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Re the angel flesh comes into it but it was rather a good idea if insanely grim to have it powering a rocket Somehow I felt that there were a few gaps For example I never definitively knew whether or not the astronauts knew they were not coming back If they did then their behaviour is ust not credible if they didn t well they ust disappeared from the plot So why were they ever mentioned in the first place I m going to have to read the book again I must have missed something somewhere along the line However the writing remains brilliant so there is no option but to continue reading the book no matter how bizarre or misfitting the plot is Recommended to those members of the crew that have read the first 2 I don t think that this could be read as a stand alone The block where she lives is harsh and shabby a cliff of blinding colourlessness under harsh blue sky in the middle of a blank suare laid out with dimpled concrete sheet that are already cracked and slumped and prinked with grass tufts and dusty dandelions Scraps of torn paper lift and turn in the warm breeze Last and probably the best book in the Wolfhound Century trilogy set in a fantasy world based on Soviet Russia Radiant State has a momentum from the very start that I think helps propel it past the sometimes frustrating ambiguities and unexplained mysteries of the previous two books The only thing that hurts it is a fairly abrupt ending. Eached the end of their story and in Mirgorod a woman in a shabby dress carefully unwraps a sniper rifle And all the while the Pollandore dreams its own dreams.

I think there can hardly be a original fantasy book than this with some of the most exuisitely beautiful and poetic prosebut the ending left me not really knowing if it had ended Is there another book I found myself wondering To my mind an odd and unsatisfying end to virtually every single one of the characters storylines both protagonist and supporting cast This has rather diminished my view on the entire series unfortunately This book struck me as the odd one out in its trilogy Where the second followed directly on the first this one skips six years ahead It tones down the violence somewhat which I consider an improvement along with the thriller elements in general That leaves room for the forest definitely my favorite part of the book and the series and for the lyricdescriptive side of the writing style The correspondence of the fictional world with ours gets closer with Osip Rizhin as an undisguised super Stalin There is some kind of cold war going on in the distance with the Archipelago but you don t hear much about it and I think you re supposed to assume it s not very relevant Even though there might not be a space race there is a space program Rizhin has developed it in five years out of sheer megalomania Meanwhile Vissarion Lom is looking for a way to bring down Rizhinism on Maroussia Shaumian s instructions Maroussia herself is not with him which I think makes both of them interesting. The Vlast stands two hundred feet tall four thousand tons of steel ready to be flung upwards on the fire of atom bombs Ready to take the dream of President Com.

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And has been transformed into something like a goddess And the evil Archangel is still trapped in the forest The main complaint I have is that the pacing seemed erky with the plot changing direction than in the first two books put together and closure coming very fast when it comes I have the feeling this last volume would have worked out best if it had been expanded into two or three The conclusion to a good and fascinating trilogyI rate this book lower than the previous one because it lacks some of the fantasy elements of the previous two books that created such a great atmosphereThe action takes place 6 years after the end of the previous book in a much modern Vlast now ruled with an iron fist by General Ozyn The terrorist John Cantor from the first book The Vlast is modernizing at a rapid space and Giants and other fantastic creatures have disappeared from the cities and they are in my view sorely missedStill a very good if a little short ending c2015 FWFTB Vlast President Pollandore forest time The edition that I read was the paperback but the cover that GR has only seems to have as a Kindle edition All a bit odd So the book After the second book in the series I thought I was getting somewhere but this last book put the kaibosh on that Most of the time I had no idea of the plot other than the President was bound to get his come uppance somewhere along the line I still don t have a clue whe. Mander of the New Vlast General Osip Rizhin beyond the bounds of this world But not everyone shares this vision Vissarion Lom and Maroussia Shaumian have not

Peter Higgins is a British author Wolfhound Century and Truth and Fear are published by Gollancz in the UK and Orbit in the US Peter's short fiction has appeared in Fantasy Best of the Year 2007 and Best New Fantasy 2 in Asimov’s Science Fiction Fantasy Magazine Zahir and Revelation and in Russian translation in Esli