrandmother seemed to beShe doesn t plan to fall in love with Rose Hill It was very run down since the steward was old and been sick for some time She acted as its mistress becoming very much a part of the estate village and people who lived from the bounty of the land She used her intelligence to at least leave the property better than she left it Mary felt very bad with this impersonation but it didn t affect the way she treated those around her In the impersonating she also Virgin Widow gained admiration and respect from the servants within Rose Hill and even the village close by She knew her time wasrowing short in seclusion She had to Wife in Exchange go back to London But her worst nightmare showed up arriving in the form of the Honorable Mr Christopher Kit Featherton This was simply deliciousKit had seen the numbers of profitability of Rose Hill increase This intrigued him but then he was told a woman impersonating his wife was living there He decided to rid his property of her personally It s uite humorous as he nears his property he is recognized andiven the cold shoulder By the time he reaches the property he wonders what he will find When he sees the repair and condition of the property looking very nice he is intrigued who this woman isThis is the delightful part she is the beauty he saw at a ball several years back and hadn t The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, gotten her out of his head Mary of course remembers him She had named him Mr Perfect He always danced with wall flowers doing the pretty and all the Season s mamas were hoping him to be their son in law She had hoped he would dance with her He did not even look her way And now the man stood before her Could she survive the embarrassmentMs uinn has set the stage or should I say therandmothers had After all it was their plan the two should marry Ms uinn told the story in her amusing way Night And Day getting many chortles from me as both Mary and Kitet desperate Mary wants him Kits wants her The Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow grandmothers want them But what s the problem The problem is simply Kit is too perfect too much theentleman Would he ever kiss his intended without actually being betrothed Not from Kit It would never happen Mary is afraid to show him anything about her feelings if she doesn t know how he feels After all she is every bit the lady What will it take to break this dilemmaLoved the story its plot and how slang current to the times is used in dialog I highly recommend Regenc. Ella uinn’s bachelors do as they like and take what they want But when the objects of their desire are bold beautiful women the rules of the ame always seem to changeHandsome charming and heir to a powerful Viscount Christopher “Kit” Featherton is everything a woman cou.

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Round them is eually nice It seems that Lady Mary has something of a stalker Since the death of her parents her cousin has decided that he deserves her inheritance so he is oing to marry her No matter what Compromise kidnap pick a reprehensible means and he has tried it This has caused Mary no end of trouble and has put her life on hold Kit Featherton is the man all the matrons Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys go to when their daughters need someone to stand up with No wallflowers exist around him he is always ready to set airl s mind at ease But he s never really had to actually court a woman of his desire He has one just isn t sure how well even to find her right now Now Kit and Mary would be perfectly happy to find each other but both are so dang proper that things always seem to Shotgun Wedding (Silhouette Yours Truly, get muddled Never Fear The matchmakingrandmas are here And boy do they have a plan to match Kit and Mary to solve Mary s stalker problem and to Life Changing Smiles get Kit to enjoy his estate that he never reallyoes to Now for the fun part LOL Watching Kit and Mary muddle through a courtship Kit wants Mary he has for a few years Only he wants to court her properly even if she is pretty much compromised and has to marry him Mary wants to be courted to be swept off her feet They want the same thing they really do but neither is Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, going to do a darn thing about it This was a solid fun book I don t think it s the best in the series but it holds it s place We see several of the previous characters from The Marriage Game Series and everyone has an opinion I had to laugh This could actually happen two people perfect for each other and yet neither ready to take the first step make the first move The only thing I didn t like There were too many secondary couples not theang from the series new individuals that had relationship conflicts It seems like Ms uinn didn t trust her HH to drive this book I liked the other stories but would have preferred that they had their own as opposed to being a part of this book And the stalker resolution was rather anti climactic No not Only a Whisper gonna tell just voicing my thoughts Like I said aood solid book for me it manages to slip into that four star category ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of A Kiss for Lady Mary provided by netgalley and is scheduled to be released on May 26 2015 This book was full stop bad It was sloppy badly plotted badly written and needed an editor to slash at least two plots from it I don t know why I m finished except for a perverse stubbornness My problems or some of them are as follows1 This is a misunderstanding plot A misunderstanding plot that Copper Lake Secrets goes on for like 34 of the damn book And it s a DUMB misunderstanding plot Basically she wants him to kiss her and because he doesn t and doesn t tell her she s pretty assumes he isn t interested he desperately WANTS to kiss her but is afraid she ll think he s a cad So instead of just ASKING a uestion or answering honestly if one is asked they both act like idiots for 200 pages SO FRUSTRATING2 There is not only ONE subplot romance there are two And the second one is sprung on you at about the 23 mark with characters you ve not met whoet pages and pages of plot despite having no real tie in to the main couple And even still both are totally half baked and one is so ridiculously over the top and cliche I wonder why the author didn t Brooklyn's Song give it it s own book or a novella3 The setup is ludicrously anachronistic Just no way No way a proper ton young lady pretends to be a man s wife living in his HOUSE and 1 doesn tet caught when the man in uestion is extremely popular and famous in town and 2 keeps her reputation intact It was just baffling Even baffling that so many chaperone figures coerced her into doing it4 The writing tries so HARD to be period appropriate that it FEELS anachronistic And so many a couple of phrasings that felt even so5 The sex in this book is painfully awkward and kind of weird andugh This is my member What s it do It has a couple of purposes Jesus Christ6 SO MANY DROPPED PLOTS We spend the entire book having Mary chased by her cousin only to have him disappear for a hundred pages not have any real chance of stopping her marriage and be put to pasture as it were in a matter of paragraphs WHAT WAS THE POINT7 This book has too many characters from previous books in the series Granted I ve not read the previous books But I should be able to read this is a stand alone without being confused about who is what to whomIn short I m an idiot I should rate MYSELF one star for finishing this when I Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide guessed early on what a mess this wasoing to be I have been reading the series and with all the books I have found them to be a Plain Jane The Hotshot great easy lovely escape Ella uinn books are for the very romantic person who loves books There is no HH hurt or really fightingjust aood read I would highly recommend it to someone who loves a soft easy romance book Brilliant It was a wonderful visit with old friends eccentric dowagers and matchmaking taken to crazy lengthsLady Mary Tolliver is being harassed and hunted her lecherous and disgusting cousin for her inheritance She is trying to avoid him until she reaches her majority and has control of her inheritance and life This avoiding has caused her to move form family estate to family estateMr Christopher Kit Featherton heir to Viscount Featherton is looking for Lady Mary She is the only woman to Family of Her Dreams grab and hold his interest and he is looking for a wife Unfortunately he is not able to find herThey meet under strained circumstances created by their eccentricrandmothers who want to see their families united through marriage Kit is livid in the beginning until he realizes what he wants has been essentially placed in his lap The ensuing journey is wonderful the misunderstandings lead to a deeper love and appreciation of each other Mary thrives in the situation and Kit comes to realize not only is she charming beautiful and filled with Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed grace she is a tremendous steward for his property He just needs toet past himself and start letting her know he sees HER not just her accomplishments and skillsThe secondary characters make this charming adventure fun We have met many of them in previous books and they continue to endear themselves to us The Dowagers Featherton and Bridewater and lady Jersey are hilarious as well as meaningfully manipulative for reasons of love and HEA s We have Kit s friends and their wives also throwing in their assistance to bring about the HEA The cousin while disgusting adds his own sort of charm in throwing Mary and Kit into a partnership to avoid him The sad part for me was the neglect on Mary s Uncles part in favor of his academic passion but he redeems himself in my eyes and through that redemption karma comes around and Mary is there to see itI am a fan of Ms uinn s work and she does not disappoint While this is part of a series and many characters make return appearances you would be able to read this and it would prompt you to want to read the rest of the series The banter and humor are contagious and you will find yourself smiling and iggling along the way I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Tance Refusing to settle for anything less than love Mary escapes to the isolated estate of rakish bachelor Kit Featherton Knowing he prefers Court to the country she believes she will be safe But when Kit unexpectedly returns her pretend marriage begins to feel seductively re.

Y reads from Ella uinn ARC REVIEW The Marriage Game book 6 by Ella uinn A Kiss for Lady Mary is a ood read This is my second for the series and while the other characters are present and active in this story their own personal stories play no part in this one for the exception of those wonderful meddling Bound To Ransom (Bound Series Book 2) grandmas They claim to have made the matches for all their children and most of theirrandchildren now it is Christopher Kit Featherton and Mary Tolliver s turn One of the things I liked about this book is the fact that it is the sixth book into the series and I didn t feel lost You Into the Wild (The McGraws, get a feel for who the characters are and the method behind their madness or in this case of Kit and Mary their reservedness I also enjoyed Mary and Kit it was a nice change of pace from the domineering alpha male Kit was a proper and reservedentleman dubbed Mr Perfect who has a knack for drawing out the wallflowers Mary of course is a strong minded woman who will not settle for anything less than love but is so shy from her lack of exposure to the opposite sex she has no idea what to doKit is picky and very proper he once saw a beautiful Orbital Velocity (Stony Man, girl out in her first season but too shy to ask for an introduction and a dance Kit has never been able toet this woman out of his head even three years later Now as his family is pressuring him to marry he has finally decided to track down the elusive Lady Mary and properly court her Lady Mary thoroughly enjoyed her first season but was cut short due to the death of her father For the last three years Mary has been hiding from her cousin Gawain who has been pushing her to marry him and will stop at nothing to have her and her money Mary s Grandmother hatches a plan to protect Mary until she is old enough to Cowboy Swagger (Sons of Troy Ledger, get her trust out of her Uncle s name For the last year Mary has lived with her Aunt Eunice in a house way out of the way and implying that she is the estranged wife of the landowner With Gawainetting persistent and Kit and Mary finally ready to meet again the Grandmothers do their thing Kit finds out someone is living on one of his properties acting as his wife angry he rushes up their only to find the one woman he has never been able to forget Mary is embarrassed scared and so honest she tells him everything Kit uickly forgets his anger and starts trying to figure out how to woo her and marry her Mary doesn t want to be trapped into marriage she wants another season and her own chance to find love So while Mary and Kit try and figure things out Aunt Eunice falls in love friends from the past books come to visit to help work out a way to avoid scandal and Navy Wife (Navy give everyone what they want The solution a season in Edinburgh Kit knows he wants Mary he just has to convince her but they are so hesitant around each other they are sending mixed signals but all the friends agree Kit needs a little competition toet the nerve to act on his feelings Also while in Edinburgh I swear it s like a freakin historical soap opera Woman you Running Scared (Heroes for Hire, gave me heart palpitations with all this a lost love returns and claims the children he could not previously claim The sub plots are so enticing and enjoyable it makes up for the fact that the Gawain ending plot is short I read through this uick and easy and I loved it I really need to read the others I have missed CharmingI read A Kiss for Lady Mary written by Ella uinn different from her previous books I liked this charming historical romance I liked the hero Christopher and the heroine Mary they were charming and lovable Though I found her hero and heroine different from her previous charming characters I truly can t specify why but something was missing The story is still interesting to read It tells the story of Christopher who has everything to please women except the intend of marriage on his mind until enters in his life Mary pretending to be his wife until the husband shows up It was fun to watch those characters into this romantic storyI received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I was wasting my time Really I couldnt help not to finish it Mary Tolliver has been hiding from an unscrupulous cousin who wants to marry her for her dowry All Mary wants is to marry for love and if she can t have that she would rather be alone If she can stay hidden for a year until she reaches her majority she will be free to live as she sees fit After a close call with her cousin Mary s unconventionalrandmother devises a plan for Mary to live on an estate as the absent owner s imaginary wifeBachelor Kit Featherton runs from the idea of marriage but when he discovers that an impostor is parading around his estate as his wife he rushes to the long untended estate to find his wife taking care of all he should have been When he finds Lady Mary is much than the poser he thought he mindset changes and he begins to see a future with this woman Lady Mary however is holding out for love or nothing at all and if Kit Featherton thinks that his roguish Saving All My Lovin good looks will sway her he is very wrong With a little help from Mary s and Kit srandmothers and their matchmaking scheme the chase is on to see if Mary indeed will become the wife in fact or will she take on a season she never had and find another suitor A Kiss For Lady Mary by Ella uin is the sixth installment of The Marriage Game series and it is a delightful read There are than a few times that I would have uite enjoyed smacking both Kit and Mary in the head and yelled snap out of it This hard headed pair has such a time admitting what they have is the real thing that it s frustrating to sit back and watch and not be able to intervene I adore Kit s sense of honor and his protective stance when it came to Mary and her awful cousin and I do admire Mary s aptitude and intelligence A Kiss For Lady Mary is a well calculated chase that is a charm to read Originally Reviewed For Bodice Rippers Femme Fatales and FantasyElla uinn s bachelors do as they like and take what they want But when the objects of their desire are bold beautiful women the rules of the Profile for Seduction (Silhouette Romantic Suspense game always seem to changeA Kiss for Lady Mary is book Book 7 of The Marriage Game Series by Ella uinn Each book tells a story of men who have sowed their wild oats and are at the age where it s time to settle down Not that they think they are ready but What makes this series stand out from others of the same ilk aside from the strong writing is the uniueness of each book Where the basic style of the writer doesn t change the way the stories are told does These are not carbon copy heroes and heroines nope these are individuals with their own foibles and flaws The Marriageame tells the story of Christopher Kit Featherton and Lady Mary Tolliver two perfectly nice people Seriously nice people smack em in the face cuz they are just too nice people One would think such a book would be boring in someone else s hands they probably would be But their very niceness is what drives the tension between the two of them seriously It made me laugh on a regular basis But just because these two perfectly nice people are trying to figure out a romance it doesn t mean that the world Ld want except interested in marriage So when he hears that someone on his estate near the Scottish border is claiming to be his wife Kit sets off to investigateSince her parents’ death Lady Mary Tolliver has been hounded by her cousin a fortune hunting fool after her inheri.

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USA Today bestselling author Ella uinn’s studies and other jobs have always been on the serious side political science professor and lawyer Reading historical romances especially Regencies were her escape Eventually her love of historical novels led her to start writing them She is married to her wonderful husband of over thirty years They have a son and two beautiful granddaughters and