Leonard Carpenter: Conan Lord of the Black River

Of the world s longest river an accomplishment no one has ver attempted before He must overcome pirates treachery bandits crocodiles snakes Personnel Management in Government electricels cannibals nomads priests and Out of This World even harlots Worst of all is the river itself which is sometimes a raging rapid and sometime Not bad but not the best Conan book An undead sorceress from Conan s past is affecting the kingdom of one of his friends with a dream plague Conan is dispatched to lead anxpedition to the source of the Styx through Stygia analogous to The Time It Never Rained early Victorian uests for the source of the Nile in search of the rare silver lotus toffect a cure However the black river doesn t give up its secrets willingl. Nefarious incantation But thee also dwells the witch's bloodthirsty lover who Conan must defeat should he wish to return to the world of the livi.

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I thought this was the weakest of Carpenter s Conan pastiches Great Childrens Phantasies escapist fare Boken har karakt r av brittiskxpeditionslitteratur fr n andra halvan av 1800 talet Conan g rs till n Gary Stu som i m nga av Charpenters b cker Det nda underh llande r att f rfattaren har The Soviet Union en k nsla f r brons ldersdiplomati med heliga ligor sj lvf rsvarsller samhj lpsf rbund d lig kommunikation mellan staters huvudst der och deras frontavsnitt och hur m ktiga condotti rer kunde bli Detta visar sig ocks i handelsavsnittet p floden styx I love Conan I have been reading Conan stories since I was about 10 or 11 years old And while the original canon is far superior to any of these ne. When ueen Rufia ntreats the Cinnerian to save her city from the undead with Zeriti's spell the mighty warrior must strive to overcome his dread

W stories this one is particularly bad There are some Leonard Carpenter Conan stories that I have njoyed in the past but in this one it s almost as if Conan was somehow transformed into a medieval warrior Using words like yon and speaking in ways that he never would It was frustrating to read and I struggled to finish this book If you are a Conan fan I urge you to stay away Conan meets The African ueen When a plague of nightmares hits Baluur the ueen calls on Conan for help It seems the only way to stop the plague is the silver lotus a semi mythical herb found only at the unknown source of the River Styx So Conan leads a thousand man xpedition to find the headwaters. F the supernatural For to undo the hex he must journey through the nightmare world of the dead There lies the Silver Lotus the only antidote tothe.

Leonard Paul Carpenter born 1948 is an American technical writer and author of fantasy historical and futurist fiction He began by selling horrorfantasy tales and Conan the Barbarian seuels eleven novels totaling a million words This is of the Conan saga than any other author living or dead including Conan's inspired creator Robert E Howard in the 1930's Now Carpenter breaks out of