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Ousin comes and rescues themPoint Us to Paris does a great job at teasing what things to come in Geeks Go Greek and in the rest of the series Honestly Point us to Paris was the part I least njoyed so far but it was an Counter-Amores exciting read though If you have a holiday coming up this series you should be taking with you Sneak Peak I don t think that s what she needs Gem Elle reached into her purse and pulled out a couple of notes then left them on the table But I have an idea Oh hell what now Her mind was too busy churning through the possibilities that she didn tven moan at Elle for paying the bill Where are we going Gem asked when Elle picked up her bags You ll see I didn t waste all that Dancing at Armageddon effort getting us into Le Baron for Ciara to wear a face like that all night Thanks Elle she murmured dryly Then something clicked Wait isn t that the private club the Russian mafia lords drink in She d googled the night life in Paris before her shopping trip to try and figure out what to buy with her vouchers and La Baron was one of the clubs she remembered just not for the right reasonsElle laughed It used to be but it s under new management now Relax So why did it take so muchffort to get in she asked as they started off down the street Because it s private And Double Jeopardy exclusive I want to go Obviously There really was no stopping her friend when the chin tilt appeared so she sighed and gave in for the moment It didn t take Elle long until they got to their destination and Ciara couldn t stop her chin from dropping Two windows showcasing sleek black dresses would have beennough to stop her in her tracks but above that and the door a black metal balcony with gold letters stunned herElle was taking them to Givenchy knowing how much Ciara loved the black dress she borrowed from Elle for a spring dance a few years before But this was just cruel Taking her to a shop that she couldn t Composition and Literature even afford a scarf in Come on Elle said pulling her toward the door I can t go in there She tried to wrestle her arm back You re going alright Gem get her other arm Posted originally Since our British summer seems to have disappeared for good I can think of no better way to try and regain a little bit of it by following Ciara Elle and Gem on their summer road trip After the brilliant Trouble in Tinseltown and Misbehaving in Miami book three takes us to Paris If it was possible to give Point Us to Paris than a five star rating I would because it s definitely my favourite of the three so far Ciara is notxcited about being in the city of romance at all and cracks begin to show in Paris which suggests the girls holiday isn t all going to be fun and games I loved seeing Aimee Cezanne and Provence explore Ciara s vulnerable side from her doubts about what she wants to do with her life to her feelings towards thexpensive lifestyle Elle and Gem see as normal Ciara s character development gets stronger and stronger as this series goes on and I find myself connecting with her a lot in Point Us to Paris Ciara isn t the only character whose vulnerable side is shown here as we see a dif. Her miserableBut Elle doesn’t have time for moping – not when she’s got the three of them on the guest list of an Dark Voices exclusive club So Ciara tries her best tonjoy the free champagne the loft party

Loving this Summer Fling seriesIn this instalment the friends go to Paris where they go to a fancy club and meet some handsome guys and get invited to a private party where they start getting into some trouble and Zack rescues them A fun Contested Reproduction engaging series Each short book takes place in a bigxciting city This book takes place in Paris This book has fun plus danger It is great how the women are all looking out for Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) each other One of my favorite things about these books The other is the growing complicated fling The fling is romantic and hot How will it all turn out Can t wait to read the rest of the series And we have another chapter of the world trip Here we are in Paris and the girls are tempted to see a little of the seamy underbelly of the most romantic city onarth After a shopping trip of courseThe propensity of this trio to get into trouble isn t Creating Country Music exaggerated as they find themselves in too deep Ciara is truly the heroine here with a little help from a hot hero we know and loveAnother short read and looking like a chapter than a story on it s own Kept me reading and now of course we head to Greece More reviews at http losttobooksblogspotcom So I told myself I d wait a few days to get to this but I couldn t And in all honesty I doubt I ll be able to wait that long to read the next bookspecially with the way this one Blacklands endedAs the third instalment this book had a little danger and less of the fling It was a good change of pace and plot keeping the series interesting as the girls find themselves inven worse situations I also like how Ciara developed a little with the help of Zack yay Zack s still here I m not sure I understand her reasoning for keeping people at army s length as the backstory hasn t been filled in totally but I m sure Evolutionary Patterns everything will be revealed in due courseSo far I m reallynjoying this series and you ll probably hear from me with a review of book four in a couple of days if not tomorrow First posted on Dreaming With OpenThe summer fling series continues Point Us to Paris is the third instalment in the series After LA and Miami the girls are heading over to Paris The city of loveCiara is not happy about being in the city of love at all The romantic athomosphere all around the city and kissinghandholding couples all over the place That makes her feel Evolution As Entropy even miserable because she misses Zack so muchWhat can wexpect of this part of the series This time it s not all going to fun shopping games and partying This story has it s darker twists and turns We find out about Ciaras past and her Forging Gay Identities emotions Her doubts and fears what she will do after this trip around the world with her best friends I love to see how her character is developing Not only Ciara s character is developing In Point Us to Paris we also see a new side of Elle too I was not her biggest fan when I started reading the series but she growns and on me It s also great to see what a strong bond of friendship the three girls have and how the look out forach other The girls get in a whole lot of trouble again and luckly Zack Elle s Part 3 of Summer Flings – a fun flirty and laugh out loud rom com series of short storiesCiara would rather be anywhere Forbidden History else in the world than Paris All the gooeyyed couples and handholding are making.

Ferent side to Elle too I liked seeing of her distant relationship with her cousin Zack and how we know there s just so much to come from it I love Zack s character and how capable he is of being able to shake things up in this series His involvement is again my favourite part of the book As Ciara Elle and Gem fall into some trouble in Paris this book does a great job at teasing and hinting at things to come in Greece and further ahead The series is really picking up momentum now and there s one secret in particular I can t wait to discover Point Us to Paris had the perfect balance of new in twists in the road trip to building up for what s ahead and it was a fantastic drama filled read I can t recommend Aimee Duffy s Summer Flings series Fiche Blian ag Fás enough Book gifted for honest review Point us to Paris is part three of a seven part summer fling series by Aimee Duffy I have to admit I love it am totally addicted If you haven t read the first two I can highly recommend themEach part is only around 40 pages long so ideal for commuting or when you just feel the need for somescapism This felt shorter than the other two but I have a feeling that it s me devouring the storyline uicker Esteem Enlivened by Desire each time as I get and into themPart three This time Aimee Duffy sends us to Paris where the three girls start to reveal some of their insecurities and the story takes a darker turn as fun steers them into trouble This twist is a nice contrast and digs a little deeper into Ciara s past whilexploring the reality of three people going away together with the intention of having a blast the Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith entire time Eventually the cracks start to show and their relationships are tested But not to worry there s a certain someone ready to come to the rescue and serve up the heat Also posted on This Chick Reads Copy provided by author inxchange for an honest reviewAnd the girls are back this time headed to the city of romance Ah Paris Cia Gem and Elle should be thrilled be in this city however they can t completely njoy it since there s bit of trouble on the horizon Ciara gets into a fight with her BFF so this got things complicated a bitHowever like in the previous two parts of the Summer Flings series we get loads of clubbing partying and shopping Point us to Paris like all the novella s in this series is rather short and I fear whatever I might say about the plot will be a big fat spoiler However I will comment the development of the characters which is going in a direction I like I mentioned something in my review of the previous part Misbehaving in Miami about seeing the motional vulnerable side of Ciara and in this installment we get to see that side of Elle too I was actually surprised to see that because you knowElle is a party beast at least it s what she seemed to be but I totally They Shall Be One Flesh enjoyed this softer side of hersStill asnjoyable as it was Point us to Paris is not my favorite installment in the series I can t help but think that I would njoy it if it was a bit longer but really that s the truth I personally think some scenes reuired pages and dept. Ooking over the Seine and a little harmless sexting – until they realize they’ve stumbled into a nightmare none of them were prepared forThe ideal summer treat for those relaxing days soaking up the

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