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RELEASE DATE January 27 2015RATING 3 Stars Worth reuesting at library or buying in aperbackGENRE Christian Fiction RomanceAUDIENCE Fans of Debbie Macomber and Irene Hannon as well as folks who enjoy a good Christian romance story will enjoy this bookSERIES Currently a standalone but could morph into a seriesSUMMARY Blurb from Netgalley The handsome firefighter makes a living coming to eople s rescue but Gin is used to fighting her own battlesNothing has ever come easy for single mom Ginevieve Lightly Over the years she s managed to ay the bills waitressing and she is deeply devoted to her daughter Raine Gin has been satisfied moving from city to city never New Perspectives On Criseyde putting down roots or making commitments But when engine trouble temporarily strands them in the small town of Banister Falls Wisconsin Ginromises her daughter they will stay ut until Raine graduates from high school in the springDan Moretti couldn t imagine a life without Evie but she married his best friend After Max died while fighting a huge blaze Dan has looked out for Evie and her son Cody Evie has always made it clear she thinks of him only as a friend but Dan has secretly held out hope that her feelings would change When a small town scandal erupts Dan is caught in the middle and his loyalty ut to the test when he realizes his feelings are the ones that are changing He s falling for a beautiful unconventional waitress named GinAs Cody and Raine move closer to making decisions that will affect the rest of their lives Dan makes a decision too But can he convince a woman who doesn t believe in happy endings to take a chance on a new beginning with him REVIEW From the beginning of the book I was really impressed with how authentic were Gin is raising her beautiful teenage daughter Raine the best way she can teaching her to be independent and strong After years of living a nomadic life Raine convinces her mom to stay in one That Noble Dream place long enough for Raine to graduate from high school Gin gets a job as a waitress at a kind of dumpy little diner but she makes enough for them to get by without help from anyone Her strong streak of independence is sorely tested when Raine comes home and tells her she sregnant Al at once Gin is thrust into making new relationships with Evie the baby daddy s mother and the hot hunk of a fire chief that has been helping Evie and her son Cody since their husband and father died in a fire years earlier The walls Gin has The Shadows I Followed put up torotect herself are being dismantled brick by brick terrifying and thrilling Gin all at onceI thought the way Gin and Evie s relationship developed first filled with animosity and resentment and then acceptance and caring was tenderly and sincerely written The shock that their teens are going to be Japanese Etiquette parents brought them together rapidly and author Katherine Springer managed toull it off realistically without being over the topGin s relationship with hunk fire chief Dan builds slower and throughout the book readers understand Gin s resistance and Dan s growing love for Gin It was sweet to read how both of them had some serious emotional baggage to overcome but managed to get through it for a wonderful ending to the bookYoungsters Raine and Cody also had a wonderful storyline throughout the book Although most teens their age would be severely tested becoming The Cowboy and His Baby parents at such aivotal Secure Location point in their lives readers get to know both of them and how strong their love is I cried The handsome firefighter makes a living coming toeople's rescue but Gin is used to fighting her own battles Nothing has ever come easy for single mom Genevieve Lightly Over the years she's managed to ay the bills waitressing and she is deeply devoted to her daughter Raine Gin has been satisfied moving from city to city never putting down roots or making commitments But when engine trouble temporarily strands them in the small

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Indle fire through 21515 on my blog at I really enjoyed this book I ve never read this author before but her voice was very descriptive the writing full of wonderful imagery that really brought the story and its characters to life The ending was a bit too rushed for my taste I would ve referred a longer glimpse of the denouement for each main story thread and there were a few scenes with Dan s family where I got lost in the sheer number of names and minor characters thrown at me but overall this was a very touching read Full review coming soon Excellent contemporary fiction novel This novel shared the arallel stories of Gin and Dan Cody and Raine The story flowed well and the ages turned uickly This was a great story about trusting Ginevieve Gin Lightly has never lived long enough in the same Reign of Ash (The Chosen place to call it home But this time she finds herself stuck in Banister Falls because of aroblem with her car and Bred by the Beastmen (Bred by the Beastmen promises her daughter Raine that they will stay in that town until her graduation Certainly the last thing she imagines is the unexpectedregnancy of the young girl only a few months after meeting the town s golden boy Cody Bennett Add to this complicated situation the Fline en Lingerie presence at first annoying then indispensable and valued of a firefighter who is very important in Cody and his mother s life Dan Moretti Gin is hurt She is scared and does not trust men She cannot trust any man because she suffered a lot in herast Dan is kind he is a man that has devoted his life himself to help a dear friend widowed too soon raise her child Gin and Dan meet in a Surface peculiar way and they soon realize that the best solution is staying away from each other She does not need any knights in shining armour and he he does not need new challenges But fate cannot be avoidedGin and Dan s story intertwines with Raine and Cody s but in my opinion the adults are the realrotagonists of this book Through Raine and Cody s experiences that find themselves living a complicated but extremely important moment in their lives Gin and Dan will ask themselves some uestions they will face their fears and insecurities and they will try to understand what to do when it comes to special feelingsRaine and Cody despite their age are very mature and somehow their choices and decisions influence I might say inspire Gin and Dan s actions This is a story where the adults have the chance to learn something as well and it is lovely that two eighteen year old guys teach them this something A special mention goes to Evie Cody s mother that thanks to her son will go back in time and will reminisce her life after her husband s death She will reflect upon her choices and she too will start a new life I cannot wait to read her story in the second book of the seriesIf I have to be honest the first chapters of this novel did not captivate me in fact I was not sure I would enjoy it But the I read the I realized that I could not wait to ick this book up again Gin was the character that affected me the most I was very curious to try to understand her fears and find out if that wall she had built around her would fall down and how it would and the outcome was really satisfying Romantic and sweet than most endings Gin deserved such a special momentIf you love contemporary novels do grab a copy of The Dandelion Field and let yourself get carried away to a small town Banister Falls where trusting has never been so fulfilling and liberating. Mall town scandal erupts Dan is caught in the middle and his loyalty ut to the test when he realizes his feelings are the ones that are changing He's falling for a beautiful unconventional waitress named GinAs Cody and Raine move closer to making decisions that will affect the rest of their lives Dan makes a decision too But can he convince a woman who doesn't believe in happy endings to take a chance on a new beginning with hi.

T several oints in this book but none so hard as when Cody and Raine s love for each other shone through the agesAll of the characters were well developed and true to reality Of course there were some baddies no book is a good book without a threatening cad here or there and Springer created them so clearly I could The Scot picture them in my mind Cozie by the way could totally beortrayed by Steve Buscemi if they ever make a movie out of this storyChristian fiction isn t something I always enjoy especially if an agenda is being Spring Snow pushed too hard Springer kept the all the character s faith or lack thereof an important but not overbearing theme in The Dandelion Field I uite enjoyed it Tremendous thanks to Netgalley and Zondervan Fiction for an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review FYI Katherine Springer has written many other books To see what other books may be of interestlease visit her website at The Dandelion Field was a wonderful and refreshing story that caught my attention from The Greatest Victory page one and didn t let upeven at the end of the book I still find myself thinking of these characters and their lives days laterTheremise of the book is clearly stated in the book s description so I am not giving anything away by discussing the central theme that Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, pulls the characters of Ginevieve and Raine Lightly together with Dan Moretti Cody Bennett and Evie Bennett The situation is this Raine and Cody are seniors who are about to graduate from high school and they shock both of their families with the announcement that Raine isregnant and it is Cody s childI just love how realistic the reactions feel in this story I know that every family experiencing this situation would respond in their own Fates Monolith (MacLomain, particular way But in this story there is disbelief and shock as well as blamelacing There are concerns about how this will affect these young eople s futures There is concern about how they will be treated at school church and around town It is just so complex and so realI liked all of the characters and how we even got to know Max Cody s late father through flashbacks that Dan had It really gave me a good insight on why Dan and Evie s friendship was so complex as well as how connected they both were to himGin and Dan were interesting characters Gin had zero trust for men in her heart and good reason for it too Dan was a solid rock for so many in the story He layed the role of father figure friend fire chief and Christian role model But strangely enough both Gin and Dan were still caught up in the A Family Scandal past in many ways He carried heavy burdens and unresolved feelings that only began to give way when he got to know Ginevieve And Gin continually fought the need to flee challenging situations I think one of the best things about this story was the way the main characters grew toward God as they grew toward each otherCody strong in his faith and Raine a new Christian were everything I could admire in two young adults facing this surpriseregnancy It was interesting to see how each handled the news and the way Ruthless Game (GhostWalkers, people treated themThe romantic threads that ran through both Cody and Raine s story I loved the flashbacks of how they met and connected as well as Gin and Dan s story were very well done The storytelling just flowed for me I loved this bookI received a copy of this book from theublisher through Litfuse Publicity in exchange for an honest reviewYou can read this review on my blog and enter to win a Own of Banister Falls Wisconsin Gin The Perfect Weapon promises her daughter they will stayut until Raine graduates from high school in the springDan Moretti couldn't imagine a life without Evie but she married his best friend After Max died while fighting a huge blaze Dan has looked out for Evie and her son Cody Evie has always made it clear she thinks of him only as a friend but Dan has secretly held out hope that her feelings would change When a

Kathryn Springer winner of the 2007 Write Touch Reader’s Award long contemporary grew up in a small town in northern Wisconsin where her parents published a weekly newspaper As a child she spent many hours sitting at her mother’s typewriter plunking out stories and credits her parents for instilling in her a love of books – which eventually turned into a desire to tell stories of her own