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Ends And he introduced her to the astonishing pleasure heat and passion of her own body through his own wicked carnal skills It was all nearly too much for a girl whose nowledge of sex had been her mother's warning to lay back and think of England and hope it was uickly ove.

Mathias Redmond was not a nobleman but Bethany's father saw only his wealth and his own lack of same when he married her to the roguishly handsome older man Deep into the reign of Victoria 19th century England was a prim and proper place and Bethany Salisbury was a prim and.

Proper young lady She was stunned to discover her new husband just returned from a long stay in India had other ideas He forbid her to wear anything while living in his castle but jeweled collar and shackles even before his heathen Indian servants and certain of his male fri.

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Also writes as the single name author ArgusJJ Argus started writing erotica in the 1980s working for Star Distributing a New York publisher He wrote 3 books a month until Star went under with the advent of the internet He has also been published by Beeline and Beaver books and sold short stories to Penthouse Oui Nugget and numerous others In the 1990s he began writing for British publish