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Cepted Little by little their relationship evolves into and it s clear that they re the perfect match to the other But sometimes what the heart wants isn t enough What happens when old triggers take hold of your heart and rip it to shredsThis bookTHIS BOOK It gave me the gly cry UUUUUGLY I was not expecting this much intensitythis much emotion This book was just MORE MORE of everything I expectedthe BDSM the pain the connection the heartbreak the vulnerability the loveall of it had a tight grip on my heart I had a hard time prying myself away from reading And when I wasn t reading I couldn t take my mind off of Eli and Justin They had so much to overcome so much to move pastbut so much love to giveIs this book for everyone No While the first book had BDSM elements in it this one was graphic with the scenes Was it necessary Absolutely The SM is an inherent part of who Eli and Justin are rather than an extension of their sex lives The intensity of those scenes added a deeper layer to an already emotional story This was a story about so many thingsself acceptance trust forgiveness pride partnership devotion passion and love This this was what the opposite of heartache felt like So much joy Eli thought he might crack apart from the lightness and fullness of it or burst into flames orlive Even though this is the second book in the series it can easily be read as a standalone Re read July 2016 love this bookHurthealingcomfort mixed in with some seriously hot BDSM and we re got a winner in Just Business Eli Ovadia is a sexy Dominant man working as the CFO at Sam s from the first novel Takeover new company He walks with a cane because of a car accident injury from his teens where 3 of his friends died He has never gotten over their deaths and blames himself for the accidentJustin White is a collage student on the fast track to corporate success Sam and Eli hire him as an assistant in their office and the sexual tension between Eli and Justin ramps p to explosive levels Justin had been is a Ds relationship back when he lived in California and it had turned out badly His Dom slowly turned their relationship from Ds to Dslave and made sure to alienate all of Justin s friends and family Francis his former Dom was also very wealthy and Justin vows to never let himself be caught p in a relationship like that again To help alleviate his attraction to Eli Justin visits a local BDSM club for some anonymous sex Of course Eli is there and the two of them participate is a public scene Justin is hooked even though he has vowed to keep himself away from EliThe story progresses with ick delicious scenes between the two men and both begin to have feelings for one another but Eli is leery because of his disability and the guilt over the death of his friends and Justin is still trying to avoid becoming Eli s plaything There power exchange eventually comes to a head and the angst is overwhelming There is some great healingcomfort that follows and the epilogue is gloriousI can highly recommend this book to BDSM fans and lovers of hurthealingcomfort This book had both in spades and I actually liked it better than the preuel This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews. Tragic accident that left him with a wounded leg and broken heart Eli has a need to be in control But his desire for Justin makes him want to lose that control and push them both far beyond their limits But will his need to dominate Justin drive him away or will Eli find a way to be the man he needs for both of th.

This should have been an easy 5 star audio book for me HurtHealingComfort with hot sex two likable MCs and narrated by Iggy Toma No brainer Of course I should love itAnd I did for the most part really enjoy the first 65% with only two notable exceptions 1 I m not a fan of an author dangling a past hurt carrot I can deal with that for a chapter or two but I become annoyed when there s an obvious serious hurt in a character s past that is affecting their present but I m not told what it is but left little breadcrumbs to follow ntil I finally get to the big revealwhich I ll be honest I have Black Bottom Stomp usually stopped caring long before the reveal isrevealed2 Miscommunication I have said it before and I ll say it again when a simple conversation could clearp mountains of manufactured angstit drives me nuts Absolutely CRAZYBUT Then it took a turn into whatville and stayed for a while So no That part didn t work for me Not kidding I was so angry I wanted to hurt something Seriously one single moment of being open honest and having a conversationbut noI was hoping the HEA could shake off my grim and rage filled mood after thatseriously wondering if there was anything the story could do at that point to get back on track or if it had lost me foreverThe end is then filled with as much fluffiness and sweetness as can possibly be crammed into a short period of time with everything wrapping Geographies, Mobilities, and Rhythms over the Life-Course up perfectly For me it was too little too late I was still so mad over the rest I couldn t even enjoy the sappy sweet endingI m sure there are others who will not have the same issues I had with it Those who love the angst that comes from miscommunication I m just not one of themUltimately though this is an audio review and the audio was lovely I loved Iggy Toma s narration and enjoyed his performance thoroughly For those who love hurtcomforthealing with lots of hot sex and likable MCs and miscommunication doesn t send you into a rage you should give this a chance Audio copy of Just Business provided by Publisher in exchange of an honest review This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews 275 It s me not the bookstarsThe story was engaging at the beginning I got to like the characters the banter the innuendos between the characters was entertaining the enemies to lovers trope and I was off to a good start Then the story took a nose diveThe sex was hot at first then it became too much and I got boredThe miscommunication Justin s reaction to Eli came out of nowhere given the fact thatp to this point we are told something happened to him in the past and like Eli we do know what happened Like why not just talk people talk If Justin didn t trust Eli enough to tell him what had gone wrong that didn t just kill the Ds relationship it tore apart every other connection they had I know we are told that Eli was distant and cold but Tempting Kate (Regency Quartet, unless I read him wrong he was the opposite he was kind and caring and older than his ageJustin s character frustrated the hell out of me he was supposed to be this fun independent generally a cool guy but to me he came off as selfish and bratty and in need of very many therapy sessionsIMO Justin should have groveledAt around 72% The story got back From the thrilling new author of Takeover a steamy new novel about having all the control and losing itNote from the author This is the followup to Takeover and features Justin and Eli Sam and Michael are fairly important characters in this book as well Justin White may not look like anp and coming corporate supe.

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N track we are told what happened in the past to Eli and Justin and it was traumatic but I felt nothing because I had already lost interest I was in the mood for some Bdsm kink Progress or Collapse unfortunately this did not deliverThis frustrated me I need to His name was Francis He It s just What please finish the sentenceOn the plus side I loved Lavi the Cat 375 StarsJust Business was an easy not too angsty MM read that hit the spot Both MCs have a fair amount of psychological baggage from past tragedies Both men stumbling about life with certain fetishes but no ability to commit to one person But one night the two stumbledpon each other and all the stars lined The New Goddess up Eli is a CFO in a small firm When the barista of the downstairs coffee shop applies for a job as a personal assistant to Sam the owner of the company Eli is ruthless in his interview Anyone that can make it through the interview process with him and still want the job is hired Justin is different than what you d call corporate America He s got longish messy hair black chipped fingernails eyeliner and goth clothing Clearly he will cleanp for the interview right I loved the lovehate pushpull between Eli and Justin Two total opposites colliding in every way Eli suffers with a bad old leg injury and walks with a cane Something about his personality coupled with the se of a cane made him appear much older than his 33 years Then you ve got the casual gothic Justin who appears to be a giant kid Just one difference between them But there s one thing they both have in commonthey craveThe Scene Eli likes to dominate Justin likes to submit Yin and Yang Third person POV is my least favorite but I deal with it if it s done right The biggest reason for the deduction of a star was because the focus of each character flip flopped without much delineation Also there were time jumps from one paragraph to the next sometimes days ahead I like to have a clear idea who we are referring to and what place in time we are at Multiple times in this book I had to backtrack thinking I d skipped a page or needed to focus to figure out Oh we re talking about Eli now It made it choppy and confusing But Just Business all in all was an enjoyable read It does have some mild BDSM elements caning flogging bondage but the love story overshadows the MM erotica I look forward to from this author in the future Now I m off to read Sam and Michael s book Backwards yes Advanced copy received by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review 102017 Listening to the audio book because I ve missed Eli and Justin and figured it was time to revisit 45 StarsI don t even know how to write a review that would give this book justice All I can say isEli a sadistic Dom is dealing with survivor s guilt and a host of other issues resulting from a car accident when he was a teenager Justin a masochistic submissive is trying to overcome the ghosts of a past relationship with an abusive Dom As much as they try their pull and all consuming need for each other can t be denied EliEli stroked his throat and worked his way down to Justin s chest YesTake everything I have tonight A whisper of wordsEli s smile was as bright as it was deadly Challenge ac. Rstar but his new boss knows he has the smarts grit and determination to succeed Now he just has to convince his company’s CFO Eli Ovadia Unfortunately Justin can’t seem to keep his cool around the domineering Eli and soon he finds himself taking their heat from the boardroom into the bedroom Still haunted by

Anna Zabo theythem writes contemporary and paranormal romance for all colors of the rainbow They live and work in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania which isn’t nearly as boring as most people think Anna is non binary and uses theythem pronouns and prefers Mx Zabo as an honorificAnna grew up in the wilds of suburban Philadelphia before returning to their ancestral homelands in Western Pennsylvania