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The last single Cash BrotherAs the oungest Cash brother Porter has always had someone to watch out for him So it was easy to be the laid back fun loving brother that no one took seriousAs the only child of Chinese parents Wendy feels the pressure of doing what is expected of her and what her parents think is right for her But a road trip with Porter Cash makes her uestion her prioritiesWhen Wendy has to go on the road with Porter for a week long trip hauling bulls she realizes she is still as attracted to him as she ever was But her parents will never approve When they come together Wendy knows she will never be able to forget him Porter can t stop thinking about Wendy She has told him how her parents are but she should be able to decide who she can be with Can he make her parents see that he is good enough for their daughter Will she finally stand up to her parents and have a cowboy of her ownI have loved this series and Porter s story is no exception It has the added bonus of having some mystery and intrigue that was just perfect I was rooting for Wendy and Porter from page one Baby brother Porter Cash has always been seen as the slacker baby of the Cash family He has a little but of all his siblings in him but never new his path Until he finds land that he wants to make his He sets himself on a course to try to grow up as his own Cash man Wendy Chin tries her hardest to be everything her strict parents want her to be When her insurance company job reuires her to travel with Porter on a cattle run Wendy thinks she will see the same unambitious woman chasing Porter she s known Instead of that boy always trying to get out of work she finds that Porter takes his job seriously and is working towards a dream She could even see herself with him if it wasn t for her parents wishes that she marry someone seen as responsiblePorter sets out to prove to Wendy that he is good enough for her and her parents He wants to be the man that she needs and believes he can But Porter has another problemsome of his brothers think they may know who his father is Will Porter be the Cash Brother who finds his father and is he just like him Can he prove that he has what it takes to be the man Wendy wantsIt was a great ending to the series but I hope some of the other characters come around in future Marin Thomas books I just love this series and am so sad that it is ending Can t wait for whatever Marin writes next Marin pens a fine story giving the final Cash sibling his HEA The heroine s desire to please her parents The Defense (Eddie Flynn yet find her own happiness is nicely presented RT Book Reviews 4 starsMiniseries The Cash Brothers The last of the Cash Brothers has fallenPorter Waggoner Cash is theoungest of the brothers He s always been the playful never ready to settle good times brother As he sees his brothers settling down getting married and having children his outlook has changed Determined to prove to everyone that he can hold down a job and build a future he takes on a full time job of hauling Rodeo Bulls Wendy Chin has been brought up to be hard working and to always please her parents Her parents ideal man for Wendy would be Chinese Currently working for an Insurance Agency she is given the task of finding out why one of their major clients is filing insurance claims on missing bulls Wendy has to do a ride along with Porter Being as she is a friend of his sister he was always told to stay away During the trip they find that there is to the other than they ever knew Falling in love was not an option but it was unavoidable Porter realized that Wendy is who he was waiting for now to convince her and her strict parents is going to the the hardest job he has ever attempted Having fallen completely in love with the Cash Brothers Series by the amazing Marin Thomas at book one it is truly sad to see this series end Each and every book is a gem and A Cowboy of Her Own is no exception Porter Cash the last holdout in the Cash clan for marriage has always been considered the one least likely to succeed by his family and friends but now nearing thirty and seeing his siblings and their growing families all happy and settled Porter earns for some of what they have He s setting his sights on owning his own ranch and raising bucking broncos and in order to achieve that he begins by holding down a well paying job transporting livestock He wants to prove his family wrong and hold down a job and live his dream Wendy Chin has known the Cash family since her schooldays with BFF Dixie She knows very well Porter s reputation and plans to steer clear of him even though the insurance company she works for has sent her on a ride along with Porter to discover if there is any foul play on the company s part with the disappearance of bulls during transportationThe hard working Wendy is to determine if the livestock owner can be paid his insurance claim or if he is involved with the thieving Wendy finds herself in a tight situation when she finds Porter to be one attractive cowboy and being in close uarters getting to know the real Porter makes her see him in a whole new light She has her own crosses to bear being a Chinese American who tends to adhere to her parents very strict upbringing and beliefs Those beliefs are paramount to her so even if she had an itch to make Porter hers her family would never accept the relationshipPorter is having a tough time making it through the hours and hours seated next to the pretty petite Wendy Chin Not his usual type the time he spends with the spitfire the his attraction to her comes out Even though Wendy knows that Porter isn t for her she feels an unnerving desire for him that becomes heated desire uickly between them Even when warned off both are reluctant to end what they ha. He wasn't looking for love Fun loving Arizona rodeo cowboy Porter Cash has always been interested in having a good time than a steady paycheck But to realize his dream of owning his own ranch Porter needs this new job delivering.

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Ve going Porter uickly realizes that Wendy is not another fling and she s nothing like his last love Once he s mindset on taking things further with Wendy it will take a lot of convincing of not only Wendy but her old fashioned Chinese American parents who want her with her own kind While this is all going on Porter comes to find out the possible identity of his biological father which makes him wonder if he truly wants to know for sure since his siblings didn t have any luck with their fathers How would his siblings feel if he actually had a parent who cared One who stepped up to this plate even if it was almost thirty ears in the making A Cowboy Of Her Own by Marin Thomas is a superbly written ending to an amazing series Every single character Ms Thomas writes is an old friend who the reader wants to help find his or hers HEA The Cash family are real people with real issues that make her books so delightful to read Watching the Cash Family grow from just the siblings to all the significant others and their offspring and then some is a wonder to watch Porter has been a favorite from the very beginning with his easy going manner his loyalty to his family and his great sense of humor it s a sublime feeling to see him come full circle and get all he dreams of I will miss this family and this series but I know that Ms Thomas has so much in store for her readers I so highly recommend A Cowboy Of Her Own it is a story that will stick with ou KIMBERLY Wendy comes from a strict family and while her parents are trying to set her up with a nice successful Chinese man Wendy just isn t into it While shes on an investigation on Porter and others and must keep her eye on him Little did she know that she d fall for him Now they must figure out who is behind the reason shes on the investigation and get her parents to let her or at least accept her to continue a relationship with PorterThis was an enjoyable and short book it only took me a couple hours to read because I just could nt put it down I loved the characters I loved how family This was an intriguing novel Thomas captured my attention with the variety of different components in the story Mystery and romance combine in a natural manner becoming part of the lives of the characters I definitely felt for Porter He s a really good guy just trying to find his way Contrasted with Wendy who finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place ou have a winning pair of main characters I will admit that there were times throughout where they both annoyed me a little I wanted to tell them both to grow up and stand on their own Falling Through Clouds yet at the same time I fully understood where they were coming from Thomas developed them in such a way thatou couldn t fail to understand them As a whole I uite enjoyed this novel It was a sweet read with that hint of something It wasn t my first novel by Thomas nor will it be my last Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review Fantastic conclusion to the Cash Brothers series I m sad to see it end but so happy to see all six brothers find their true loves Porter is the last Cash brother left unmarried He s always been the one least likely to settle down He likes the ladies and has been known to move from job to job as he gets tired of them But he s been dissatisfied with life lately He sees how happy his brothers are and is a bit envious He s got a dream of his own to have his own ranch to raise bucking horses for rodeos To do that he needs a steady job to earn the money for the land he has his eye on He s gotten a job transporting rodeo animals but wonders if that job is in jeopardy when insurance adjuster Wendy Chin joins him on his latest tripWendy is a hardworking woman whose life is centered on her work and her family She s been raised by strict traditional Chinese parents but she longs for a life with a little fun in it She s aware of Porter s reputation since she s been friends with his sister for a long time When he dares her to let loose and have a little fun she can t resist the challenge She doesn t expect the attraction that comes along with the fun She s not happy about it because there s no way it can go anywhere She knows that there s no way her parents would ever accept him The time they spend together the deeper her feelings grow for himI loved seeing Porter and Wendy together They are a terrific balance for each other though both have some issues they have to overcome Porter feels somewhat self conscious around Wendy because he never went to college and doesn t exactly have a successful career going on He also has some trust issues stemming from a relationship a few ears earlier when the woman had used him to make another man jealous He has the occasional worry that Wendy is using him for her job But his feelings for her overpower most of his doubts I loved seeing him introduce her to darts and karaoke I really liked the way that he was determined to prove himself to her parents and show them that he was worthy of Wendy I got really frustrated with his brothers and sister when they were ragging on him about his many jobs and women without noticing that he had changedI really felt bad for Wendy with the situation she was in She s a modern American woman with a great job who is smart and pretty and longs for a chance to have a normal life But she was raised to respect her parents their values and traditions After a disastrous relationship in college she doesn t trust her own judgment so has been going along with her parents choices for her dates The problem is that none of those nice successful Chinese men have done a thing for her Porter is the one her heart has chosen She really wants to respect her parents wishes but the idea of giv. Roughstock to rodeos What he doesn't need is a too serious too smart and too sexy for her own good copilot on the trip When savvy insurance adjuster Wendy Chin joins Porter for the haul she is all work and no play But soon busi.

Ing up her happiness to do so is breaking her heart I was really rooting for her to stand up to themI enjoyed the secondary story of the investigation into why Porter s boss had had several of his bulls disappear while being transported It added a little bit of suspense and action to the story There was also an interesting twist involving the identity of Porter s father that made a great addition to the bookThe ending was sweet and funny as Wendy s parents were treated to a parade of people pleading Porter s case I loved Wendy s reaction and what she did afterward The epilogue was a very satisfying wrap up Compliments will get ou nowhere What about kissesKisses will get ou far very far she murmuredAwwwwwwww Kissing This book ended up being so cute and satisfyingPorter Cash is a bucking bronco riding gadabout Or at least that s what everyone thinks of him Only interested in having a good time never settling for one woman one job or one place But actually he s held down a driving job for months and is saving money to buy a ranch where he can breed rodeo stockWendy Chin is a smart career woman with tailored suits and long work days Her Chinese American parents have seen to it that she go far in the corporate world She is still living with them in a duplex and they are very overprotective and very determined that she marry a Chinese man of their choosing But Wendy wants nothing to do with the boring ambitious executives that her father keeps setting her up withWhen Wendy is assigned to do a drive alone with Porter both are nervous about how the drive might go and neither one expects the sparks that fly between themI liked this book because Thomas actually made a stab at character development here Porter is pegged by everyone as a no good layabout And this reputation cripples him when he actually tries to settle down He has a big family and they all think they know him when really they are pigeonholing him in a roleWendy has the huge struggle of dealing with her parents They are absolutely suffocating It s almost impossible for her to stand up to them because she loves them and doesn t want to be disrespectful of themI have to admit that I am a big fan of books where a hero or heroine has to stand up to their parents for whatever reason and break free to live an independent life I really always enjoy that kind of storyline It was heartrending to see Porter and Wendy be really in love with each other but unable to be together because of her parents stubbornness But Porter is so goshdarn persistent and I really liked how he was determined to fight for Wendy no matter the obstacles in their wayThe book was also extremely romantic and cute When Porter says But Wendy had loosened up and the sparkle of her brown eyes had triggered a few fantasies I was bracing myself for something sexual but riding horses in the mountains together taking a walk through the pecan groves the two of them sitting on the front seat of his truck listening to a Luke Bryan CDAwwwwww That s so cute Another issue that this book deals with is interracial dating I liked this I know so many interracial couples in real life and they are not often reflected in the media And Thomas is pretty matter of fact and straightforward about some challenges that interracial dating might bring That being said the book wasn t perfect I was a bit afraid at the beginning that I was going to be mired in Asian woman fetishizing The first two chapters are full of almond eyes and diminutiveness delicate skin and small breasts and I was like Oh gosh I m going to hate this book Luckily Thomas cuts that shit out and Wendy becomes a very human and fleshed out character in her own right And Thomas was great at pulling on the heartstrings I was genuinely upset when Wendy and Porter were driven apart If I am feeling sad about the characters not being together ou know it s a good romance I cared about the characters and liked them Did she know his dream had changed What good would it do to own a ranch if he didn t have Wendy to share it with He d rather work a ten hour shift seven days a week on an assembly line if it allowed him to come home to Wendy at the end of the dayI really liked what Thomas said about laid back men Even with all the pressures of her job and her boss counting on her to help solve the case of the missing bulls her stress levels decreased in Porter s presenceWhen she reflected back on the men her father had set her up with men with serious drive and lofty career aspirations she d never felt at ease in their company even though she d had a lot in common with them than with PorterThis is exactly why I date chill men Type A men make me nervous and stressed outAnother plus was that Wendy speaks Spanish and instead of writing any dialogue in Spanish and butchering it Thomas just does Wendy talked to the waitress in Spanish or whatever leaving actual Spanish out of it This is a good and smart decision and one I appreciate a lotHow s the sex CarmenNah The kissing and sex isn t very described I wouldn t get to excited This is Harleuin s American Romance line after all If ou want good steamy sex I d recommend Blaze or perhaps Historical I wish the sex and kissing had been descriptive this could have potentially been a five star romance for me but oh wellOh and there was this gut busting line He popped off the bed hair rumpled from her fingers mouth red from their kisses and removed his clothes offering Wendy a full frontal view of his cowboy awesomenessReally Cowboy awesomeness Is that what they re calling it now LOL DTl dr A surprisingly cute and exciting romance from Harleuin s American Romance line I was pleasantly shockedTHREE REAL STARS FOUR ROMANCE STARS With hotter sex this would have been a five star romance. Ness turns to pleasure and Wendy is conflicted Her heart wants Porter but her strict Chinese American parents will never support the match Can Porter find a way to prove to Wendy that when it comes to love he's not fooling aroun.