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Lous locations and even so knowing there s to come A holiday Risking It All is just what I need right now butt looks like I ll have to settle for following these three hilarious ladies around the worldWith these being short stories I Dog Food 2 imagine a lot of people will be reading them on the Tube or on buses and certain scenes will definitely have you hot under the collar I m certainly looking atce cream Santa In Montana (Calder Saga in a whole new way that s for sure Again thought s not all just sex and fun the relationship between Ciara and Zack The Moonshiners Daughter is believable and at timesntense and you definitely find yourself rooting for the two of them as we learn about them and their pasts As a reader I was screaming for them to get togetherAim e Emmas Orphans is hugely talentedn her ability to have us relate to and care for her characters after just a few pages and to also have us glued to the book after a few pages So engrossed was I Saints on Stage in the story that I was trying to turn the page only to see the book was over And that s why this just works so well as a serialisation Like Ciara you are left gagging for and despite not being a huge fan of Paris I cannot wait to carry on reading the nextnstallment Not much else I can say to reccommend this book except a short story has to be pretty good to get 5 stars from me and I didn t even have to uestion giving them to this book Originally posted on Dreaming With Open EyesI kindly received Misbehaving Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, in Miamin exchange of an honest review by the publisher via NetgalleyMisbehaving childhood happy hours in Miamis the second part of the Summer Flings Series It cannot be read as a stand alone t s necessary to read the first part Trouble n Tinseltown Review to get Publish and Perish into the storyAfter their turbulent days and nightsn LA with shopping star spotting and even a movie premier the girls Ciara Gem and Elle are off to Miami Here the fun co. Heir best stop yet Not to mention Ciara finally comes up with a way to have her cake and eat Given Time it tooThedeal summer treat for those relaxing days soaking up the sun.

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Aimee Duffy s a awesome writer and very funny this Guide Through the Old Testament is the 2nd part to the summer fling series andts just as good as the first The Best-Case Scenario Handbook its witty funnyall around great story and am sitting on the edge of my seat for the next part that The Last Days of the Romanovs is due out this most diffidently a series of books plan to own The Fate of the Romanovs i have felln love with the three friend doing there last Hoo Rahh since graduating college backpacking around the globe so to speak before real life sets Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, in We met Ciara Bree and her two best friends Elle and Gem and Elle cousin Zack who hooked up with Ciaran Trouble LOSER in Tinseltown Will he show upn Miami gotta buy the book and see OK I m gonna give you a tidbit the girls find them selves Home-Ec 101 in a bad situation again who will bail them out of the mess they have gotten themselvesn now They enter a drinking contest to see who can drink the most the team who wins gets a Gucci bag and 1000 dollar gift certificate If this don t smell like trouble waiting to happen what does Exterminating Angel i laughed through this whole book Thank you again to Aimee Duffy and HarperCollins UK Harperimpuse for the honer of ARC read for my honest and heart felt opinion a total 5 star read from me Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews FacebookJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google Misbehavingn Miami sees Ciara Elle and Gem determined to enjoy the full beach and bar experience Ciara has left a little of her heart back Culture and Customs of Norway in Tinsel Town but her friends won t let her brood Her ability to drink with the best of them wins Ciara the undying gratitude of her friends and the chance of some extra holiday spending moneyOur Oxford graduates eager for new learning experiences enlist the help of three beach hotties to further their education Zackn all his furious glory gatecrashes the girls The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, impromptu pool party with their new friend. Part 2 of Summer Flings – a fun flirty and laugh out loud rom com series of short storiesThe girls are off to a beach house to catch some rays – andf they pla.

S Zack addictive attraction for Ciara continues The Shake, Rattle and Roll ice cream scenes definitely a must readThere s shopping steamy sex and sun A Private Midnight in this episode of Summer Flings and an enticing taste of mysteryI received a copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalleyn return for an honest review5 ReviewTrouble The Weavers Idea Book in Tinsel TownAimee Duffy So I loved Troublen Tinseltown and couldn t wait to get my hands on Misbehaving The Mission of Mooney Rooney in Miami Continuing from Chapter 4 the books cut up The Road to There into sections and as such you absolutely have to read Troublen Tinseltown first and this review will Templars in America inevitably contain spoilers from that book Ordinarily I am not a fan of books that have been chopped up but being released as Summer Flings with fantastic titles and amazing coverst absolutely works here and I m definitely a fan of how these books are being released Perfect for the commute Used (Getting Inside of V, in the bath before bed waiting for the tea to cook They take about half an hour to read so can be read anywhereAim e has definitely chosen the two best places to kick off the story I love LA and Miami and would love to visit them one day From the descriptions of the city to the fantastic food I was literally salivating and felt asf I was there myself Ciara Elle and Gem are out for some fun and once again find themselves Inside a Barn in the Country in some hilarious situations Ciara howevers still having trouble thinking about where she wants to go The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums in life and theres also the small problem of not being able to get her best friend s cousin Zack out of her mind So Athena it s not all fun and games theres a serious side to this story and even after a short amount of time I absolutely love Ciara She s Irish so wins bonus points for that and there s an air of mystery around her and we are slowly learning about herI also found myself feeling jealous of the girls Tales from the Toolbox in these fabu. Y their cards right – super hot guysWith drinking gamesn the name of Gucci a surprise visit from a very pissed off Zack and hunks galore Miami s turning nto

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