Helen Dickson: Heiress in Regency Society

Vilbut the position is hers if she'll accept As sparks fly between her and the magnificent man of the house Eve earns that shockingly the dark hearted Lord is carrying the weight of ruin on his broad shoulders Desperately craving the security she's never had Eve offers a proposal in return for her secret fortune she asks only that he take her hand in marriage.

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THE DEFIANT DEBUTANTEEligible attractive Alex Montgomery Earl of Arlington has always done just as he pleases Society adies adore him and a string of mistresses warm his bed He's yet to meet the woman who could refuse him Then he's introduced to the strikingly unconventional Miss Angelina Hamilton Their animated altercations and her dark passionate eyes affec.

T him deeply than he cares to admit So Alex makes up his mind to tame this headstrong girl But the beautiful Miss Hamilton has plans of her own and they don't include marriage to a rakeFROM GOVERNESS TO SOCIETY BRIDEThe Lord's convenient wife Lord Lucas Stainton is in need of a governess The man is ruthless rude beyond belief and Eve Brody wishes him to the de.