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C UDR tc Also the style is a bit off putting Water Music each chapter has several sections in which action shifts from place to place There is also a little too much detail maybe the novel should be two thirds its present size 460 pages In Irish folklore the Journeyman Tailors are two people who betray an Irish rebelpatriot to the British dragoons so Mossie Nugent may be considered a Journeyman Tailor Crime and corruption in Ireland A great story but needing concentration because of the constant changes in points of view This is not usually the type of book that would catch my attention It was loaned and recommended to me by a friend and so I gave it a shot These pages drip with a dark gritty realism The misery and hardship of the Troubles is brought home unvarnished and unwashed This is a tale ofspionage violence murder and paranoia that spread throughout Northern Ireland for three decades It s also a story of divided loyalties compromised priorities and betrayal upon betrayal I didn t particularly warm to Seymour s style of writing but I still Revived enjoyed this and found much of the background and historical details particularly interesting With Seymour s vast journalisticxperience of war zones it lends this book a convincing authenticity where Student Research Projects in Calculus every small detail was considered He really captures the murky complexities of both sides of the Troubles and we see that there are no winners only varying degrees of misery loss and suffering forveryone This depicts a grim and all too real world where luck plays a bigger part than truth and where politics triumph over justice welcome to ireland and the troubles religion fighting religion though really now it is just a name or xcuse irish against irish irish against nglish and brother against brother bren is an inexperienced field agent for mI5 and he is called over to assist parker cathy handle her informer a tout runs horrendous risks but they have been forced to work for the british who have a hold over their personal lives so they cannot refuse to be captured would mean a slow Love for Imperfect Things executionthe british want one man back who moved away to the mainland to carry out his work and the tout becomes the perfect person tongineer this in the process innocent people have to take a fall but that is all as usual in the playing field but can bren accept that switches from scene to scene from a different perspective very uickly sometime not than a few paragraphs and u have to concentrate it took me some time to realise who was whom the characterisation of the irish was spot on the suits in A Heart of Stone england not so much and cathy and bren not at all which is a shame also a few ueries too co incidental the meeting of bren and the old man in the library no ira warning before the train station bomb bren described as a minder for cathy i would have said is was the other way roundjon jo was reliving the legend of his ancestor shane bearnagh donnelly bev. Running the informer must protect their man at all costs he is their most critical asset and they must keep him in placeven if that means innocent people must

Of the 3 novels written by this author centered around the conflict in the 06 this is perhaps the weakest but still a damn good tale packed with detail and deceptionThe situation in the north of Ireland was often referred too as a a dirty war and this book highlights the dirty tricks mployed by the security forces in their handling of touts informants and how innocent lives were fancifully thrown under the bus to protect sourcesAlthough purely fiction it is fairly obvious this type of thing went on and while neither side could claim to be whiter than white I was pleasantly surprised by the neutral tone of the book which is generally not the case on a subject which raises the heckles on all sidesAlthough not a trilogy as such I would advise anyone with a passing interest in Irish historypolitics to read these 3 books in order starting with Harry s Game and finishing with this one Honestly speaking Gerald Seymour is an outstanding author and I have read many of his novels and thoroughly njoyed most all of them Sadly not this one the Journeyman Tailor is disappointing on all levels A thriller set in 1992 County Tyrone All of the characters from the MI5 to the IRA man on the run and the informer are compelling You want all of them to survive and win which is of course impossible Hard to put down to the nd I d give it 4 and a half stars if I could Set in the Alt mountains in Ireland mountains that are steeped in Irish folklore and are a stronghold for the PIRA It s where the pride of the PIRA was born and bred the volunteer Jon Jo Donnelly an IRA terrorist based in LondonThe British want Jon Jo he s too dangerous and they ve cultivated a high ranking tout code name Song Bird who will be the pawn to lure Jon Jo back to Alt and his familyThere is so much to njoy about this fast paced and gripping Irish thriller It tells of the losses suffered by both sides of the conflict The revenge the struggle for supremacy played out by both sides A dirty guerilla war where no one can be viewed an innocent bystander It s a sickening conflict and the stakes are highAll the characters are strongly presented from Song Bird and his family his handlers Cathy Parker and Gary Brennard and Jon Jo s wife and sonWhat I particularly appreciated about this story was the Divertimento emphasis placed on the female characters and their motivations The author does a wonderful job of showcasing the women s stoic demeanour and uiet strength They are the ones left at home to maintain the status uo and to keep the family together while their menfolk fight for the causeIn some ways it s a sad story there are no winners in the conflict no side wins and the costs are high But it is a gripping tale wellxecuted and deliveredThe title of the story The Journeyman Tailor is fitting If you like Irish thrillers this is so worth a look at 432 pages I really njoyed this bookcouldn t put it down and it was over way. HEAR NOTHING SEE NOTHING KNOW NOTHING This is the ruthless motto in the Provisional IRA's most active brigade To collaborate with British Intelligence means certai.

Too uickly A subject that I am very interested in and that I found very believeable and authentic I felt it was a well balanced account of vents during the troubles Also hurray for the very strong female character I could have done without the love interest between the two main charactersunnecessary but as my son said maybe his publisher asked him to put it in I am definitely going to read Gerald Seymour The story is set in the days when Provisional IRA was the most active It is set in the Alt mountain of Northern Ireland a stronghold of a Provo brigade It concerns Jon Jo Dennelly an IRA terrorist temporarily based in London He has apparently no misgivings about the innocents getting killed in his bomb attacks Once the young family of a target gets killed instead of the man himself Another time the intended shooting victim survives and is able to give a good description of the attackerThe story also concerns Mossie Nugent who is the informer the Songbird he is actually an information officer within the IRA He is compromised because of his previous record and getting caught while drunk driving The British Intelligence offers him release from Jail the price is for him to become a spy His job is to report the activities to the British In particular the MI5 wants him to persuade Donnelly to return to home so he can be caughtIt is the job of Cathy Parker a young woman of small stature but Promise at Dawn extreme toughness and her assistant the strong but inexperienced Bren to protect Mossie at all costs To achieve this Cathy is prepared to go to any lengths including killing minor operatives facingxtreme dangers herself and deflecting the suspicion on to other innocent people A poignant case is that of Patsy Riordan a 19 year old simple man who is picked up by the British for interrogation and dropped back in his hometown 24 hours later Because he was unharmed IRA think he is the informer and torture him His distraught mother walks from one key operative of IRA to another to plead for his release Everyone turns away from her telling her that her son needs to be punished In desperation she turns to the parish priest He also pleads helplessness But soon after she leaves he telephones a really important person in London he was his school mate and asks the British government s help in getting the boy s release A big rescue operation is set in motion involving 500 soldiers and several helicopters This confirms the suspicion of the IRA and they xecute the innocent boy Cathy justifies the killing of the innocent youngster by saying that you need to sacrifice a goat in order to catch a wild animal But the analogy nds there The goat s family are not disgraced and ostracised by its own community But the parents of Patsy O Brien had to undergo shame and ignominy for their son s alleged betrayalI found the book initially confusing because of the use of outdated jargon and abbreviations RU. N death But there is a rumour that an informer is operating within the Brigade When identified he will be ruthelssly interrogated tortured then shot The MI5 agents.

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Gerald Seymour born 25 November 1941 in Guildford Surrey is a British writerThe son of two literary figures he was educated at Kelly College at Tavistock in Devon and took a BA Hons degree in Modern History at University College London Initially a journalist he joined ITN in 1963 covering such topics as the Great Train Robbery Vietnam Ireland the Munich Olympics massacre Germany's Red