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Son from his abuser and in doing so severely compounds the trauma suffered by him with the possibility that she may go to prison Nina goes for the uick fix the self serving impassioned unthinking esponse but isn t maternal instinct actually much stronger much tougher than that I can A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners remember absolute terror engulfing me one night when faced with theealisation that my young children could be left motherless should anything happen to me I emember willing myself to keep wellstay alive above all BE THERESo as I ead and admittedly Au bagne read somewhat compulsively Nina became and infuriating She didn t behave like a mother behaves she is arrogant she is selfish she is a know all and by the end of the book I thoroughly disliked her in fact come the courtoom summing up my sympathies lay suarely with the prosecution At one point Nina eflects that in a perfect world love should be the only excuse one needs uhhhhno loving is never an excuse for despicable appalling behaviour loving is never an excuse for anything and now I am getting as judgemental as Nina That s probably enough Jodie Picoult for whil. Knows all too wellIn a heartbeat Nina's absolute truths and convictions are turned upside down and she hurtles toward a plan to exact her own justice for her son no matter the conseuence whatever the sacrifice©2002 Jodi Picoult P2013 Recorded Book.

I stuck with it till the end I m not going to waste any time on this book except to say that people do not smell like caramel or taste like sugar unless they just ate a donut I ead this entire book in one night no easy feat at over 400 pages but it was so engrossing that I couldn t put it down Picoult does such an incredible amount of Jacques Prevert research for every one of her books that even if you don t like the story you are guarenteed to come away with knowledge that could help you win Who Wants to be a Millionaire Reading too many Picoult books can get kind of annoying as they all follow the same basic formula even though the end is supposed to surprise you after awhile you know what to expect Plus the characters always get away with what they have done Even though I become attached to the characters and don t want them to go to jail in the back of my mind I want one to get put away just to mix things up Iead this avidly JP is a good writer she draws characters well pitches a story and does her esearch But there is a flaw in this book Nina commits murder in order to protect her sexually abused. When her own five year old son Nathaniel is traumatized by a sexual assault Nina and her husband Caleb a uiet and methodical stone mason are shattered ipped apart by an enraging sense of helplessness in the face of a futile justice system that Nina.

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Got this in Costa Rica because there was nothing else emotely decent and figured that I d enjoyed Sister s Keeper enough However was let down and just felt that this was hastily written and overly complicated Plus explored pretty much the same themes as before and did not do as good a job at exploring the shades of grey Found myself annoyed with the mother than anything else and not especially caring about the outcomenext Precis The story follows the The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party reaction of a family to finding out their child has been abusedI found this book uite disturbing for all the wrongeasons I mean for easons probably not intended by the authorFirst the US judicial system and it s disadvantages for children victims of abuse was detailed It sounds medieval Modern technology used to help these children in Britain is not used at all in America Children have to give evidence like adults I found myself epelled by the method in America and thankful that I am aising my children elsewhereTh I hated this book but I can t decide if it was the lame plot overwrought characters or the horrible narrator I can t believe. Publisher's SummaryIn the course of her everyday work career driven assistant district attorney Nina Frost prosecutes child molesters and works determinedly to ensure that a legal system with too many loopholes keeps these criminals behind bars But.

Jodi Picoult is the author of twenty six novels including the #1 New York Times bestsellers Small Great Things A Spark of Light Leaving Time The Storyteller Lone Wolf Between the Lines Sing You Home House Rules Handle with Care Change of Heart Nineteen Minutes and My Sister’s Keeper She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three childrenHer new novel THE BOOK OF TWO WAYS is