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ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewRecently I ve been wanting to read new adult contemporary novel so when I saw this one on NetGalley and read the blurb I knew I needed to read this book This book follows Megan a math student and her cryptography professor Dr Nick Muramoto I need to say that I needed to read this Anyone who knows me knows how much I loved PLL and if you watch it you may know who was my favorite couple That s right I loved Aria and Fitz so I this book interested me because it was a similar situationThis was a cute new adult book with a forbidden romance As you may imagine the studentteacher relationship is a big part of this book but it s not the only thing that happens I liked how not only Megan had to deal with this but also with some family problems Something I also liked was the connection between Megan and Nick because they were both mature characters who liked to discuss different topics Another thing I loved in this book was the diversity Megan is African American and Nick is Asian American so it was cool to have some diverse main characters Of course that the book also had a few problems for me My first big problem in this book was the instalove thing In the beginning Megan is someone who loves to have fun and doesn t want a serious relationship but from the moment that she enters in Dr Muramoto class and sees him that she changes completely and only thinks about him Another thing that would get me mad while reading this book was that sometimes they would make stupid decisions that could ruin their careers I also would have liked that the author had developed a little bit the cryptography thing Sometimes it would be used but it would be great if it was used and if the author would have included some of the codes in the book However this was a great book and a fast read The end was a little bit rushed but it was still cuteOverall I enjoyed this book even that I was expecting It had a few problems but I still enjoyed it If you like new adult novels you should try this one I received an advance copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewTo be honest my initial interest in Break Your Heart was that the main characters were of color An African American heroine and Asian American hero fantastic setup and I m in Bravo to the author for making their race a non issue A math major and cryptography professor double bravo for cool characters period This was a refreshing break from the typical New Adult romance There were no virgins with past sexual abuse no rich uarterbacks with daddy issues no silly pactsbets with the gay bffpromiscuous roomie no blackmail etc Don t get me wrong NA romances can be over the top fun and frenzied but Break Your Heart is a slow building layered look at Megan a college student trying to be smart and strong while figuring out love and life for the first time Megan a senior majoring in math and Nick her modern cryptography professor are struggling to resist their powerful mutual attraction with Nick s ob as a tenure track professor on the lineGod I shouldn t want you he said and the rawness in his voice nearly undid me He was as hungry as I was his anguish clear in the lines on his face the near anger in his eyes I shouldn t but I doMegan is barely coping with hiding her infatuation with her professor when her life is further complicated by issues with her mom Juggling secrets and feelings forces her to realize ust what she really does want from her lifeSometimes you have to silence the noise around you to listen to what your heart is whisperingI enjoyed that both Megan and Nick were mature and smart there were no TSTL moments or alphaholes here And the romance I adored Nick s Terminal Tower gesture Total sappy moment there Break Your Heart wasn t perfect at times the writing dragged and it was clear who the villain was But I enjoyed this unexpectedly mature NA romance far than. Fearless and flirtatious Megan Porter isn't your typical math major On the fast track to graduating with honors a spot in her school's masters program is nearly guaranteed But her senior year is uickly turned upside down by her new thesis advisor cryptography professor Dr Nick Muramoto Young effortlessly good looking and intellectual he's far int.

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Was until he had a heart attack The new teacher is Dr Nick Muramoto a professor who is ten years older than Megan very enthusiastic about math and cryptography and ust happens to be very smart And incredibly handsome Obviously he is overseeing Megan s thesis now An attraction develops between them throughout their interactions and soon they are unable to stay away from each other But Nick Mud and Stars just got tenure and he has a lot to lose And so does Megan But the they try to pull away the stronger they gravitate towards each other Are their feelings worth risking what each of them has been striving to achieve their entire lives And can Megan and Nick deal with the inevitable crash and burn when it comesThe reason I haven t written reviews in a while is because my tablet broke last month and I couldn t fix it until two days ago so I didn t have access to the majority of my books for almost a month Yes it was torture But I was over the moon when I finally managed to fix it And all by myself too Break Your Heart was the first book that popped out on my newly restored Kindle and I was in the mood for New Adult after having finished the amazing Off Campus seriesTeacher student romance are either a hit or a miss for me Break Your Heart was most certainly a hit Not only was I immensely pleased to read a book with an African American protagonist with STEM aspirations and an Asian American love interest but I also appreciated that the book was well written and characters weren t caricatures and thereust to score diversity points They felt real and relatable especially the women Megan was obviously the star of the book but her friends Casey and Kelly weren t ust there to fill in spots on the background They had their own backstories that didn t make the narrative all about Megan which I really liked And the female friendships in the book were also wonderful to read about The male characters were a bit bland there is a nice guy an uneducated entitled ock or five and other stereotypical college males But this story wasn t about themThe character of Megan Porter is that of a modern young woman who is ambitious driven and yet knows how to have fun and to capture a guy s attention and values life outside of work and academia She might be a math enthusiast but we can clearly see that family and friends would always come first for her Before math and most certainly before a guy even one as amazing as a hot college professor who is very very good in bedWhen it comes to romance I understand that in a New Adult book it is one of the primary subjects but I don t like when that s all the book focuses on Luckily the author didn t do that True the relationship between Megan and Nick took up a lot of the novel but there were also subplots that focused on Megan dealing with issues many young women deal with today Family friendships the future and other things that were important to Megan might have all been affected by the relationship but we got to see how Megan dealt with them without making her life all about Nick and that s what s important The romantic scenes and the sex scenes were okay I ve read better but I ve been spoiled by Dahlia Adler Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy who are so damn good at writing them they basically ruined sex scenes for me that are written by other writersI would certainly recommend Break Your Heart to fans of New Adult and to those who are looking for a nice way to spend an afternoon This Eros Unbound (Great Loves, just didn t work for me at all The characters seemed contradictory to themselves the plot moved rather slowly and really didn t get established right away The trope of studentteacher hasust been done better in other novels So while this might work for many people it Ma mre m'a tu - Survivre au gnocide des Tutsis au Rwanda just didn t for me This book came unsolicited in my mail box and it is a teacherstudent romance so I thought I d try it It also features an African American heroine and an Asian American hero and I lov. Nship is discovered Nick's career could be over With Megan's parents close to campus on business hiding their love becomes an even greater challenge Yet keeping secrets will lead Megan to discover hers isust one piece in a much larger puzzle next to her mother's stash of painkillers that may put her carefully laid plans for the future in eopar.

The previous book Scratch Will Kelly be next to get her HEA ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewFor me I was expecting a lot from this book I thought it was going to be a contemporary I d enjoy but sadly I didn t like this book I found the characters lacked substances and sometimes would contradict themselves I thought the plot was boring making it really hard to go through the book Overall was not my favorite ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewOk I m ust going to be honest here This book La Stratgie du camlon just wasn t for me I really tried to enjoy itbuy into the story but it wasn t in the cards I found myself liking it less less the further I read I finished it but it was a struggleHere were my key areas of aggravation I didn t like Megan Like at all I went to college once and to be honest I hated the Megans of the world Those party girls who knew they were cute loved hooking up went out every night and dated onlyocks I especially HATED the ones who thought that people who didn t go out me should be going out Like they were missing some pivotal get drunk in a random bar every night life experience that Personality Selling just HAD to happen to make one a well rounded individual UGH Yepthose Megans were annoying This Megan is one of THOSE Why did Megan and Nick like each other What was it Can someone explain it to me More specifically why did Nick like Megan Because they were both good looking and enjoyed math Seriously I m sure there was something deeper there but it was never explained Both of them risked so much to be together so in my opinion there should have been a stronger explanation for their attraction In many ways I thought the lack info on this matter made me disrespect both characters Megan s mom s drama It wasn t needed There was enough angst possibilities with the whole studentteacher thing that pill popping from a woman who was barely in the book seemed silly Maybe if she d been a central character up until that point I would have cared but how things were written itust seemed like silly plot point for extra dramaOk those are my thoughts I really tried I promise Not my cuppa A bit immature for my liking I am sure it will find its audience and do well though Want to see from me Check out my Youtube channel I received this book in exchange for my honest review Megan Porter is a math major about to graduate university On her first day of class she discovers there is a new professor Dr Nick Muramoto who she feels an instant attraction too After they share a passionate kiss they begin a romance that might Lissa jeopardise everything Megan has worked so hard for This book was nothing special to me It was entertaining while I read it but it won t be one that stays with me afterwards I liked how diverse the cast was but other than that nothing reallyumped out to me Megan kind of bothered me I felt she was very contradictory to herself a lot of the time Nick ust weirded me out with some of the things he did I dunno ust wasn t my favourite read I want to know how someone could be a senior undergrad math major on track to graduating with honors and never have made the connection between math and cryptography My suspension of disbelief ust can t flex that far DNF at that line I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewMegan Porter is a senior at prestigious college in Conencticut and she is very excited to start her mathematics graduate program in a few months She loves math she loves socialising and she is driven to succeed But first she has to get through senior year And that means taking on brand new classes meet new people perhaps rekindle a few flames in between and of course say goodbye to her roommate Casey who has plans to move in with her boyfriend soonOne of the many exciting new things Megan is tackling is her cryptography class and the teacher ust happens to be her advisor At least he. Riguing than the immature ocks Megan usually goes for And as she decodes the hidden messages he leaves in the margins of her assignments and in their emails she realizes this might be than a schoolgirl crush especially after they share a passionate kissSoon Nick and Megan grow closer and their different worlds begin to merge But if their relatio.


Rhonda Helms started writing several years ago She has a Master's degree in English and a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing She also edits for Carina Press an imprint of Harleuin Publishing and freelance editsWhen she isn't writing she likes to do amateur photography dig her toes into the sand read for hours at a time and eat scads of cheese WAY too much cheeseRhonda lives in North