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Wow What can I say about this awesome story This is excellent I have read many paranormal stories but this one is different in a really great way Isadore is iving in the swamp Yes the swamp it was her father s place he Pride left to her She has a visitor today and it s her two timing jerk ex boyfriend whom she wants nothing to do with He says he is stopping by to apologize but the truth is he isn t there to apologize He wants her and he wants her now Isadore wants nothing to do with this two timing bast dick for brains ass hat as she refers to him Not wanting toeave without taking what he wants and he will take what he wants That is when Ruin shows up Like a freaky apparition a man out of nowhere stood there staring at her At that point Isadore s brain was back to malfunctioning caught up on the deep green eyes They were so oddly bright in the dark The man pointed at Jared You Men lied Ruin stared at the human named Jared not understanding why the heat of the sun burned through him alongside the breath of ice roaring in his ears Ruin Iove this character What exactly is he Very mysterious Not a Vampire not a Wolf mage or any shifter I know of But he is definitely going to be one of the top paranormal characters for me anyway He doesn t know who or what he is just yet but you will find out a Isotopic Carbon little bit about him as you read the story He isearning as he goes He can feel what she is feeling and they affect him her fear her anger her sexual desires they all have an effect on him No you will not The Robotics Primer (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents) (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents) (Intelligent Robotics Autonomous Agents Series) learn everything about him just yet which is fine with me because I want to read about him anyway There are several characters in this book that I have come toike Mr Thibodeaux is one of them The story Step Out of Your Story line flows so well The next thing I knew I was done this book Once you start you will not put this down Great read So who is Ruin What does he want with Isadore What is going on with her neighbor s grandson And who the hell is messing with her traps Damn neighbors Some parts areaugh out The Eyes of the Dead loud funny while others make you hold your breath Then we have some erotic scenes Mr Bane does very well with these And here is no exception Iove that you don t Rules for a Lady let them get to far though winks Perfect Paranormal is one of my preferred genres but I have to say that I stopped reading it after a certain series came out because they were all so similar I was so impressed with the uniueness of this story and its characters The beginning was a bit slow to me with the authors introduction of both Ruin and Isadore but I think I hit that problem with every paranormal book I read It is the newness of the story and trying to put the pieces together that seem to have that effect Ruin is a very different character than what I have read in previous Para books He is still this hot brooding alpha male but heacks social skills which make. To judge and execute That is Ruin's power and desire But Ruin's memory is empty of how he came to be here on Earth and why After saving Isadore a neuroscienti.

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Ook one in the series and I Calebs Tempting Mate (Saber Chronicles loved every minute reading it The characters are very well developed and you will instantly fall inove with Isadore and Ruin and her crazy antics and banter This is one book that I will have no problem reading over and over A brilliant job well done Mr Bane Can t wait to read the rest I would have given this 45 stars if I had the choice For this being my first paranormal read besides Twilight I must say that it kept me very entertained I ABC love Ruin I think he is a very interesting character and I cannot wait for the second installment to see his character really shine The reason for my minus5 star is because I think Lucian needs to develop Isadore aittle She was really scatter brained for being a neuroscientist And to me she s not the strongest female Odd Man In lead that I would have pictured for that role So we will see what happens in the next oneMoving on to the sex causeet s face itthat s one of the reasons why we read it I Palace Intrigue (A Medieval Tale love the sexual energy and the build up between the characters HOWEVER Lucian is a BIG freaking TEASE Gah I wouldove nothing than to find that man and rough him up a Parking Lot Rules 75 Other Ideas for Raising Amazing Children little As a Dom I can only imagine him saying somethingike Delayed gratification my Carlyle Marney love Trust me it will be worth the wait Yadda yadda yadda is what I say Mr Bane Hope the new wife delays your gratification I won this through a contest on Booklikes Itooked interesting but I didn t enjoy it all that muchRuin is the hero He seems to just come to exist in the swamp one day He knows things but not really It turns out he s a carnificem A type of angel and it seems ike he s reborn periodically although that is not specifically stated He s also referred to as woe He has a bunch of tattoos that are ike a keyboard for navigating to the people he is supposed to judge and executeIsadora is the heroine Ruin watches her from afar for a couple of days and interrupts as an ex boyfriend is about to rape her Ruin feels tied to Isadora for some reason She is supposed to be super smart and a scientist She s uite the contradiction She s attracted to Ruin and gives him several books encyclopedia medical text etc to help educate him Her scientist background is mentioned many times in this early part of the book Then she ets him finger her to orgasm and gets pissed off when he won t fuck her The next day when he wants to fuck her she s suddenly a Christian woman and won t have sex outside of marriage and without ove This eads to Ruin reading her bible and going to church with her They begin having debates about religion It just becomes ridiculousAnd it ends in a cliffhanger Luckily I m not interested in continuing I have no clue wtf I just read I don t know what is going onwhy the fuck anything is happening Who or what these non human things are But I m just curious enough to move on to book Ed to such a difficult and beautiful woman who can't help but involve herself in every aspect of his business is proving to be difficult than judging the worl.

S for some hil FREE on iBooks today 92018 I have previously read only two paranormal books and I was not thrilled with the genre because I found it hard to relate to characters with unearthly abilities So why did I choose to read this book There is one simple answer Lucian Bane wrote it Although I was not on board initially when Lucian stated he wanted his next series after Dom Wars to contain paranormal elements I was willing to give this book a chance I believe that Lucian is a master writer who incorporates sophisticated use of anguage a uniue story Angel Without Mercy (Agnes Carmichael, line well developed characters and a good dose of campy humor in his books My expectations for those ualities to be present in a new genre were definitely met in Ruin The Waking The story opens with a description of Isadore a self sufficient uirky neuroscientist from Boston who isiving in a home that she has inherited in the swamps of Louisiana It seems to be a good place to hide from a crazy ex Her Gold Rush life pretty much consists of obsessively mopping her floors with Pine Sol tending to her crawfish traps and helping her neighbors Isadore isovable from the first paragraph of the story Events take place that Girl Reporter lead Ruin an unworldly but beautiful specimen of a man to enter Isadore sife Although apprehensive she agrees to help Ruin Hunted learn the basics ofiving in a mortal world including mastering the Gingerbread Heart language which proves to be uite hilarious at times Fire and ice are the key components of their relationship bothiterally and figuratively As Ruin discovers his destiny of being a judge and executor of wicked humans Isadore finds herself drawn to him and yet she consistently challenges him at every turn something Ruin finds himself attracted to but shared sexual desires become complicated by morality Mr Bane has drawn me into this story deeply but has eft me with so many unanswered uestions While I was reading I kept ooking at the number of pages Biz Talk-2 left to read hoping desperately that it would not end before my uestions were answered I was in no way ready for the to be continued that appeared I do however highly recommend this book to all readers regardless of whether or not youike paranormal And Lucian please don t make us wait too Ricky Ricottas Mighty Robot vs the Stupid Stinkbugs from Saturn (Ricky Ricotta, long for the next part of Ruin and Isadore s story Intense Fascinating Real Gripping Intriguing Uniue Addicting A Fantastic Read I Loved It Wasn t sure what to think about you writing something paranormal Lucianbut I LUV Ruinand damn Lucian you can write some amazingly hot scenes I cannot wait to read about Ruin and Isadore Paranormal books are not my usual go to books when reading however after reading RUIN The Waking I am hooked Lucian Bane has this magical way to spin a tale that draws you in from page one Iiterally was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what was going to happen next This is St A Historical Atlas of Tibet living in the swamps of Louisiana from a sexual predator she volunteers to help him Ruin soon discovers that judging and executing wicked humans whileink.

I’m a husband and author and I may be a little religious about both I like writing hot sex and encapsulating it in the delicate white silk of devotion commitment and psychotic obsession Lucian