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I never thought I liked SciFi all that much but this book touches upon such compelling themes about conflicting societal s And the author is so creative I love books that take me to a different place and The Trader took me to places I never could have dreamed about Here s my review from comThis was the best book I ve read in a while The characters and alien cultures were well developed The plot had plenty f ups and downs that get me interested in finding ut what would happen next The book had a few flaws however verall it was still a 5 star read This a freaky sci fi ride you will enjoyScience fiction is not my normal read I enjoy sci fiction don t get me wrong I normally watch it not READ it Being a book reviewer and challenging myself to read something ut f my comfort zone I found myself slipping deeper and deeper in the book I loved how the two main characters started In the End out separate and then got interwoven into an engrossing and story This is a book I want to add to my book shelf I received this book for free through GoodReads FirstReads Giveaway ProgramThis book was delightfully alien There are loadsf interesting characters races and different species There was some captivating imagery f various alien fauna that A Patusian trader n an intergalactic mission awakens to discover that his space vessel is missing and his eyes and ears are gone Only gaping holes remain where his nose and mouth had been In place f his main senses he has inexplicably gained the power f telepathy which he must harness as his nly defense against the ferocious and highly evolved aliens the drogan Kin who immediately begin hunting him for food.

Liked The romance had a nice balance and wasn t verwhelming which I consider a huge plus Everything was pretty well paced and I enjoyed reading this I think anyone that s a fan f space pera r sci fi might like this My ReviewSet in the future books have many pitfalls to vercome The author skillfully creates a universe that you can actually believe I could see the social settings in this book being a possible future for usThe 2 main characters are AMAZING Their story and struggle gripping The Kin no spoilers make you think what a different life could be like The book for me brings to life the balance we have between The Age of Treachery our heads andur hearts It ends with the possibility for a seuel Please be true and I hope we wont have to wait to long for itAll in all great story and a phenomenal read it was well worth the money I would highly recommend Ridiculous This is the 35th century not the dark ages Space pera is fun That s why I dug this It has alien races spaceships that have names and a dude with no face Was that bvious from the book s title It s a space adventure with romance derring do and fighting All the characters seem lived in and familiar even though this is the first book That s a tremendous success for a writer to achi. Maranth a stunningly beautiful young doctor is briefed about the depravities The Catcher in the Rye and Philosophy of sex violence and intoxication before she leaves her cultured home planet Veddi to begin practicing medicine at anff world mine But when savage Afthari raiders attack the mine and enslave Maranth she finds herself in a world frighteningly different from the perfect structured society in which she was raised Against all dds the tr.

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Eve I could go either way with having tons f alien races and terms There is no glossary here Inundatin A fancy innerworld meddoc hooked up with a very ugly Patusian trader in the most god forsaken region Bike Mechanic: Tales from the Road and the Workshop (Rouleur) of the known galaxyFun story with likable and loathable characters THE TRADERpens in an impossible scenario with unlikely elements it s science fiction so roll with it While the story moves along rapidly I the reader didn t get the sense f time s progression There are a few scene breaks early in the book which lend to the allusion f the passage When a Man Loves a Woman of time but for some reason the author abandoned that techniue causing me to lose that senseI was freuently distracted by the authors usef the word THE The word was used in such a way that I got the feeling the author assumed I had prior knowledge f a person r Keep From Falling object almost like material relating to the had been deleted without further editing the sentencer paragraph I d like to have seen development Catalogue the Insanity of the material mined its composition use economic value etc All in all I liked it The characters grewn me The story line progressed from its Blessed Homecoming opening absurdity to a believable plot and ended with theption for a seuel Coming to a theater near you Maybe not but Shrek one never knows. Ader finds his way to the Afthari raider colony and uses his newfound telepathy to communicate with Maranth thenly kind soul he encounters there Together they embark n a daring journey to return home Set in a tumultuous future The Trader Man With No Face is a thrilling space dyssey packed with page turning action and romance that raises difficult uestions about the nature f love societal norms and identity.