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This story ates back to those years when NRI was expanded as Non resident Indian unlike Now Returned to India as it is todayI find the author taking a The Flame Of Adventure dare ineciding to share his nitty gritty with the readers Let aside the realities read it for fun Every story and every journey need not inspire and motivate us to stand and fight back A few provide us a moment to sit back chill and relax to enjoy what we might have missed while turning tides There are no hard feelings or messages against any country religion system part. Moving back to India was the last thing on Amol Dixit's mind when he led a carefree life in Chicago But one ay he found himself sleeping on the streets of Mumbai Now Returned to India is a Back to Rags story of a Amol Dixit a NRI NonResident Indian who interviews for a job that he oesn't really nee.

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Lized life Give us the next instalment soon plsThis story had to be lived to be told Sharp witty well composed I can relate to the varied characters and situations some seem so real I almost recall meeting them DNothing but good feedback about this book the characters and events are given the proper treatment enough to make them come alive Couldn t put it own A Frog and the Treasure decent one time read about the protagonist who returns home to India on a one year sabbatical which turns to be longer and life changing than he had bargained for. Lps himiscover what it really means to be a NRI NRI Now Returned to India is the first book in a four part fiction series that The Butterfly Club deals with the life of Amol Dixit and is the author'sebut novel It was shortlisted by DNA Hachette in India for the “Hunt for the Next Bestseller” competition in 2014.

Y or person it is just his memories being revived Recall yours and give it a laugh Not every book needs to have a message Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors driven story sometimes the mere attempt is complete in itself This is one such caseI recommend this book especially for the NRIs This is because they will find that they are not alone in the pond there are countless sailing on same boat catching small fishes while hoping for a big catchSource Loved the characters Felt the storyragged in places but overall a good read Loved reading Mr Vyas s fictiona. Dand relocates to India in haste A series of missteps that follow throw his life in turmoil and cost him the woman he loves Amol learns the hard way that living in India is no cakewalk but inspite of these challenges he ecides to stay And just when his life hits rock bottom GB enters his life and he.

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Amar's debut novel NRINow returned to India is the first in the book series featuring the protagonist Amol Dixit A self described nomad Amar has lived in fifteen cities over the past twenty years including the two years he spent at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign as a graduate student Amar returned to India in 2008 after living for nearly a decade in the United States Two yea