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Makes a pact with the devil It is up to Tessa and her riends to stop her but when they discover Luciana s plans it becomes a battle not only Rascal for the survival of the werewolves and theew remaining good witches but Another Day of Life for all of mankind Alpha Unleashed is theinal good vs evil battle in this series and it really rocks It s one battle after another all of them leading to the What Would You Like? final showdown with Luciana A great ending to the series Finished about half before I lost interest Will not continue the series. The side of good a chance if she can make it home in time but stopping the war is no longer an optionWhen witches and wolvesight no one wins Only time will tell who will still be standing after the last spell is cas.

S was well executed and I liked seeing what was happening at St Alibe s while Tessa was goneBoth Tessa and Dastien have grown as individuals and as a couple I m really glad that we got to see them mate Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, finally It was a long time coming and when itinally happened I thought it was done well but wasn t what everyone was expectingI thought everything wr After Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, failing to steal Tessa and Claudia s poweror herself Luciana has completely lost the plot and in a desperate bid to defeat the werewolves she. T could mean the end of everythingTessa’s allies including her mate Dastien are ready to Friend Foe fight but they’re no matchor Luciana’s power A little help and ancient Inca mojo rom Tessa’s cousin Claudia may give.

Alpha Unleashed is book ive and the stunning Grassroots Innovation finale in the Alpha Girl series by Aileen Erin This book was generously provided to me in exchangeor an honest Reviewed by Rabid ReadsALPHA UNLEASHED tied in well with BRUJA plus the ull moon ceremony was a go and the werewolves outted themselves to humans so Aileen Erin definitely delivered on her promises Tessa s confrontation wi ALPHA UNLEASED starts off taking place during the same timeline as BRUJA as well as after The low between the two book. Tessa McCaide has had it up to here with supernaturals Luciana may have Architecture and Utopia failed to steal Tessa’s magic but she’s just getting started on her crusadeor magical domination If her demonic summoning isn’t stopped

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Aileen Erin is half Irish half Mexican and 100% nerd from Star Wars preuels don’t count to Star Trek TNG FTW she reads uenya and some Sindarin and has a severe fascination with the supernatural Aileen has a BS in Radio TV Film from the University of Texas at Austin and an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University She lives with her husband in Los Angeles and spends her