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I can t write an honest review for this book without mentioning that this is by far the most disturbing work of iterature I ve ever read Seriously I read Guts by Palahniuk and didn t give a fuck Lolita explores pedophilia through the eyes of a man impossibly in If the Magic Fits (100 Dresses, love with a young girl It talks volumes aboutove and how it can render you helpless to a point of self destruction But Crime is different Crime is the one part of human nature that we all refuse to talk about The part that is buried deep within Improve Your Communication Skills layers of civility manners morality and such imposed upon us by the society When you strip it all away we are what we truly are apex predators who understand our own power and will wield it ruthlessly if necessary That is why we inflict mindless cruelty towards others simply because it is fucking possibleCrime follows fa 14130 2019 Reading ChallengeA great book from one of my favourite authors Even if it deals with a dark subject Aot of his work does but in a different tone to this one But it s still great compelling reading It was my second read but I had Decadent (Wicked Lovers largely forgot most of it given my crappy memory It s probably not as re readable as some of his work I m never going to get tired of trainspottingpornoscagboysglueetc But it s still a powerful read a great work from an author I am easily biased towards Couldn t decide between a 3 and a 4 This book was excellently written with fully realized characters and settings no matter if they were the main characters oresser ones ike Lennox s friend Les and his family I think I hesitate to give it a 4 because of the subject matter although that shouldn t count As Walsh did a great job of revealing the details of the crime as well as the main character s childhood experiences which motivate him now Layer after ayer is peeled back Intermix Nation like an onion On second thought I m changing my rating to a 4 As I write this I realize it is well deserved perhaps my sueamishness at the topic at hand has to do with a Polaroid that fell out of the book bought at Goodwill featuring a man sticking his head through a photoboard showing him as a mobster holding a tommygun phallic symbol anyone and a young girl sweetly sticking her face through the cutout of the gangsters moll reclining in a revealing dress Plus there is the hastily drawn ink sketch on one of the empty back pages featuring what appears to be a naked female reclining with one hand sort of making its way to its groin I was halfway through the book when the photo fell out and I discovered the drawingater What was the person thinking who De-cluttering Your Closet left these there On second thought I don t want to know I was going through a breakup which I had initiated when I picked this book up There was aot of guilt inside me a De Brandende Brug (De Grijze Jager, lot of anger at the girl a continuous feeling of nausea and an inability to understand why am I feelingike thisWelsh s protagonist Detective Inspector Ray Lennox showcases this extreme claustrophobia in a crazed stream of consciousness narrative Sometimes Humanizing Big Data like Marv from Sin City It does take some getting used to but while I was reading it I savored it for well over a month Ray Lennox was my best friend It affected me a hell of aot I oved the book without uestion But I was run over with weird rushes of blood to the head while reading this I haven t read any other book of Welsh Edit Subseuently I have read uite a few so I am not sure if this is. Welsh’s sizzling new novel Crime is a thrilling journey into the bright glamour of the Sunshine State and a seething underworld of utter darknessNow bereft of both youth and ambition Detective Inspector Ray Lennox is recovering from a mental breakdown induced by occupational stress and cocaine abuse and a particularly horrifying child sex murder case back in Edinburgh On vacation in Florida his fiancée Trudi is only interested in planning their forthcoming wedding and.

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Ing and he meets and takes custody of Trianna an abused child who is at the home of a couple of girls he meets in a bar who invite him homeHe has to protect her from the paedo s one of whom is a cop and deliver to a safe house or boat ooked after by chetTrue to his cocaine come down paranoia follows his every turn and he thinks the world is out to get themWelsh uses a variety of style brilliantly Everything is slowly revealed the case that sent him over the edge through the use of the first person Lennox s history and back story both in terms of some abuse he suffered and his relationship with his family is truthfully and brilliantly revealedAll of this could be a bit heavy if it wasn t for the humour and characterisation that welsh usesWith the exception of the major coincidence which is discussed in the acknowldgements this book has a real ring of truth about it and a Scoring Points leading character who you can emphasis withOne of the best Crime books I have read a good book really enjoyed it one of my favourite writers ever I ve never read a bad or even mediocre Welsh book they all come at youike a pitbull Ray Lennox a character in one of my favourite novels Filth is starring in Crime Lennox is a cop and is heading off to Miami to prepare his weddingTired with his nagging too posh girl cold turkey from the booze Ray is already bored in the plane Ray on antidepressiva is soon starting to arguing with his to be wife He visits a friend to get some distraction This friend asks him to visit a friend of his But here starts the trouble That friend is an addict prostitue with a 10 year old daughter who is a target of a network of pedophiles After a brutal attack to capture this girl Ray can barely protect her and runs off to hideThrough violence corrupt cops new contacts Ray keeps on the run and develops a frienship with the girlEvery now and then Ray stops by a internet caf for visiting the Hibernian fansite to discharge torrents and cursing to a Heart Of Midlothian fan in a disagreement D This was my 1st Welsh book there were some bad reviews about this booknot sure why I enjoyed his writing style Though this is kind of a hard book to read due to the subject matter no spoilers I really connected with the main characters and the story itself If you can handle the subject I recommend it Ripped right through it Perhaps a tad Life Is Unfair (Malcolm in the Middle, less innovative than Filth say but solid and well researched This Irvine Welsh novel is just as gritty and harrowing as the rest of them It s extremely dark at times aot darker than Welsh s other novels It s also very obviously well researched tackling the difficult issue of child abuseI feel ike Welsh has attempted to break a few boundaries with Crime His novels are usually set in Scotland particularly Edinburgh but this time he takes us over to Miami Florida and unravels his story across the pond The characters are strikingly realistic and Welsh shifts between narratives and tenses in such a complex way that it s extremely effectiveAs is typical with Welsh the subject matter is tough in places I wouldn t recommend it to many people for these reasons but for people who can handle it it s goodI m a huge Irvine Welsh fan I l read anything he can throw at me He s a grotesue kind of genius and this is what is so appealing to me However I felt that he has done better with past novels this one seemed almost ike a shadow of Filth. Suspects that he has stumbled into a hornet’s nest a gang or organized paedophiles every bit as threatening as the monster that haunted him back in Edinburgh His priority is to protect the abused girl but can the edgy Lennox trust his own instincts And can he negotiate her inappropriate sexuality as well as his own mental fragilityIn Crime Welsh has written a shocking and gripping story about the corruption and abuse of the human soul and the possibilities of redemptio.

What the author wants to doI m not sure if I would recommend this book to anyone else though It affected me I sincerely do not know if it would affect you the same way Edit 3 years ater Heartily recommendedI wrote some passages off the book while reading it these were at the very beginning reproducing a few below They are sitting in an airplane She nudges him then sulks You do still fancy me Ray And she does that thing with her breasts again Course ah do Lennox feels a constricting of the muscles around his chest and throat His windpipe has become a straw He is trapped hemmed in beside the window far too small to offer escape into the oblivion of the sky He Witch, Cat, and Cobb looks at his crippled bandaged right hand a bag of broken knuckles phalanxes and metacarpals How many would go howong would it take for both fists to be pulped trying to punch a hole through this plane Waking up next to her It s mid afternoon when they wake up They re both ravenous Lennox feels Quinn (Wyoming Sky, like his brain is expanding and contracting in his skull fraying its outer edges against rough unyielding boneThey get ready to head outside into the heat Trudi wears a short white pleated skirt Heregs are The Princes Bride long and brown A pink vesty top Her arms also tan her hair tied back Shades Outside his arm goes to her waist as they walk in silence It s the first time she s worn that skirt without him getting an erection Unforeseen fear grips him again The thought why is she doing that thing The problem in acuiescing to the idea that he s depressed or even it s benign bedfellow under stress is that it intrinsically means the ceding of his moral assurances The potential existed for every comment he made to be viewed as a symptom of the disease And he senses that Trudi s management of his supposed condition is about control hers and disenfranchisement his Herogic is that his thoughts will take him back to the trauma of his work therefore all independent deliberation by him is inherently bad She will replace this with her projects with nice things to think about A Cinderella Christmas Carol (Suddenly Cinderella, like the wedding the new place toive the furniture the future children the next house that My Fair Temptress (Governess Brides, limiting narrative unto death that so terrifies himWrote up a post sort of on the blog as wellThe Demise of a Relationship in Irvine Welsh s Crime Does Welsh ever disappoint I think the worst reviews I saw for him were for Filth which Ioved and this is a follow on of sorts with Ray Lennox given a much bigger role in this which is an attempt at genre fictionThe thing that stands this book above other UK crime novels and I include Rankin Robinson Harvey James and Booth in this The Magic Talisman (A Rick Brant Science Adventure Series, list is the excellent characterisationLennox is a man barely hanging it together Unlike othereading crime fighters the effects of dealing with a horrific case such as child sex murder brings the man to his knees and Lennox breaks down in a completely believable way with one remark in a pub from a stranger bringing him downHe is advised to take L. M. Montgomery leave and heads to Florida with his fiance to plan their wedding This allows for a bit of Welsh s gallows humour to come to the fore as the strain plays on their relationship and he runs out of anti depressants and goes for self medication by going out on a drink and drugs benderOne problem I have withots of crime fiction is coincidences and this suffers the same His night out bender results in him coming into contact with Peadophile A bitter argument sees a deranged Lennox cast adrift in strip mall Florida In a seedy bar Lennox meets two women ending up at their apartment for a coke binge which is interrupted by two menacing strangers After the ensuing brawl Lennox finds himself alone with Tianna the terrified ten year old daughter of one of the women and a sheet of instructions that make him responsible for her immediate safetyLennox takes the girl to an exclusive marina on the Gulf coast and uickly.

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Probably most famous for his gritty depiction of a gang of Scottish Heroin addicts Trainspotting 1993 Welsh focuses on the darker side of human nature and drug use All of his novels are set in his native Scotland and filled with anti heroes small time crooks and hooligans Welsh manages however to imbue these characters with a sad humanity that makes them likable despite their obvious scumb