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An excellent book I love this book It was sad but ended on a good noteIt proves that even in the worst circumstances There is hope anything can be changed Talking about disturbing behavior Kind of depressing but with a nice ending A no holds Barr account of what it is like for child to grow up in a house where a parent hoards Her mother who clearly has mental health issues rules her every waking hour with the sheer amount of chores given to the daughter but in tender moments shows that the love is there It is very sad and uite disturbing in places You are left wondering why the mother was like this and why the grandparents who knew about the house did not intervene but other than wanting to know about the back story it was a good read Very distracting to have an obviously British writer writing about a supposedly American family I find it difficult to believe this is a true story That being said the story doesn t ring true the mother who according to the daughter author never bathedetc supposedly worked full time as a cook I find that impossible her co workers supervisors etc would have been repulsed and insisted she be clean to work Also I find it impossible to believe that school and other local authorities would not have become involved in the author s life during the 14 15 ears she spent with her mother There have been similar stories much better done eg Lisa Jewell s The House We Grew Up In which doesn t purport to be autobiographical but could be Trash was a brilliant memoir of a subject that is not usually written about ou see hoarder stories on the TV but this is the first ever book I have seen about it It was so well written and told that I could not put the book down I found myself gagging a couple of times when Britney was telling her story brilliant true life story about a girl who was raised by a mother who chose to live in sualor and treated her daughter badly its very sad to think a mother thought so little of her daughter she chose to make her live in these conditions and treated her as little than a slave the implications of this life style were worse in as much as she was teased and bullied at school for smelling wearing old threadbare unfashionable clothes and was frie. ‘To start it was just me and my mom I am an only child and she is a single parent My mother is a trash hoarder Ever since I can remember the house was always messy and stunk At around age 9ish I noticed that something was wrong I started throwing bags of trash away every day just to have my mom freak out when

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Ndless things did change for Britney when she met her bf Adam who offered her salvation but the relationship split for a short while when she was nearly 18 this devastated her as she had been promised as at that age he would rescue her from her living conditions but he chose to move away in the end she chose to go to college and thoroughly enjoyed the clean living accommodation in the end Adam returned and she chose not to return home again i thought it was a sad book but amazing how she chose not to end up like her mother and did all she could to fight impossible odds a book well worth reading My mom passed me this book and mentioned some of the interesting moments stating I had to read the book So I did I picked it up and couldn t put it down I finished it in a evening which is not normal for me being a very slow readerbut it was such a page turner I have been in homes like the book described and I couldn t even fathom how people could live in it so to read and basically experience everything a little girl then oung woman would go through living in that house actually breaks my heart It is a well written book and a really sad story I will say the fish livers BLARG I almost died A very tragic memoir with an overwhelming sense of helplessness In amongst all of the trash filth consuming the home and the life of the author are lots of small tender moments that really make the book stand out to me My only problem with the book was that after finishing I was still left asking why Why was she hoarding Her mother was extremely complex her illnesses were extremely complex In some ways the book felt very unresolved as there was little insight ever given as to why her mother was so unclean possessive of certain trash and not others and seemingly unaware of the home s rapid decline All in all it was an excellent book definitely worth the read The author s voice is strong in this one and Zero Option (Geordie Sharp, you ll love her immediately and findourself ruthlessly routing for her the whole way through I just wish I could have understood the mother a little though perhaps some things in life don t have such neat conclusions I was granted this book to read from Random House UK Ebury Publishing via Net Galley I love books suc. He got home We didn’t eat at home any because the fridge was disgusting and she used the sink as a trash can so it got clogged We always ate out we never had a home cooked meal and I’ve never had a family dinner at a dinner table I had a stool in the corner of the living room That is what I sat on and that al.

H as Cathy Glass and Casey Watson so I just had to read this one Its totally different from a child who was sexual abused or the usual type of reads like thisThis is a story about a little girl who grew up with a Mom who was messy dirty and well certainly unusual and eccentric She tended to have mood swings too As the child grew she came across the word hoarder and realized that was describing her Mom The appalling way she had to live was upsetting to read I ve seen the program hoarders on TV and always wondered how a person could live like that But this is a knock on effect to the daughter who lived along side her Who was treated like some sort of slave and then on the other hand treated nicely which was confusing not only for me but for the little girlI have to say that I read this book within a day its compulsive readingIts well written great details graphic in that Rescued (The Missing, you can imagine all the rubbish surroundingouurrggghhh and the smells I won t tell Summary you any ifou like books such as this then I recommend it Britney Fuller has done a great job in writing this bookI would definitely buy it for a friend Given To Me For An Honest ReviewBritney Fuller s book Trash An Innocent Girl A Shocking Story of Sualor and Neglect is one that will grab The Janitor (The Contenders, you from the beginning and hold on toou until the end It is about a Night Without Stars young girl and her mother The child began noticing when she was about 4 that her house wasn t like those of her friends She knew that something was wrong She and her mom ate out everyday There was trash everywhere inside their house The sink was filled there were trash bags all over in every room If she tried to throw out the bags her mother got very angry There was a small stool in a corner that she called her space She kept it clean but before too long that area too became just as dirty as the rest of the house Her mother was a trash hoarder This is her a story of growing up in a house with a hoarder and how she was able to grow up and get out This story is very shocking and it will have an effect onou It made me think of how many other children may be living like this I gave this book 5 stars but it deserves that 10 I highly recommend it to everyone I look forward to from Britney Fuller. One I kept that corner as clean as I could Made sure there was foot space and that there wasn’t dust on the walls That was my corner my space It never seemed to matter though eventually that spot would get overrun with trash too’ Trash is Britney Fuller's shocking account of growing up in the house of a hoard.