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This re release of Ms Joyce s 2005 title made me want to go back and read all the previous titles in the Deadly series The murder mystery is interesting who is killing the poor but hardworking Irish women in the tenements but it s the characters that carry this book Each character is multi dimensional Francesca Cahill is bright witty daring and beautiful yet a bit reckless Her fianc the notorious rake Calder Hart is arrogant and self assured yet needy and ealous when it comes to Francesca The police commissioner Rick Bragg Calder s half brother has unresolved feelings for both his beautiful wife and Francesca Francesca s gam Francesca Cahill amateur sleuth in turn of the century New York finds herself on another case in Deadly Illusions all while handling the doubts and uncertainty surrounding her relationship with Calder HartThe latest case involves the apparent target of young working class women who live in the same neighborhood and share similar circumstances More troubling is descriptions fit her friends making them now targets When the slash victims of the Slasher become murder victims Francesca realize the stakes are now higher and that she must capture him before he strikes again With time running out and she is no closer to discovering the Slasher s identity there is also trouble in paradise The intense and tumultuous relationship of Francesca and Calder take a rocky turn with doubts and insecurity forming Of course such feelings is to be expected of a once reclusive bachelor and bluestocking but that does not mean it cannot be overdone Rather than turning to each other for comfort and confiding in each other Francesca and Calder are both guilty of allowing their own insecurity to get the better of them The lack of communication the uick Backfire (Mountain Cove jump to conclusions and a uicker belief of the worse certainly put their relationship ineopardy Something that lasted throughout the whole novel and will undoubtedly linger into further cases There were relationships in the story in all stages of development Evan Cahill and Maggie Kennedy s whose relationship is divided by social class Although the reality of their feelings is clear when Evan finally shows her how he feels although he is not yet read or able to tell her yet Rick Bragg and his estranged wife Leigh Anne once again finds themselves at an impasse for a different reason No longer separated by anger and hatred but by guilt and tragic circumstances All these couples must overcome class insecurity and guilt in order to move forward whether together or apartAll the while a killer lurks and as Francesca gets closer to finding him he now seems to have her set in his sight Another good mystery but lacking in intensity and passion if compared to other novels in the series It s now April 1902 in New York City and the beautiful heiress and brave sleuth Francesca finds herself engaged to a man whose very look can make her heat up When she begins investigating a murder Calder tags along and she is again caught between her fiance and former flame Calder s half brother Rick Bragg the police commissioner Rick has enough personal problems of his own as his estranged and now handicapped wife comes home from the hospital The mystery in this one was very good Women were being attacked and even killed by the Slasher and there was no shortage of suspects And I love how there is never a wasted character in this series they all show up again at some point making it easy to get invested in their lives I loved this as a continuation of Francesca and Calder s love story but all is not smooth sailing for the couple They are both plagued by doubts and Francesca s father has decided not to allow the engagement to continue This is the latest chapter in my Francesca Cahill Deadly series re read project I originally gave this three stars but I m almost tempted to remove a half star because of character frustration I read this ten years ago and unsure if it s Catacomb just my changing book taste that s really the problem Now Francesca is still silly but was able to blame her innocence in the previous installments In this one it s harder because she has proven herself to be an amazing investigator so it makes no sense her inability to grasp Daisy s motives Calder believing anything his ex mistress said made even less sense because of his life experience This thread woven throughout this book drove me crazy Francesca Cahill was working on another case The Slasher had sliced three Irish women s necks with a penknife Francesca started by looking into the lives of women living in the neighborhood where the attacks had taken placeThe first victims were Francis O Leary and Kate Sullivan Francis s husband had left her a couple of years previously and Kate had left her husband Francesca went to visit Francis and found out that she was recently engaged to Sam Wilson Francis told Francesca that Thomas O Leary had left one day and never came back He was always saying he was going out West and Francis hadn t seen him since the day he left Francesca determined that she needed to locate him Kate Sullivan told Francesca that the man who attacked her was tall had very blue eyes he wore an expensive ring and wore a tailored suitacket the color of charcoal His hands were smooth Francesca found out that the police chief had intentionally left those details out of the police report The third victim Margaret Cooper died from her neck wound Margaret had been found by her neighbor Gwen O Neil Gwen was frightened and felt like she was being followed Gwen had come to America with her daughter Bridget after her husband had been arrested for trying to kill Gwen s boss and lover back in Ireland Bridget was uestioned by Francesca who told her that she thought she had seen her father in America It turned out that Lord Randolph had dropped the charges of attempted murder against her husband and he never went to Queen Esther the Second Graders of Doom jail He had come to America to take Gwen and his daughter back home with him Lord Randolph was also in America on business Both had come to visit her and Gwen refused to go with her husband She expected Lord Randolph to be friendly to her and want her back but he didn t come across that way so she didn t go with him either He never really asked heust offered her money for herself and Bridget Gwen refused his money He came back after a few days to see her and it was like they were never apart Gwen fell into his arms and kissed him as if they had never been separated Leigh Anne had recovered enough to go home after being run down by a carria. Deadly Illusions IMDb A bestselling female novelist suffering from writer's block hires an innocent young woman to watch over her twin children As the novelist dangerously indulges in her new best seller the line between the life she's writing and the one she's living becomes blurred Plot Summary | Add Synopsis fr Deadly Illusions Brown Robert Livres Not Retrouvez Deadly Illusions et des millions de livres en stock sur fr Achetez neuf ou d'occasion fr Deadly Illusions Joyce Brenda Livres Deadly Illusions is author Brenda Joyce's seventh installment in the historical mysteryromance series featuring New York City debutante Francesca Cahill Ms Cahill society bluestocking and heiress to a considerable fortune has done remarkably well so far as an amateur sleuth NYC's first female private investigator and a major

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S She comes from a wealthy family The hero is Rick Bragg He is the oldest son of Rathe Bragg who has his own story in the novel Violet Fire Rick is twenty seven or eight He has dark golden hair and golden eyes and is a little over six feet tall He is part Apache and gets his coloring from his father Rathe who s father Derek is half ApacheIt s April 1902 in New York This story like all the others in this series revolve around Francesca Cahill helping police commissoner Rick Bragg solve some murders that are being committed by the Slasher I won t get into any of that or tell who the Slasher is I ll Dirty Secrets just say it s not someone you d really suspect This review will focus mainly on the relationships between the main and secondary characters and what has transpired since the previous novelIn this installment Rick s estranged wife Leigh Anne is recovering from a bad carriage accident which has left her paralized from the waist down She really regrets showing back up after being estranged from Rick for a few years She wasealous and came back into his life Fran s bother Evan s mistress red haired Bartolla Benevente tells him that she s pregnant Evan is really unhappy about it but plans to elope with her anyway He s addicted to gambling and has been disowned by his father for being in debt heavily In the previous book Calder Hart twenty six with dark hair and blue eyes Francesca s fiance and half brother to Rick Bragg got Fran to pose nude for a painting The painter was Fran s friend Sarah Channing cousin to Bartolla In this book Francesca is there when Sarah reveals the painting to Calder He loves it and plans to display it privately in their home after they re married Francesca s father has never liked Calder He senses some tention between them at a party and notices that Calder is talking with another woman He calls off their engagement There s drama but Calder and Fran discuss it and plan to stay engagedCalder Harts ex mistress Daisy is causing problems between them She s very hurt and A Ranchers Vow (Sons of Silver Springs) (Sons of Silver Springs) (Harlequin Intrigue jealous that he s left her for Francesca and is having trouble dealing with it She shows up at the funeral of one of the Slashers murder victimsust to start trouble with Francesca Calder can see that Fran is upset and she tells him Daisy was there causing trouble Calder threatens take care of Daisy Coincidentally in the next book in the seires Deadly Kisses Daisy gets murdered Did Calder do itRight near the end of the story Fran s nude portrait gets stolen That is my favorite part of the novel We don t find out in the next book who stole it but I m hoping that mystery is solved in the newest book Deadly Vows book nine which is to be released soon When Rick finds out that Calder was behind Fran posing nude he tells Calder that he taints everything he touches and that he ll never be good enough for her I felt bad for Calder because that s exactly how he feels What I like best about this series is that Rick Bragg is the son of one of heroes from a previous series of hers This series started with a love triangle between Francesca Rick and his half brother Calder but that gets resolved a few book into the series Rick and Calder have the same father Rathe Calder came to live with them when his own mother died Calder has always been ealous of Rick for no reason He s always felt left out and inferrior I really like Fran s sidekick Joel He s only eleven years old His mother Maggie is featured throughout the entire series as is Joel and his siblings In this book Maggie and her kids stay at Calder s house because she lives near where the women were murdered and she s scared I really like that family and hope Joel gets his own series in the future If he did it would have to be set ahead ten or years as Joel is so young nowThis is the reading order of this series And yes they should be read in order because only a few weeks go by between each novel 1 Deadly Love 2001 012 Deadly Pleasure 2002 033 Deadly Affairs 2002 044 Deadly Desire 2002 055 Deadly Caress 2003 046 Deadly Promise 2003 117 Deadly Illusions 2005 028 Deadly Kisses 2006 029 Deadly Vows 2011 03 Love this series Savoring the last few Deadly Illusions by Brenda Joyce Francesca Cahill has two passions in life The first passion is her handsome finance the notorious New York rake named Calder Hart He is known for being with every women in New York Francesca knows about Calder s past behavior but she is prepared to deal with it and devote her heart to him Francesca loves Calder and can t wait to marry him no matter what Francesca also believes that Calder has changed his way and wants to marry herFrancesca s second passion is her sleuthing and catching criminals such as the New York slasher There is a crazy mad man murdering poor Irish women who work in factories Francesca knows that she must do everything that she can to find out who the slasher is before he kills her friends What Francesca does not know is that the slasher has her in his sights and is planning on making Francesca his next victim Can Francesca catch the slasher before he gets to her and and her friends Will Francesca be able to tame New York s most notorious rake and keep him from straying on her Time will tell when Francesca s two passions clash to test her full will and determination Deadly Illusions by Brenda Joyce is a murder mystery that will keep you guessing who the killer is Just when you think you know who the killer is you are then thrown for a loop I thought I knew who the killer was but I could never have guessed in a million years that it would be who it was Brenda Joyce surprised me big time when I found out I also love how Brenda combined a murder mystery with romance Deadly Illusions is full of passion and suspense that will keep your heart racing with excitement and keep you guessing until the last page who the killer is4 Hearts Out Of 5Reviewed by Historicalromancebooksca Visit my Website at This book was an outstanding story with an amazing romance plot and interesting twists and turns that kept you on the edge of your seat I loved the characters especially Francesca and Calder The romance between these two is like no other But having Rick Bragg Calder s brother on the side the plot thickens In Deadly Illusions Francesca does her routine of catching criminals only in this installment she s after a serial killer who s killings are single young women of Irish descendant In the process of capturing a serial killer she s torn between the love of the two handsome brothers Calder and Bragg in which she must choose I recommend this book. It and devote her heart to him Francesca loves Calder and can't wait to marry him no matter what Deadly Illusions FILM REVIEW Mary Morrison Kristin Davis a bestselling female novelist suffering from writer's block hires an innocent young woman to watch over her twin children As Mary dangerously indulges in her new best seller the lines between the life she's writing and the one she's living become blurred Deadly Illusions A Gripping Crime Thriller Kindle Deadly Illusions is the debut book from Robert Brown A thrilling ride through the streets of London in a crime thriller that’s simply magic Follow the suspense as it twists and turns in this highly rated debut book from an up and coming crime author Deadly illusions Roblox Deadly illusions is a group on Roblox owned by WarDogRifle with members clothing grou.

Ge Leigh Anne wasn t sure that she was ready to go home and face the girls and Rick at home Rick Bragg had his butler pick her up and take her home while he went back to work Leigh Anne wanted it that way She was depressed about not being able to walk and having to use a wheelchair that she didn t know how to handle Rick had hired a male nurse to help her get around Rick told Francesca that he loved Leigh Anne always had and always would Rick blamed himself for causing Leigh Anne to be distracted when she got run over Evan had broken his engagement to Sarah Channing Sarah was painting a nude picture of Francesca for Calder Hart Francesca and Sarah had become friends Francesca mentioned to Evan that she suspected he had feelings for Maggie Kennedy who was a seamstress who lived two apartments down from Margaret Evan went to see her to try and persuade her to stay with Francesca s until the Slasher was caught Evan had a mistress Bartolla Benevente Bartolla had contacted Leigh Anne and told her that her husband Rick had fallen for Francesca Cahill Leigh Anne had come back to Rick after being in Europe for four years Bartolla had been married to a wealthy man sixteen years older than her He had died and left his money to his children Bartolla was now broke pretending to still have money She was scheming to marry Evan for his money Evan was with his mistress but thinking of Maggie Bartolla felt like Evan was losing interest in her and told Evan that she was pregnantThe Slasher went back and attacked Kate again This time he killed her Francesca and Rick went and talked to Sam Wilson both before and after Kate was found dead Sam was a clock repairman He wasn t home the night Kate was murdered and he lied saying he was Sam was taken to the police headuarters for further uestioning When Francis was uestioned she told Francesca that Sam was with her and had been trying to protect her reputation Francesca still didn t think that was the truth but Sam was released The police found Kate Sullivan s husband but he was dead of a gunshot in the head It appeared to be a suicide but it was not The person who found the body told the police that Kate s husband hated Kate passionately Daisy Calder s mistress who he no longer visited but was staying in an apartment paid for by Calder for the time remaining that they had agreed upon went to Calder s office to see him She told Calder that he would soon tire of Francesca and take her back Calder was fighting himself in the fact that he was trying to be a better man and stop his womanizing ways for Francesca It was proving to be difficult and Daisy made him doubt himself once again He was called in by Francesca s father and asked to break off the engagement due to the same reasons and because he was still providing for Daisy Francesca had gone to Rick Bragg s house to see Leigh Anne and was invited to go to the park for a picnic Joel was with her They agreed to go to the park and Rick showed up Leigh Anne asked to be taken home Francesca and Joel stayed and spent the afternoon with Rick and the girls Joel s family was staying in Calder s house rather than at Francesca s Soon after they arrived home Joel mentioned to Calder that they had spent the day at the park with Rick and the girls Calder was upset about that as well as being upset after his discussion with Daisy and then AndrewWhen Francesca returned home that afternoon Andrew told Francesca that the engagement was off and Calder did not voice any objection She was upset and went to see Calder She and Calder had a pretty big argument Calder told her that he was biding his time in regard to her father and their engagement He was not giving up but was she Calder s attitude was that he would win over her father in time Francesca left feeling that her engagement was off After the argument with Calder about the engagement being broke up Francesca decided to take Maggie to observe Lord Randolph Calder oined them to the surprise of Francesca due to how the argument ended With Maggie watching from a distance with Francesca Maggie agreed that it was Lord Randolph that she had run into outside her apartments when she found Margaret s body They followed him back to the apartments and found him inside with Gwen kissing her They took him in for uestioning but felt like he was not their Slasher The next day was Kate s funeral Daisy spoke to Francesca then and told her that Calder Hart would soon tire of her and return to his womanizing ways Francesca was upset b DEADLY ILLUSIONSA FRANCESCA CAHILL NOVELby Brenda Joyce is an interesting Regency suspenseromanceIt is the seventh in the seriesbut can be read as a stand aloneAs this is the first in this series I have readThe author gives you updated information so it is not too hard to follow the storylineif you have not read the others in this series It is a fast paced story of a female sleutha serial killera friend who was her first lovebut he was marrieda fianceewho is not sure about love and trustThe fianceeHartjust happens to be her commissioner s estranged half brotherAs Francesea and Hart struggle with their own love lifeAs they both have trust issuesHart than Franceseaa serial killer is in the lurkkilling young womenThe first two manage to surviveremembering much of nothingBut as Francesea investigates she finds one of the survivors actually remembered he had a ring on his right hand with a large stone and they both remembered he called them faithless bitchIn the meantimethe chief commissionerBragg is trying to reconcile with his wifewho was run over by a carriage and left paralyzed The plot in intriguingwhile it does have multiple facets and multiple plots going on with only one conclusionthe killer is foundThe characters are enchanting and will capture your heartWhileI myself find I like stories with an ending or completion to each plot this one it is a wait and seeFor instanceFrancesea and HartBragg and his wife and Francesea s brotherEvanMaggie and the Countesswho claims to be pregnant with Evan s childwhat a triangle of unfinished businessBut we will have to see what happens with the next installmentI hope they all find their happy endingsOtherwise this is a fast pacedpage turning story full of actionmystery and romanceThis book was received for the purpose of review from Net Galley and details can be found at HN and My Book Addiction and More There are now nine books in this series this is book 7 I ve read them all and this is my second time reading this oneFrancesca is twenty years old has blond hair and blue eye. Ovelty in her chosen profession It is only after all and women still Deadly Illusion IMDb Deadly Illusion R | h min | Adventure Crime Mystery | October USA A detective is framed for a murder he didn't commit Deadly Illusions ebook ePub Brenda Joyce Achat Deadly Illusions Rsum Irrepressible heiress and intrepid sleuth Francesca Cahill moves from her own glittering world of Fifth Avenue to the teeming underbelly of society a place of pride passions and sometimes deadly perversion Deadly Illusions Francesca Cahill Deadly by Deadly Illusions” by Brenda Joyce Francesca Cahill has two passions in life The first passion is her handsome finance the notorious New York rake named Calder Hart He is known for being with every women in New York Francesca knows about Calder's past behavior but she is prepared to deal with.

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